ecobee keeps disconnecting from wifi

Wondering why Ecobee keeps disconnecting from WiFi? Well, continue reading to unwrap!

When Ecobee keeps declining the WiFi connection of an external network device, the problem could either be related to the software settings or the router/modem.

We will look into the case in-depth to uncover the most probable causes and provide you with the best possible solutions!

When Ecobee gets disconnected from the network WiFi, check if the router/modem is plugged in and working.

If the issue persists, power cycle the thermostat, check if the thermostat is updated, and perform a factory reset to bring the initial (default) settings.

There is much more to this problem so keep reading!

Ecobee Keeps Disconnecting from My WiFi Network?

ecobee keeps disconnecting from my wifi network

The primary function of the Ecobee thermostat is not to generate System Monitor reports as well as support home IQ at all times.

The thermostat must be online in order to communicate with the servers and have access to efficiency reports and all of the runtime data available.

Failed WiFi connection indicates that there was a problem establishing a secure connection with the external network device on any device.

When the thermostat unpairs from the WiFi or it fails to pair, it is necessary to first localize the circle of possibilities. Let’s continue!

Why Ecobee Unpairs from WiFi?

  1. An issue with the internet or WiFi network.
  2. Incorrect Ecobee WiFi configuration settings.
  3. Weak WiFi connection strength from the router.
  4. The thermostat is too far away from the router.
  5. The thermostat is rebooting or shutting down.
  6. Fault with the network device – router/modem.
  7. A service outage from the supplier’s network.
why ecobee unpairs from wifi


The Ecobee thermostat requires a WiFi connection to function properly. Without WiFi, plenty of the thermostat’s monitoring abilities will be deactivated.

So let’s get into troubleshooting!

7 Ways to Fix When Ecobee Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi?

First, you need to recall whether the Ecobee thermostat’s WiFi was stable and consistent before and whether you did something to impact the connection.

If yes, then this should suggest a lot about the correct troubleshooting approach. 

1. Reconnect the Ecobee Thermostat

It’s likely that the disconnect was a one-time occurrence, so the first step is to test reconnecting the thermostat to the WiFi network correctly.

If there was a temporary disruption in the WiFi connection between the router and thermostat, which is now gone, you only need to reconnect.

reconnect the ecobee thermostat

Follow these instructions to reconnect the Ecobee thermostat correctly:

  1. Press the “Menu” button from the home screen.
  2. Go into the “Settings” tab and press on “Wi-Fi”.
  3. Make sure “Wi-Fi Radio” is set to the “ON” side.
  4. Go to “Network” > “Select Wi-Fi Network”.
  5. Select your router’s WiFi network from the list.
  6. Insert the WiFi password to connect the device.
Note: If the router is off or doesn’t work, the WiFi’s SSID will not appear in the thermostat’s list.

2. Power Cycle Router & Ecobee!

The WiFi problem can either be with the Ecobee thermostat or with the network modem/router.

power cycle router & ecobee

Well, in that set of thoughts, the next step is to power cycle both the network router and your Ecobee thermostat.

This is the ultimate approach against any sort of connectivity issue!

How to Power Cycle Ecobee Thermostat?

  1. Grip the frontal part of the Ecobee thermostat.
  2. Pull the front panel towards you until it comes off.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds while the thermostat is unplugged.
  4. Reconnect the front panel of the thermostat tightly.
  5. Wait for the device to turn on and test the WiFi.

How to Power Cycle Network Router?

  1. First, press the Power button of the network device.
  2. When the device turns off, unplug the power adapter.
  3. Wait for up to 60 seconds while the router is disconnected.
  4. Re-attach the power adapter of the network device.
  5. Turn on the router and connect the Ecobee thermostat.
how to power cycle network router
Note: Spread out the antennas of the network router for better WiFi coverage!

3. Optimize your WiFi Connection

The weaker the WiFi connection is, the more your Ecobee thermostat is likely to disconnect.

So, the main reason for the network dropouts would be the distance between both units.

In case the devices are too far away from each other, there are a few ways to uplift your WiFi consistency.

