when do garmin watches go on sale

When do Garmin watches go on sale? Such a question is essential if you are looking to save money on great deals while buying some of the best watches in the market right now.

Garmin watches usually go on sale along with other products on special dates such as Black Friday and holidays. However, flash sales also happen, and tracking them requires paying attention and using a few tools.

The article below will clear everything you need to know about the dates when Garmin watches go on sale.

Moreover, we will help you learn how to get the most out of flash sales.

When Do Garmin Watches Go On Sale

when garmin watches go on sale

Does Garmin have sales? Yes, the brand has sales during many moments of the year, and at some points, the prices go down like crazy.

If you want to buy your first Garmin watch or acquire a new model and sell away your old one, looking for sales is probably a daily task right now.

So you might be wondering: when does Garmin have sales?

The answer is that there are two types of sales. The first type is seasonal sales, which occur at specific times of the year and are very reliable.

On the other hand, some products usually show up at flash sales, which are not expected but can happen all the time.

When To Expect Seasonal Sales

It is impossible to say whether Garmin watches will participate in all seasonal sales.

However, it is very feasible to have a more or less solid prediction about dates when Garmin products will be for sale.

when expect in seasonal sales

That works by checking out when Garmin usually has put their products for sale during the last years.

Also, checking out the USA’s general sale dates is a good indicator. 

Thus, we have crossed that sort of data to give you a good guideline about when to expect Garmin sales.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday of November. The date of Black Friday in 2023 will be on November 24.

Black Friday deals might differ between stores and items. For example, you may save as much as 80% off of everything or only on a few chosen goods. 

Several stores have started holding deals in the week preceding Black Friday, which has led to the term “Black Friday week” or “Cyber Week” being used interchangeably.

Remember that shopping on Black Friday, whether in-store or online, can be a stressful ordeal due to the high volume of customers.

Items can go out of stock quickly, and sometimes delivery takes longer than usual.

Note: Needless to say, Garmin participates in Black Fridays, and you can find Garmin watches on sale at the Garmin store and official retailers.

Cyber Monday

on cyber monday sale

The Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States is when Cyber Monday takes place. 

Cyber Monday is a day devoted to internet shopping instead of Black Friday’s stronger emphasis on in-store purchases. 

During Cyber Monday, many stores offer special sales and discounts to online customers, with sales on everything from electronics to apparel to home items and more.

Since more and more individuals choose to conduct their Christmas shopping online, the popularity of Cyber Monday has skyrocketed in recent years.

Thus, it is safe to say you can find plenty of great Garmin deals on Cyber Monday if you choose to wait.

Amazon Prime Day

As the name suggests, Amazon Prime Day is an exclusive sales day for Amazon Prime members.

Fortunately, being an Amazon Prime member is not a hassle, as the monthly fee is very cheap. 

on amazon prime day

That being said, Amazon Prime Day usually takes place in July and offers great deals for all ranges of products.

It is usual for readers to buy many books because prices are heavily decreased. Still, many electronics also see their prices drop. 

That includes Garmin watches, and you could save some money to spend on Amazon Prime Day and see yourself buying a new watch for a definite bargain.

Super Saturday

Super Saturday is the day of the year when people buy the most because it is the Saturday right before Christmas.

Knowing that people are eager to buy Christmas gifts, stores will put out items with high discounts because they can still profit over quantity.

That applies to Garmin watches too, and you will be able to find Garmin watches at great prices both at the official Garmin store and official retailers.


on the holidays

Aside from special dates when the whole market agrees to give people special discounts, it is usually possible to find excellent deals on some traditional American holidays.

Those include:

  • New Year’s Day;
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day;
  • Presidents Day;
  • St. Patrick’s Day;
  • Easter;
  • Mother’s Day;
  • Memorial Day;
  • Father’s Day;
  • Fourth of July;
  • Labor Day;
  • Halloween;
  • Black Friday;
  • New Year’s Eve.

It is up to each store whether it will hold special sale discounts on any of those dates.

Some of them are more directed toward electronics, while others are not. 

You could expect Father’s Day to have Garmin discounts, for example. Halloween? Not so much, but still possible.

Flash Sales

in a flash sales

As the name already gives out, flash sales are slippery to track. So you can’t truly know when they are set to happen unless you have insider information or info leaks.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy flash sales. As long as you plan to catch up to flash sales, you can buy a Garmin watch for even less than it would be sold at a holiday sale. 

How To Follow Flash Sales

When you are looking for a Garmin watch, and you want to spend as little as possible, the first step is saving some money for that or at least a bit of credit on your card.

Create An Account And Wishlist 

Next, creating an account at stores where you’d like to buy your Garmin watch is necessary.

After creating an account, do in-depth research and define the models that interest you. Then, wishlist them!

create account and to wishlist

Usually, when you check for a product at an online store, there is an option to add to your wishlist close to the “Buy” button. 

Online stores where you can find Garmin products and wishlist them include:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Wayfair (only Garmin accessories)

Keep An Eye Open For Notifications

Putting an item on your wishlist will make the store email you whenever its price drops.

That can happen even when sales are not happening because prices might drop eventually. 

However, when a flash sale does happen, the store will invite you to check the prices.

Usually, that happens via email, and the email already contains info on some prices, many times concerning products you’ve checked in the past.

Use Deal-Tracking Sites

Since flash sales are unpredictable and you can’t feasibly track all the sites by yourself, it is helpful to use deal-tracking sites.

use deal tracking sites

Deal-tracking sites offer many resources that help customers spend as less as possible:

  • Price-tracking over a period;
  • Showing all prices for a product at different stores;
  • Allowing alerts for a product you desire lets you know when its price goes below a certain threshold.

Plenty of deal-tracking sites are the best way to buy smart devices and other electronics when you are willing to wait a bit as long as you can buy them for the lowest possible price.

Here are some great sites of that sort:

  • TechBargains
  • Offers.com
  • SlickDeals
  • Ben’s Bargains
  • Newegg

By following the tips above, you can definitely buy Garmin watches for fantastic discounts when they go on sale. 

What We Learned

We hope the guide above clears all the questions about when do Garmin watches go on sale.

With the useful tips we’ve thought out for you, you will certainly be prepared for flash sales or simply to buy that Garmin watch you’ve been dreaming about.

Nicole B