can't find my garmin watch

Wondering why can’t find my Garmin watch? Don’t worry, we have a complete guide for you!

If you have lost your Garmin watch and you are trying to find it, then by Using Garmin Connect’s app “Find My Device” feature, you can easily locate the device.

This feature detects the watch and produces an audible beep to alert you of its location.

However, this not always helps, so let’s learn how to find your watch!

Garmin Connect Can’t Find My Device – Why?

Long Distance

When the device is too far away from your phone, the Garmin Connect app become unable to locate it.

Disabled Bluetooth

If the watch is turned off, or the Bluetooth is disabled on the watch or phone, then the app can’t utilize the “Find My Device” feature.

Low Battery Level

battery level low

A Garmin watch with a low battery most often experiences severe communication issues with the Garmin Connect app. 

Outdated Firmware

If the Garmin Connect app is outdated, then the “Find My Device” feature might not work correctly.


The Garmin app location tracking and the Find My Device feature only function on a few specific models.

Garmin Connect – “Device Not Connected”? 

If the Garmin watch is powered off, not paired with the Garmin connect app, or the Bluetooth is turned off, then the app will become unable to find the Garmin watch.

In those situations, you will see a “Device Not Connected” message on the app display.

Important: Ensure that your Garmin watch is linked with the Garmin Connect app!

How To Find My Garmin Watch in 4 Methods!

Follow these troubleshooting methods to find your Garmin watch in no time:

1. Use the “Find My Device” Feature!

use find my device feature

To find the misplaced Garmin watch using the Find My Device feature, it’s important that your Garmin watch is powered on and paired with the app.

Also, be sure that the watch is synced with the app via Bluetooth connection.

Here is how to use the Find My Device feature to locate the Garmin watch:

  1. Download the Garmin Connect app from the app store.
  2. Log in to the app using your Connect account details.
  3. Navigate to the app Menu using the three dots or lines.
  4. Tap on Garmin Devices and select the Garmin watch.
  5. Choose the “Find My Device” option from the settings.

As the app finds your watch, it’ll pop up a “device-found” message on the screen (based on the watch model), and the watch might also produce an audible sound. 

Info: When ready, simply tap on OK to close and end the finding process.

2. Use the Last Recorded Data!

Using the last recorded data feature, which includes location, date, and time, you may easily locate your Garmin watch.

Since this feature is only available on the latest device, so if your device has outdated software, then update it to find your watch using the last location.

Note: It is important that the Garmin watch is turned on and synced with the app!
check last recorded data

Here is how to check the Garmin watch’s last recorded data:

  1. Launch the Garmin Connect app.
  2. Access the Garmin Connect app Menu.
  3. Tip: Use three dots or horizontal lines.
  4. Tap on the Garmin Devices.
  5. Press on the Garmin Watch.
  6. Select the Last Recorded Data.

Then use Google Timeline to access the last location at that date and time. Lastly, check the last location of your watch and simply retrace your steps to that location to find the watch.

3. Use the Watch Link Application!

If you are still unable to locate your Garmin watch, then no worries, you can find the watch using the watch link app.

As the watch link app will properly access the device features by connecting it with the app via Connect IQ, you can easily use the “Find My Device” feature from the app.

use watch link application

Here is how to use the watch link app to find the Garmin watch:

  1. Open the Garmin Connect app.
  2. Access the app Menu.
  3. Tap on the Connect IQ Store.
  4. Look for the Watch Link app.
  5. Tap on Download and wait.
  6. Then open the Smartphone Link app.
  7. Swipe left and tap on the Watch Link.
  8. Tap on your Garmin Watch.
  9. Tap on the “Find My Device”.
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Reminder: In order for this method to work, the Garmin watch must be connected to the app!

4. Report “Stolen” Garmin Watch

Sometimes when the Garmin watch is too far from Bluetooth range or is turned off, then no app features will work to locate your misplaced device.

Therefore you’ll need to report your Garmin watch as “stolen” so you can initiate the process.

report stolen on garmin support

Here is how to report a “stolen” Garmin support:

  1. Visit the Garmin Support website.
  2. Choose your country (location). 
  3. Select the “Contact Support” option.

Contact them by sharing many details as possible, including model number, date, location, etc.

By doing this, Garmin support will be able to assist you in getting your watch back whenever they detect your device or receive a location update from it.


For more precautions, if the watch is connected to the Garmin account, then Update the Garmin watch settings.

Those include removing the watch from the account or changing the Garmin account password to prevent unauthorized access. 

Can’t Find My Garmin Watch? – (Pairing Process)

If the Garmin Connect app is not finding your Garmin watch during the pairing process, then try the following troubleshooting ways to fix this issue.

1. Enable Pairing Mode

enable pairing mode

To pair your Garmin device with an app, it is important that your Garmin watch is in pairing mode to connect the devices via a Bluetooth connection.

To set the Garmin device to pairing mode, go to Garmin device Settings > turn on Bluetooth on the phone and Garmin device.

2. Re-Pair Your Watch

If your Garmin device is paired to another device, then maybe that is why the Garmin connect cannot find your device.

Simply turn off the devices paired with your Garmin watch or remove the Garmin device from the app and then try to pair.

3. Power Cycle Devices

As devices often experience technical glitches, restart the Garmin watch and phone because the power circulation solves any temporary bugs from the devices.  

4. Check the Permissions!

check device permissions

It is crucial that the app has access to find nearby devices in order to connect the Garmin Connect app with your watch.

Therefore, it’s important to check the app permissions and make sure that the nearby devices’ permission is enabled.

  • Open Garmin app > Menu > Settings > Phone Permission > Manage > Permissions > Nearby Devices Permission > Allow.

Keep in mind that on some devices the menus will be different, hence locate and select the Garmin Connect app and search for the permissions.

Tip: Contact Garmin Support for further help if you are still unable to find your Garmin watch!

Quick Recap:

When you can’t find my Garmin watch, you should use the “Find My Device” feature from the Garmin Connect app.

Alternatively, you can also use the watch’s last recorded data or the Garmin Watch Link app to establish a connection and find the location of your watch! 

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