garmin watch return policy

Do you have doubts regarding the Garmin watch return policy? The guide below has been tailored to clear all trouble you might have figuring out whether you can apply for a return.

Garmin watch return policy states that all customers can return a product within 30 days. Refunds may be subject to restocking fees upon the product’s condition when received at Garmin, and they will be issued through the same payment method originally used for the purchase.

The paragraph above sums it all up, but there are still a few intricacies of the process worth exploring.

The guide below will scour every detail of the Garmin watch return policy so you have no doubts about returning a product.

How Does Garmin Watch Return Policy Work?

how do garmin watch return policy works

If you are buying a Garmin watch or have already bought it, knowing how the brand’s return policy works is important.

Like any other brand, Garmin has a few conditions that must be met for a return to be possible. 

The first question you might have is: does Garmin have a return policy? In that case, the answer is positive.

From here, we will guide you through all the details of such a policy.

Conditions For Return

The first thing we must be clear about is the conditions for the return. Suppose one of the criteria below does not apply to your situation.

You are probably not entitled to a return and refund in that case.

Return Term

Customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to request a refund or exchange under Garmin’s return policy.

All manuals and package materials must be included with the returned goods.

Returns will be processed in the same manner as the original purchase and will not cover shipping costs.

Are There Fees?

are they have fees

Sometimes a return might include a restocking fee. When that fee is applicable, it will be deducted from your return. 

About Third-Party Stores

When a customer purchases from a third-party store, they are subject to the return policies of that store. 

It is necessary to note that you can’t return to Garmin a watch that’s been bought from an unauthorized seller. 

What Is Returnable And Refundable

When discussing the Garmin return policy, it is important to note what products are returnable and which are not.

So the list of returnable products includes:

  • GPS units;
  • Smartwatches;
  • Fitness trackers;
  • Heart rate monitors;
  • Charging cables;
  • And mounting kits.

Non-Returnable Items

what the non-returnable items

On the other hand, there are products that you can buy from Garmin that are not returnable.

Those include:

  • Software;
  • Downloadable content;
  • Custom engraved watches/fitness bands.

That means you should always read Garmin’s terms before buying additional content for the brand’s products.

For example, suppose any widget is only available through purchase. In that case, you won’t be able to get a refund if it is not what you expected.

Product’s Condition And Fees

When you decide to return a product, the product’s condition is of utmost importance. As was already said, you need to return the product in its original packaging, including everything that came with it. 

However, it is important to note further that some fees might apply even when you return with all the original components.

Such fees are restocking fees. As the name suggests, it has to do with the fact that the returned product will re-enter the brand’s/retailer’s stock. 

When Do Fees Apply?

when the fees that apply

It is natural to think that not all returned products are 100% fit for reselling as new products.

Then, the brand must charge a fee depending on the product’s state upon return.

For example, Garmin might charge a fee of up to 15% of the purchase price in these situations:

  • If you return a product within the 30-day return window, and the reason for the return is not due to a defect or malfunction;
  • If you return a product after the 30-day return window;
  • If you return a product that has been opened or used.

Here is the only situation where a fee will definitely not apply:

  • If you return a product that is defective or malfunctioning within the 30-day return window, Garmin will not charge a restocking fee.

Is It Possible To Ensure No Fees?

is possible to ensure no fees

It is very difficult to ensure you won’t be charged any fees. So the best you can do when you receive your Garmin watch is take care of it until the 30-day period has expired. 

For example, suppose the watch is damaged in any way or acquires wearing signals. In that case, that already adds up to the restocking fees.

How To Apply For A Return

Before applying for a return, check the following:

  • Your purchase’s date;
  • The product’s condition.

If it’s been less than 30 days since the purchase and the product is in acceptable condition, then you need to:

  1. Head to Garmin’s site
  2. Scroll down;
  3. Click on “Shipping, Returns & Refunds”;
  4. Find the topic regarding returns and click on the link saying “return a request”;
  5. Enter the order number and your email address.

Suppose the system detects you are eligible for a return. In that case, you should receive information on how to mail the product back to Garmin.

Once you pack the product correctly and safely, you must mail it to Garmin and wait for the brand to receive it.

When received, staff will check it and calculate if any restocking fees apply.

How Refund Works

how do return policy works

Suppose you’ve bought a Garmin watch, did not like it, and now you want your money back. After sending it to the brand, you should track the shipping through the website. 

When Garmin receives the product, it takes 10 business days to decide the restocking fees and then refund.

Note that the restocking fees will be immediately deducted from the refund.

Also, since you do not have access to the watch’s condition when it reaches Garmin, you can’t contest the brand’s decision of how much fees you must pay.

Then it goes without saying that you should prepare to receive 15% less back of the purchase value.

How Refund Is Processed

how refund is process

Although Garmin refunds within 10 business days, you must consider that some forms of refund take longer.

It can also vary according to your bank. 

So Garmin might issue the refund within 10 days, but you will actually receive the money only a bit later. 

The refund methods include:

Credit Card

Once your credit card issuer receives the refund, you should include it in the credit card statement, as well as a change in your available credit;

Debit Card

When your bank receives the money, it will be automatically added to your total balance;


in paypal

The refund will be sent to your PayPal account, and you will receive a notification when the money arrives;

Garmin Gift Card

If you’ve used a Gift Card to buy, the Gift Card will receive credit back;

Check/Money Order

If you’ve bought using an order, you will receive the refund using the same method.

Note that it can take several business days.

Exceptions To The 30-Day Policy

As pointed out, Garmin’s general policy says that returns can only be requested within a 30-day window from the purchase date. 

However, a few exceptions might apply. That might have become apparent on the “Product’s Condition and Fees” topic. 

Here are a few situations when Garmin can make an exception to such a policy:

  • The product is covered by a special warranty that extends the return deadline;
  • The product has some sort of issue or defect which showed up only a few days after the first 30 days;
  • You received the product more than 30 days after the purchase.

How To Request Such A Return

how request such a refund

The process for returning a product after the 30-day window will be a bit different.

Instead of requesting a return directly through the Return Application, you must do this:

  1. Head to Garmin’s website;
  2. Find the “Support” tab;
  3. Select your product and region;
  4. Get in touch through the means available.

Remember to still provide your order number, email, and other necessary personal info.

When requesting a return after 30 days, you must immediately mention why you are requesting it.

Keep in mind that some situations will not be fit for return.

What We Learned

All the topics above have cleared the major points regarding the Garmin watch policy return.

Reflecting on it, you can see that returning any product to the brand is very straightforward.

Nicole B