why won't my garmin watch charge

Garmin watches have a very durable battery, but sometimes you still have to charge them. However, issues might happen.

Then you will ask: why won’t my Garmin watch charge? That’s what you are about to find out.

If your Garmin watch is not charging, you must try restarting it to refresh the system and check if the charging components aren’t dirty or damaged. Further, it can be necessary to update or reset the watch’s system or even change the batteries because they are defective.

Taking good care of your watch’s charging components is essential to guarantee its long life. However, sometimes you don’t even know how to do it.

The guide below will help you with all the tricks to get your Garmin watch back on its feet!

Why Won’t My Garmin Watch Charge?

why my garmin wont charge

Garmin watches are handy since they have a lot of convenient smart features. However, sometimes they face glitches, such as not charging.

Then you wonder: my Garmin watch won’t charge, what is going on?

Here are the leading causes behind the issue:

Damaged Cable

Sometimes, the issue is not on the watch but on its charging cable. 

Software Issue

Some internal glitch on the watch’s software is preventing it from charging.

✅ Debris on the Charging Contacts

It is common for devices to fail to charge when there is dust or accumulated dirt on their charging pins.

Incorrect Charging Source

Depending on where you live, the power outlet may not have the correct wattage needed by your Garmin watch.

Fix The Garmin Watch Not Charging

fix the garmin watch not charging

So how do you fix the issue when the Garmin watch doesn’t charge? Fortunately, there are many solutions you can put into practice.

Below we will list the top-rated ones so you can get your Garmin fully charged immediately.

1. Restart The Watch

A few times, your Garmin watch has been unable to charge because of a minor glitch in its internal system. It could be software- or hardware-related.

Thus, restarting it can have a tremendous effect. So let’s learn how to do them correctly:

Watches With A Power Button

watch with a power button

Not all Garmin watches have a power button.

Those which do must be restarted doing the following:

  1. Hold the power button for up to 30 seconds;
  2. Release it when the watch turns off;
  3. Turn the watch back on.

Watches Without A Power Button

If your Garmin watch doesn’t feature a power button, the restarting method involves the USB cable.

This method is a good idea to test if the cable is at fault:

  1. Connect the USB charging cable;
  2. Let it for a few seconds;
  3. Disconnect;

You must check if the internal system has restarted. If it hasn’t, the issue is not on the watch’s system but instead on the hardware (cable, charging port, etc.).

2. Clean The Charging Components

clean the charging components

Have you noticed that sometimes there is dust in the charging port or the cable’s end? That dust can impact the charging capabilities of your devices.

If you let too much dust or dirt accumulate, the devices might not charge.

Here is how you can clean safely:

  • Use a cotton swab to remove dust from the charging port if your model has one;
  • If your model has charging pins instead, use a soft brush to scrub the dirt away;
  • Check for rust on the charging plates and use rubbing alcohol to get rid of it.

You must check the watch and charger when cleaning to ensure both get perfectly clean.

Eliminate Corrosion On The Charger Dock

There is one more desperate option you have if you notice that there is corrosion on the male connectors of the charger dock. 

Since they are made of copper, you can scrub the connectors with a sharp knife or a metallic kitchen sponge. Remember to do it carefully so you don’t damage any further. 

3. Check The Charger

check the charger

If cleaning the charger and watch didn’t solve the issue, you might want to test your charger.

Here are some tips on how to check if the charger is defective:

  • Try a different power outlet or attempt to charge your watch by connecting to a computer;
  • If you have more than one watch, try charging the other watch with the same charger (if compatible);
  • Try charging your watch with a different charger.

After investigating, there are two paths you can follow:

  • Is the charger defective? Then you must discard it. However, if the watch is still under warranty, you might get in touch with Garmin and request a new charger without paying for it.
  • The charger is fine, but the watch doesn’t charge by any means. In that case, you will want to proceed to Solutions #4 and #5.
Note: If you need to buy a new charger, buy an official model from Garmin or certified resellers. Otherwise, you might face new issues trying to charge.

4. Update The Watch’s System

update garmin watch system

Usually, Garmin watches update the software automatically. However, the automatic updates might be toggled off on your phone.

In that case, you can perform manual updates by following these steps:

  1. Long press the menu button;
  2. Locate “Software update”;
  3. Choose that option;
  4. Check if there is an update available;
  5. Click “Install Now” if there is.

Suppose no update is available, but you are confident that the issue is software-related. In that case, you might want to skip to Solution #5 in this guide.

Tip: Disconnecting and reconnecting the watch to the Wi-Fi is a good idea. That will force the system to retrieve new data from the Garmin servers. It could potentially find newly available updates.

5. Reset The Watch

reset garmin watch

Suppose that none of the solutions above has worked for your Garmin watch. In that case, we suggest that you reset your watch.

That will erase all of the data and user info. However, it can get your watch back to its normal status.

Here are the steps:

  1. Hold the “Menu” button on the watch;
  2. Find “Settings”;
  3. Choose “System”;
  4. Tap on “Reset”;
  5. Confirm to “Delete Data and Reset Settings”;
  6. The watch might prompt you, then press “Down” and choose “Continue”;
  7. Touch “Yes” to confirm the reset.

After the successful reset, it is necessary to go outside, somewhere with a clear view of the sky.

The watch will take up to 20 minutes to access satellite data. That way, it can retrieve GPS info.

Note: Is the initial setup happening? If not, the resetting process hasn't worked, and you must start it over.

6 Replace The Batteries

Is your Garmin watch still unable to charge correctly? In that case, the batteries might be defective.

Fortunately, it is possible to replace the batteries, but you must do it very carefully.

replace garmin batteries

First, you will need the following:

  • Replacement batteries, which vary according to each Garmin watch model;
  • Small Philips screwdriver.

Remember that changing the batteries will not reset your watch, so you can do it without worries.

How To Change The Batteries

Then here is how you can replace the batteries:

  1. Detach the watch body from the wristband;
  2. Unscrew all of the tiny screws on the watch’s front;
  3. Take the front cover out;
  4. Remove the defective batteries;
  5. Put the new batteries in;
  6. Ensure the negative side faces the front cover;
  7. Reassemble the watch.

When doing the procedure, you must check that the gasket is not damaged and is capable of holding everything together.

Note: Some watches don't have a replaceable battery. You must check the device's user guide or the Garmin forums to learn if your watch's battery can be replaced. 

What We Learned

Why won’t my Garmin watch charge? As frustrating as the Garmin watch doesn’t charge, the situation has some simple solutions.

You must follow the guide above and determine where the issue lies. If your watch is still under warranty and you find that the problem is hardware-related, you must contact the seller or brand.

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