how do i fix my ecobee black screen

How do I fix my Ecobee black screen? The black screen is a common issue that indicates something with the Ecobee or that your house’s temperature is incorrect. 

You must check the break switches as a first step to fix the Ecobee Black Screen. Power cycling and resetting are also trustworthy methods. When that is not the issue, check all the wires to see if they are secured and undamaged. Finally, find out if there is overheating.

The article below will clear all of the fixing methods. After you read it, you can surely get your Ecobee back to working fine.

Ecobee Black Screen: What Is Going On?

why the ecobee black screen

Devices nowadays will have all sorts of issues but fixing them is not a problem. Ecobee is a well-known brand, which makes information about it easily available.

Before we proceed to the fixing steps, it is important to understand what causes the Ecobee offline black screen.

Analyzing the source of the malfunctioning is helpful in case you can’t solve it alone and must get a professional’s help or even reach the manufacturer.

Of course, we don’t want it to reach such a point.

If you want to solve the issue yourself, check the common causes below and proceed to the fixing steps.

#1. The Thermostat is Powered Off

If it is not powered when it should, you must check the break and heater power switch. 

#2. Hardware Failure

the hardware failure

Hardware failures will happen when the device is damaged. That could be due to it being old or having suffered an accident.

#3. A software Issue

A software problem will be solved once you reset the device.

#4. Overheat Thermostat

That happens when you set a very high temperature or there is a genuine malfunction.

#5. The Screen is Damaged or Broken

This is the last thing you want to happen to your Ecobee. If that is the case, the only solution is to contact the manufacturer.

How Do I Fix My Ecobee Black Screen?

fix the ecobee black screen

As you already know, there are plenty of reasons that can make the Ecobee screen black. Accordingly, the methods will also vary. 

Below we bring you the most successful methods to troubleshoot the issue.

Method #1: Check The Break And Heater Power Switch 

Your breaker switch may have flipped if there was a recent power surge in your house or area or if you were hit by lightning.

When too much electricity is being used, the breaker switches off.

So in most circumstances, activating your Ecobee Thermostat by flipping the switch back is OK. On the other hand, if you see that this issue keeps arising, it may be due to poor wiring.

If you want to check the breaker switch safely, do it as follows:

  1. Find the breaker box.
  2. Check whether the thermostat’s power switch has been turned off.
  3. Turn it back on
  4. Let it that way for 30 seconds.
  5. Power the thermostat back on after a while.

That should do the trick. However, if it keeps happening, you will need a professional’s help to understand the issue more deeply.

Method #2: Power Cycle Your Ecobee

Why is my Ecobee screen black? A common fixing method for many electronic devices includes performing a power cycle.

When the power cycle is correctly done, it can eliminate hardware failures. 

power cycle the ecobee

While the device is off, the physical components have time to cool down. Once you turn it on again, everything should work accordingly. 

Do you know how to power-cycle your Ecobee? In case you don’t, we will help you. 

Cycling The Ecobee

First off, you must turn the device off. There are two ways of doing that: take its batteries or flip the circuit breaker.

There isn’t one option that is more effective than the other. So you can proceed as you wish.

You must wait a few minutes. When you turn them off, electronic devices might store a bit of energy for a while.

Have you already noticed how USB ports on laptops still deliver energy when you shut them? You must consider the same thing here.

Alright, let’s say you’ve waited for 3 to 5 minutes.

That should be enough to ensure the power is completely off and the device’s had time to cool down. Next, you will want to turn it on again. 

By performing this method carefully, not only the black screen should be gone. Other issues that might have been disturbing your user experience will disappear too.

Note: If the issue is still not gone, there is no need to despair! The issue might not be electric, but we will still fix it.

Method #3: Reset Your Ecobee

reset the ecobee

When you are familiar with electronic devices, you know sometimes it is necessary to reset your device. However, if you are not, you might know what resetting encompasses.

Resetting your Ecobee will return it to its factory settings. Therefore, all your customized configurations will be lost.

Although it sounds extreme, this method is one of the best to ensure your device works correctly again.

While data is erased, the device can operate as it should. Thus, no more black screen should appear when you turn it back on.

First, you must locate the reset button. You will find it in the back of the thermostat, near the bottom.

Then follow the steps:

  1. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. 
  2. Release the button
  3. Wait for the thermostat to reset and restart.

Ecobee might take a few minutes to complete the resetting procedure.

Method #4: Check The C Wire

check the c wire

The C wire (common wire) is a low-voltage wire that provides a constant power supply to your thermostat.

It is typically a blue or white wire connected to the thermostat wiring panel.

The C wire also powers additional features or accessories connected to the thermostat, such as a humidifier or dehumidifier.

Without a functioning C wire, your thermostat may not be able to power on or maintain a constant power supply, which can result in issues with the thermostat’s functionality.

Thus, you should check the C wire when there is any issue, such as the black screen.

First, locate it. Then: 

  1. Grab a multimeter
  2. Set it to “continuity.”
  3. Touch the probes to the C wire’s terminal and its other end too

OK, so if the multimeter beeps or displays any reading, the issue is not on the C Wire.

However, if no continuity is shown, it is time to replace the C Wire. Fortunately, some Ecobee models come with a spare C wire.

So check your Ecobee’s packaging, and let’s replace the damaged one.

How To Replace Ecobee’s C Wire

replace the c wire
  1. Turn off the power to the thermostat;
  2. Locate the C wire in the thermostat wiring panel;
  3. Pull the wire out of the terminal.
  4. Strip the insulation off of the ends of the new C wire
  5. Connect one end of the new C wire to the terminal 
  6. Connect the other end of the new C wire to the power source
  7. Turn the power back on to the thermostat

Replacing the C wire if it was damaged should solve the black screen.

Method #5: Check The Other Wires

Some Ecobee models have very specific wiring that needs to be connected correctly.

If any wire is not in the right place or is not secure, the black screen will annoy you for a while.

check the other wires

Ecobee3 and Ecobee4 are the models we have in mind when we say you must check the wiring.

That is because, besides the C wire, they have four other wires which you must ensure are in the right places:

  • The R wire must go into the R terminal
  • The G wire must go into the C terminal
  • The W wire must go in the W1 terminal
  • The Y wire must go into the PEK terminal

Method #6: Assess Overheating

Overheating with a thermostat is a nightmare come true. After all, the thermostat is supposed to keep your house cozy.

The solution for this issue will depend on what is causing it. For example, suppose it is winter, and you need your house to keep warm.

However, if you set a very high temperature, the thermostat will overheat and stop working properly.

Perhaps that describes your situation. In that case, you have to lower the temperature just a bit.

The overheating can be caused by issues in the break and heater switches too. Go back to Method #1 and check.

Mind The Thermostat’s Location

mind thermostat location

Further, the overheating might result in you putting the thermostat in a too-hot place.

Even though the thermostat can regulate your house’s temperature, it doesn’t mean you can place it anywhere!

You must put it somewhere that it will not fry its electrical components.

Note: This is the last step we recommend you try. Any further issues might be dealt with by a professional or the manufacturer.


How do I fix my Ecobee black screen? No one wants a thermostat that can’t show the house’s temperature.

Worse, such a malfunction can cause the house to go to weird temperatures.

The guide above has all you know to fix the issue by yourself!

Nicole B