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What do you do when you see an Ecobee red light displayed on the front of the thermostat?

The red light is the thermostat’s way of saying that there’s a problem with the settings or an indication of a settings fault.

In Ecobee’s case, the red light is nothing complicated and can be fixed in under 3 minutes with the correct guidelines and instructions so keep reading…

To fix a red light on an Ecobee thermostat, it’s necessary to check if the thermostat is muted and re-link the Alexa service to the device.

If the issue persists, power cycle the unit and check if the thermostat’s batteries are fresh, working, and in good condition.

Let’s move on to deciphering the red light!

Understanding the Red Light On Ecobee Thermostat!

understanding the red light on ecobee thermostat

The red light on the Ecobee thermostat only occurs when the “Always-Listening” feature has been deactivated.

When the microphone of the thermostat has been stopped or you’ve unlinked the Alexa service, the thermostat will flash a red light as an indication. Let’s dig deeper…

Alexa and Ecobee!

You’re able to attune Alexa to your Ecobee thermostat and activate the “AlwaysListening” feature that recognizes voice commands.

As long as the thermostat is compatible with Alexa’s technology, you will be able to voice-control the temperature.

Ecobee Microphone?

ecobee microphone

The Ecobee thermostat has an in-built microphone that when disabled, will not trigger Alexa on the device.

We’ve confirmed that the red light is caused when Alexa is offline on the thermostat and turning off the microphone feature is another cause for the problem.

  • The Ecobee microphone volume can be regulated (0-100%)
  • The microphone of the thermostat can be activated/deactivated
  • Voice-operating the thermostat requires a connection with assistant

That was everything important to know, so let’s jump into the solution guide!

Ecobee Thermostat Red Light –  6 Proven Ways to Fix!

1. Unmute the Ecobee Thermostat

unmute the ecobee thermostat

The primary cause of the blinking/solid red light on the thermostat is that the microphone of the device is muted.

We will uncover how to re-activate the listening feature of the thermostat and shut down the bothersome front panel red light.

Follow these steps to turn on the microphone on an Alexa-compatible Ecobee:

  1. Press on the Hamburger icon on the thermostat’s homepage.
  2. From the main menu, navigate to the “Settings” configuration.
  3. Press “Device Microphone” > “On” at the togglable slider.

How to Know if Ecobee Thermostat is Muted?

You may be sometimes pronouncing a voice command senselessly while the thermostat is muted, without even understanding.

Check the microphone icon on the bottom-left corner of the thermostat’s home page and check if the icon is crossed.

Note: There’s also a microphone volume controller, defining how loud you’re being heard.

2. Re-Link the Alexa Service

relink the alexa service

To get rid of the Ecobee red light, we must re-add the Alexa service from the thermostat.

It is optional whether you link Alexa or not, but if you want to use voice commands, adding the voice assistant is mandatory.

  • Alexa can be unlinked from the thermostat’ settings.
  • You need the Amazon Alexa app to re-add the service.

Here’s how to re-link Alexa to the Ecobee thermostat easily:

  1. From the home screen of the thermostat, go to “Microphone”.
  2. Press on the “Unlink Alexa” button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Press the “UNLINK” button to lock in your choice selection.
  4. Access the Amazon Alexa app and re-add the thermostat.
Important: Make sure that the Amazon Alexa app is running the latest version and that the thermostat exists in the “Devices” section. 

Also, stand close to the thermostat while re-adding it to the Amazon Alexa app and set up all settings carefully.

3. Power Cycle the Thermostat

power cycle the thermostat

In order to power cycle any Ecobee thermostat and room sensor, it is necessary to take out the battery from the compartment of the device.

Keeping the battery out of the thermostat for a continuous amount of time will reset the thermostat without deleting any settings.

Here’s how to power cycle an Ecobee thermostat in easy steps:

  1. Take out the front panel of the Ecobee thermostat.
  2. Eject the 3-volt CR-2032 battery from the compartment.
  3. Wait for an extra 60 seconds while the battery is out.
  4. Insert the battery into the thermostat and close the latch.