  • Optimize the WiFi – disconnect unused devices and disable VPN services.
  • Reposition the router – position the router closer to the Ecobee thermostat.
  • Switch to 2.4GHz WiFi – connect the thermostat with the 2.4GHz WiFi thread.
  • Use a WiFi extender – connect a WiFi extender to increase the WiFi’s coverage.
optimize your wifi connection

How to Test WiFi Consistency?

One of the quickest ways to check whether the Ecobee thermostat disconnects from the WiFi due to inconsistency is by using your smartphone.

Simply stand where the thermostat is and connect to the WiFi using your mobile. Try to determine if your phone will also disconnect.

Tip: You can check the speed of the WiFi at different ends of your house at

4. Disable the Router’s “TKIP”

According to recent Ecobee functionality updates and hotfixes, TKIP encryption is no longer supported by the thermostat.

This means that the thermostat may be suddenly unable to connect with your network router until you make the necessary changes in the control panel.

disable the router’s “tkip”
  • TKIP encryption is primarily used on older routers and modems!

In case you suspect the router of using TKIP, here’s how to check:

  1. Hop on your computer and open a web browser.
  2. Insert “” into the search field.
  3. When your router’s GUI login page appears, sign in.
  4. Tip: Use admin/admin or admin/password to sign in.
  5. Locate the WPA/WPA2 setting for encryption.
  6. Finally, set the WPA/WPA2 setting to “AES”.
  7. Don’t forget to Save the changes upon exiting.
Info: The WPA/WPA2 feature is set to “TKIP” by default only on older router devices!

5. Factory Reset Ecobee Thermostat

factory reset ecobee thermostat

If the thermostat keeps dropping connection, the problem could be related to a problematic software setting.

The best way to approach any software issues with the Ecobee thermostat is to perform a factory reset that will erase all of the content and settings stored on the device.

Follow these instructions to perform a factory reset on the Ecobee thermostat:

  1. From the home screen of the thermostat, go to “Menu”.
  2. Press on “Settings” > “Reset” > “Reset All Settings”.
  3. Choose “Reset All Settings” once again to confirm.

Types of Thermostat Reset:

You can avoid resetting the thermostat entirely by choosing the other type of reset that only erases cache and other temporary data.

We recommend performing an “All Settings Reset” because this will revert all settings to default and eliminate most WiFi connection errors.

Note: The reset takes about 3 minutes to complete so avoid interacting with the device!

6. Request a Firmware Upgrade

request a firmware upgrade

The Ecobee thermostat’s firmware may decline to establish a secure WiFi connection when it’s outdated or corrupted.

The only way to overcome this problem is to update the thermostat but there are a few issues when it comes to updating Ecobee thermostats. Let’s learn more…

How Does Ecobee Thermostat Update?

As long as the thermostat remains connected to power and connected with Wi-Fi, the device will perform automatic updates.

The hurdle comes when the thermostat often loses WiFi connection, which ultimately results in uncompleted firmware updates.

  • You cannot start a firmware upgrade on an Ecobee thermostat manually!

How to Request Firmware Upgrade?

call professional help

You will have to contact the Ecobee Support Team at (1-877-932-6233) and talk with an agent.

Provide the agent with the required information regarding the thermostat and you should soon receive the update along with instructions on how to perform the operation correctly.

7. Test with a “Mobile Hotspot”

In case all methods fail to maintain your Ecobee thermostat’s WiFi connection there is an easy way to conclude what’s wrong in your setup.

The Ecobee thermostat can connect to any WiFi so you can easily share a personal hotspot from your smartphone and connect the thermostat.

test with a “mobile hotspot”

This will ultimately show you whether the Ecobee thermostat disconnects from any WiFi or only from the WiFi of your router. Then you can safely draw a conclusion and proceed accordingly!

Tip: While the thermostat is connected to your smartphone, move the phone next to the router to check whether the distance is the culprit.

Quick Recap:

Hence, when seeing that Ecobee keeps disconnecting from WiFi frequently, you need to power cycle both the thermostat and network router first.

If the thermostat keeps losing connection, tweak the router’s security settings or perform a factory restoration process.

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