my garmin watch won't turn on

“My Garmin Watch won’t turn on”! You should try the seven solutions below. A Garmin Watch is a versatile gadget you want to have available at all moments due to its numerous resources.

But it can fail to turn on eventually, and the causes might be physical or software-related.

If a Garmin Watch refuses to turn on, clean it thoroughly, dislodge buttons, check the charging components, and even replace the battery. Next, perform a soft reset or intervention through the Garmin Express software.

My Garmin Watch Won’t Turn On – 7 Ways To Fix!

There are seven methods you can put into practice to make your Garmin work again!

Solution #1: Check The Charging Parts

my garmin watch won't turn on

Have you noticed that sometimes there is dust in the charging port or the cable’s end? That dust can impact the charging capabilities of your devices.

If you let too much dust or dirt accumulate, the devices might not charge and thus won’t turn on.

Here is how you can clean safely:

  • Use a cotton swab to remove dust from the charging port if your model has one.
  • If your model has charging pins instead, use a soft brush to scrub the dirt away.
  • Check for rust on the charging plates and use rubbing alcohol to eliminate it.

You must check the watch and charger when cleaning to ensure both get perfectly clean.

Eliminate Corrosion On The Charger Dock

eliminating corrosion on the charger dock

There is one more desperate option you have if you notice that there is corrosion on the male connectors of the charger dock. 

Since they are made of copper, you can scrub the connectors with a sharp knife or a metallic kitchen sponge.

Remember to do it carefully so you don’t damage any further. 

Solution #2: Assess The Charger

assessing the charger

Why won’t my Garmin Watch turn on? If cleaning the charger and watch didn’t solve the issue, you might want to test your charger.

Here are some tips on how to check if the charger is defective:

  • Try a different power outlet or attempt to charge your watch by connecting to a computer.
  • If you have more than one watch, try charging the other watch with the same charger (if compatible).
  • Try charging your watch with a different charger.

After investigating, there are two paths you can follow:

  • Is the charger defective? Then you must discard it. However, if the watch is still under warranty, you might get in touch with Garmin and request a new charger without paying for it.
  • The charger is fine, but the watch doesn’t charge by any means. In that case, you will want to proceed to the next solution.
Note: If you need to buy a new charger, buy an official model from Garmin or certified resellers. Otherwise, you might face new issues trying to charge.

Solution #3: Replace The Batteries

replacing the batteries

Is your Garmin watch still unable to turn on? In that case, the batteries might be defective.

Fortunately, it is possible to replace the batteries, but you must do it very carefully. 

First, you will need the following:

  • Replacement batteries, which vary according to each Garmin watch model.
  • Small Philips screwdriver.

Remember that changing the batteries will not reset your watch, so you can do it without worries.

How To Change The Batteries

Then here is how you can replace the batteries:

  1. Detach the watch body from the wristband.
  2. Unscrew all of the tiny screws on the watch’s front.
  3. Take the front cover out.
  4. Remove the defective batteries.
  5. Put the new batteries in.
  6. Ensure the negative side faces the front cover.
  7. Reassemble the watch.

When doing the procedure, you must check that the gasket is not damaged and is capable of holding everything together.

Note: Some watches don't have a replaceable battery. You must check the device's user guide or the Garmin forums to learn if your watch's battery can be replaced. 

Solution #4: Clean The Power Button

cleaning the power button

Another explanation for your Garmin Watch not turning on is the fact that the power button is dirty or damaged.

Perhaps you’ve had it for a long time but forgotten to clean around the power button! 

In that case, you should do the following:

  1. Grab a toothbrush and a toothpick.
  2. Scrub gently using the toothbrush and ensure all dust is wiped away.
  3. If any stubborn dirt remains, use the toothpick.

If you must use the toothpick, you can also check if the power button is damaged or lodged. 

The toothpick can help you dislodge it. If the button is stuck, but the toothpick isn’t enough, go to Solution #7.

Note: If the watch is still under warranty, don’t use the toothpick in an aggressive manner! Moreover, don’t disassemble the watch to try and fix the power button.

Solution #5: Soft Reset The Watch

reset the watch

A few times, your Garmin watch can’t turn on because of a minor glitch in its internal system.

It could be software- or hardware-related. Thus, soft resetting can have a tremendous effect.

So let’s learn how to do that correctly:

Watches With A Power Button

Not all Garmin watches have a power button.

Those that be restarted doing the following:

  1. Hold the power button for up to 30 seconds.
  2. Release it when the watch turns off.
  3. Turn the watch back on.

Watches Without A Power Button

are there watches without power button

If your Garmin watch doesn’t feature a power button, the restarting method involves the USB cable.

This method is a good idea to test if the cable is at fault:

  1. Connect the USB charging cable.
  2. Let it be for a few seconds.
  3. Disconnect;

You must check if the internal system has restarted. If it hasn’t, the issue could not be on the watch’s system but instead on the hardware (cable, charging port, etc.).

Note: However, if you have already checked all the hardware, you can still use Garmin Express.

Solution #6: Update Via Garmin Express

updating via garmin express

Perhaps the watch still refuses to turn on due to a software issue.

Believe it or not, some devices need external software management in order to recover from a critical glitch or condition.

You will need a PC and the Garmin Express software for Garmin watches. 

Here we go:

  1. Open a browser on your Windows or Mac and locate the Garmin Express page, then download the software.
  2. Install the software and log in with your Garmin account.
  3. Connect your Garmin Watch to the computer via USB.
  4. The Garmin Express software should recognize the Garmin Watch connected.
  5. Look for updates for your Watch and install them.

If there is an update truly, the Garmin Watch should update and then turn on. 

Note: Moreover, the Garmin Express software might serve as a tool to inspect your device’s firmware. If any error shows up, you might learn that it is necessary to contact Garmin support.

Solution #7: Fix Stuck Buttons

fixing stuck buttons

We’ve already discussed a light cleaning for your Garmin Watch in case you suspect that the issue lies in the power button.

However, if the issue is truly on the button (or buttons) but a toothbrush and toothpick combo doesn’t do the trick, you need to go harder.

The method we will outline below only works for watches that are waterproof, such as the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus.

  1. Ensure the watch is truly off;
  2. Let it rest on slightly warm and soapy water for around 30 minutes;
  3. Rinse it so all dirt, dust, etc. gets removed;
  4. Now allow it to dry entirely;
  5. Press the power button several times until it is no longer stuck.

You can perform the above every time your Garmin Watch has a stuck button. Only check that it is waterproof.

Quick Recap

If you are thinking, “My Garmin Watch won’t turn on”, you can apply all the solutions listed above.

However, you should check if your device has all the functionalities and is waterproof in case you need to clean it thoroughly.

Moreover, a watch under warranty should not be put through harsh conditions.

Don’t forget to check out more on the blog for tips with your Garmin Watch!