can garmin watch charge wirelessly

Can Garmin Watch charge wirelessly? That is a question posed by many customers who would love to acquire a Garmin Watch but are still determining the charging possibilities.

First, charging a Garmin Watch wirelessly requires it to be compatible with a Qi-standard charging pad. After that, you must buy one of such pads that can deliver the precise amount of energy needed.

Since wireless charging might feel like a novelty for many people, the guide below has been written in a way that clears all doubts about such technology.

We will help you with information on what to buy for your Garmin Watch and whether wireless charging is worth it.

Can Garmin Watch Charge Wirelessly? All You Must Know

charge the garmin watch wirelessly

Can I charge my Garmin Watch wirelessly? Of course, the answer to that question will depend on what model we are talking about.

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There are plenty of Garmin Watch variations out there, and only recently, they started featuring marvelous wireless charging.

Moreover, it is essential to pay attention to what wireless charging truly means, what it entails, and what you need to charge successfully.

Below we will cover all of that so you can make informed decisions when buying smart watches and chargers for them.

Which Garmin Watches Can Charge Wirelessly?

Wireless charging is a novelty that arrived for Garmin Watches only in 2023, at least in an officially supported way.

However, a good range of Garmin Watches already features such capability in some way or another.

Here is a comprehensive list of them:

  • Garmin Venu
  • Garmin Venu 2 and Venu 2S
  • Garmin Venu Sq and Venu Sq Music Edition
  • Garmin Lily
  • Garmin Forerunner 945
  • Garmin Vivomove Trend
  • Garmin Vivomove Instinct Crossover
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How Does Wireless Charging Work?

how do wireless charging works

For inductive charging at distances up to 40 mm, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has established the Qi standard.

As a result, Qi has become the most used wireless charging standard, including Garmin-supported watches listed in the section above.

Inductive charging is the principle of wireless power transfer. It generates an electromagnetic field that employs an electric current flowing between two coils.

If the mobile device’s receiving magnetic plate is in close enough proximity to the transmitter, the magnetic field will induce an electric current.

After conversion from AC to DC, the power is redirected to the internal battery.

Does Garmin Sell Wireless Charging Pads?

Unfortunately, Garmin still does not sell proprietary charging pads compatible with models that allow wireless charging. 

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When you buy one of Garmin watches, the box will contain the standard USB cable you should connect to a power source. 

However, you can trust third-party charging pads as long as their power specifications match your smartwatch’s. 

How To Charge A Garmin Watch Wirelessly

how garmin watch charge wirelessly

The first step is to check whether your Garmin watch supports wireless charging and to get a wireless charging pad that is compatible with your watch.

Then here is how Garmin wireless charging works:

  1. Plug the wireless charging pad into a power source
  2. Place your Garmin watch on the wireless charging pad
  3. Ensure it’s centered and aligned with the charging contacts
  4. The pad should detect your watch and begin charging automatically 
  5. The watch’s screen will display a charging icon or notification 
  6. Wait until the watch is fully charged
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As you can see, the charging pad is still not 100% wireless. However, you do not need to plug any cables into your watch.

Is It Better To Charge With Cables Or Wirelessly?

It is tough to tell which method is better because, in the end, both will charge your Garmin Watch.

That’s what it is all about. However, each method has its advantages and pitfalls.

So let’s take a look at them.

Pros of Charging with Cables

pros charging with a cables

Here are the pros you can consider about cable charging:

  • Wired charging may be quicker than wireless charging;
  • It can be charged without a charging pad or a wireless charging station that is compatible with your watch;
  • If you need to access some function of your watch, you may do so while it is charging.
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Cons of Charging With Cables

Now here are some cons of cable charging:

  • Cables are less convenient than wireless charging since you have to connect your watch to the charging cord physically;
  • Cables may wear out or become damaged over time, necessitating replacement;
  • You may no longer be able to use a cable to charge your watch if you have broken the charging port.

Pros of Charging Wirelessly

Now let’s check the pros of wireless charging:

  • You can charge your watch by just setting it down on a charging pad;
  • Without cords, charging your watch might be more convenient and less hassle;
  • Wireless charging might prevent a damage both on the charging cord and the watch’s charging port
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Cons of Charging Wirelessly

cons of charging wireless

However, wireless charging has a few cons too:

  • Wireless charging may take longer than cable charging depending on the pad and watch;
  • You’ll need to purchase a charging station separately, which may increase the total cost of ownership;
  • Keep in mind that this feature isn’t available on all Garmin watches.

Can You Charge Wirelessly Without A Charging Pad?

You may want to know if it is possible to charge truly wirelessly.

After all, a charging pad does not connect to your watch, but it still requires being connected to a power source. 

However, that is not possible yet. That is because the rear of your watch is where the receiver is positioned, and it is specifically designed to collect electricity wirelessly from the charging pad.

So, to wirelessly charge your Garmin watch, a charging pad is required. 

In addition, you will need a charging station compatible with your watch if you wish to charge it wirelessly.

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How To Know A Charging Pad Is Compatible With Garmin Watches?

how to know charging pad compatible

To be compatible with Garmin watches, a wireless charging pad must support the Qi wireless charging standard and have a few characteristics.

Output Power

Each Garmin watch model has a different required output power, which only the correct charging station can meet.

On average, a Garmin watch will need between 0.5 and 2 watts of electricity to charge wirelessly.

So choose a charging station that can provide at least that much juice.

Charging frequency

Your Garmin watch can only be charged using a pad that operates on the same frequency as your watch.

Since Garmin watches charge wirelessly within the 110-205 kHz band, the pad must be compatible with this range.

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Charging Area

the charging area

The charging pad’s surface must be sufficiently sizable to support your Garmin watch.

In addition, the charging pad should be slightly larger than the back of your watch for optimal alignment and charging.


Your watch should be able to rest safely on the charging pad, and the charging contacts should be aligned with the rear of your watch.

That will keep the watch firmly on the charging pad and prevent it from moving about or falling off during the charging process.

Risks Of Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has become a popular method for devices such as Garmin watches.

Still, there are some risks associated with this technology. Here are a few potential risks to be aware of.

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Overheating from a wireless charger poses a risk to the internal components of your Garmin watch.

an overheat

However, that may be avoided by charging your Garmin watch using a suitable wireless charger following the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Constant usage of wireless charging might shorten the life of the battery. That is because heat is produced when charging, which might hasten the battery’s deterioration.

Using a charger made especially for your Garmin watch and avoiding overcharging will help reduce this danger.


Although most wireless chargers should work with Garmin watches, not all do.

So for your watch’s sake and the chargers, always double-check that it is compatible with your model before plugging it in.

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What We Learned

Can Garmin Watch charge wirelessly? Yes, a few models among the Garmin Watch line can charge wirelessly.

Although just recently Garmin announced some watches designed for that function, some old-ish models already work with Qi-standard charging pads.

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