Replacing Ecobee Thermostat Battery?

If the Ecobee thermostat is shutting down, rebooting, or freezing on the homepage, replace the battery of the thermostat.

The CR-2032 batteries can be purchased from convenience stores, online, or at technical stops. Also, you can find replacement batteries at easily!

Quick Fact: Inserting the batteries incorrectly, will ultimately factory reset the thermostat!

4. Check the Thermostat’ Software Version

check the thermostat software version

It is possible that the red light is caused by an outdated thermostat firmware. Since the thermostat updates automatically, what we will be reviewing is the WiFi connection of the device.

This is important since internet access is required for downloading firmware files! 

  • To check the firmware version, go to Menu > About > Version.
  • To check the WiFi, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Radio > Network.

If the thermostat is not connected to any network, select your home WiFi from the screen and insert the password.

The thermostat will soon be connected to the network, allowing the “Auto-Update” feature to upload the latest firmware to the Ecobee thermostat.

Note: The thermostat may reboot as a result of completing a firmware update!

5. Turn OFF the Alexa’s “DND”

turn off the alexa's dnd

The “DND” (Do Not Disturb) available in the Alexa app can suppress the notifications of every connected device, including the Ecobee thermostat.

If you’ve set the thermostat as “muted” through the Alexa app, this could be causing the indicator to blink in red.

  • You can manage the “DND” of Alexa through Amazon’s web portal or app!

Here’s how to deactivate Alexa’s “DND” mode:

  1. Access the Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Select the Ecobee thermostat.
  3. Press on the “Do Not Disturb”.
  4. Remove all options permanently.
Info: The behavior of Alexa’s “DND” can also be managed via the schedules feature!

6. Initiate a Thermostat Factory Reset

initiate a thermostat factory reset

Getting this far with the red light on the thermostat still there leaves us with one of our most powerful options – the factory reset.

This will erase all content and settings from the Ecobee thermostat, including the established connection with Alexa, and set up the device from scratch.

Here’s how to start and undergo a factory reset on an Ecobee thermostat:

  1. From the home page of the thermostat, press “Menu”.
  2. Navigate into “Settings” > “Reset”> “ Reset all Settings”.
  3. Confirm your selection by pressing the “Yes” button.
  4. Wait for the Ecobee thermostat to power off and reset.
  5. The thermostat factory reset may last up to 2-3 minutes!

Once the factory reset is complete, you will be taken back to the initial setup of the thermostat, where you have to create the necessary schedules and preferred temperatures.

Once you’re done, complete the linking with Alexa again and check if the red light is still there.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Since the majority of the Ecobee owners had other questions regarding the Ecobee and Alexa connectivity, we’ve decided to clear some of the fog up.

contact customer support

Let’s answer the most-frequent ones:

  • Is the Red Light Persistent?

Yes, it will blink during all hours of the day. Since the problem related to the red light forbids one of the thermostat’s essential abilities, it is mandatory to have the Alexa service restored.

The red light remains solid at all times until the issue is resolved or the device is turned off.

  • Red Light – Not Heating/Cooling

The red light that restricts heating/cooling could be a direct problem with the AC or the HVAC system.

In case the red light is associated with outages in other of your thermostat’s abilities, such as the essential heating/cooling options, it’s best to contact a technician.

  • Does Any Alexa Work with Ecobee?

Many users had been wondering whether their Alexa-compatible device can work with Ecobee. The answer is yes, every device with an installed Alexa Assistant can operate the thermostat, as long as it is connected to the app.

Tip: If you have more questions or need more help, refer to Ecobee Customer Support!

Quick Recap:

Whenever you get an Ecobee red light, your first step should be to power cycle the thermostat and replace the battery. If the red light stays there, check if the microphone of the device is muted and renew the link with the Amazon Alexa application service.

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