does my vizio tv have chromecast

Wondering “does my Vizio TV have Chromecast”? Keep reading to find out! In this post, you will be provided with instructions on how to determine whether your Vizio TV has Chromecast support or not.

It is relatively easy to tell since there are simple functions that are only available when there is compatibility with Chromecast.

Vizio TVs from the SmartCast generation has a built-in Chromecast technology that is applicable with Chromecast devices. Older Vizio units, however, from VIA & VIA+ generation, do not have the required Chromecast support.

Discussions about Chromecast often lead to the so-called SmartCast, so before everything else, let’s first learn what it is and how it can help you.

What Is SmartCast?

SmartCast comes with the newer Vizio TV’s operation system. It utilizes the compatibility for both Chromecast and Apple AirPlay for maximum user satisfaction.

The SmartCast is an operating system that allows you to stream a variety of content from your mobile device to your TV’ screen.

To connect with your Vizio TV, however, there are some essential requirements your phone needs to have installed. It is easy to work with SmartCast, but it is only supported by smart TVs.

Now that you have a basic idea of what SmartCast is, let’s see how it integrates with Chromecast.

Does SmartCast Support Chromecast?

Yes. If your Vizio TV has SmartCast, it will most certainly support any features related to Chromecast’s functionality.

You will be able to use all of the features that come with your Chromecast, and you will have excellent compatibility.

Knowing all that, you can now easily determine whether your Vizio TV supports Chromecast or not, so let’s proceed to the methods you can use to find out.

How Do I Know Of My Vizio TV Has Smartcast?

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There are plenty of ways to tell whether your Vizio TV has a SmartCast or not.

Since this is only available with smart TVs, your Vizio TV must be smart, in order to support the SmartCast feature firsthand.

Here are the easiest ways to find out whether your TV supports SmartCast/Chromecast in general.

Method #1 Check For WiFi

As you probably know, only smart TVs have the WiFi feature or internet connection in general.

We suggest going into your Vizio TV settings and looking for the “Network & Connectivity” tab.

From there, you should be able to explore all available internet settings for your TV (if your Vizio unit has such a tab) and there also should be a WiFi button.

If you can enable the WiFi on your Vizio TV, then the device most certainly has SmartCast and supports Chromecast.

Once you find the WiFi settings, you will know that your TV supports all smart functions and you can connect to Chromecast.

Method #2 Check For Applications

check the applications

Another, yet easier way to determine if your Vizio TV supports SmartCast is to check for available applications.

It is probably familiar to you, that only smart TVs tend to have available applications that can be accessed through their interface.

Press the home button on your Vizio TV remote and browse the menu.

If you can see any applications on the home screen, you will know that your TV is smart, therefore you will be able to use the SmartCast feature as well as the Google Chromecast.

Method #3 Look At TV Manual

Your Vizio TV has been delivered with a TV manual that has all of the device’s features listed in order.

You can either search specifically for the SmartCast feature or have anything give you a sign that your TV is smart.

Take a look at Vizio TV’s manual and go through the pages. If anything there gives you a sign that your TV is smart, it would mean that the unit supports SmartCast.

Method #4 Check Your Vizio TV’s Model

As we’ve stated at the beginning of this post, Vizio TVs VIA and the VIA+ generation tend to have SmartCast and Chromecast compatibility.

We suggest checking your Vizio TV brand to learn whether it is compatible with SmartCast or not.

You can learn more about your Vizio TV model from the manual or the box your device has been supplied in.

Method #5 Search In The Official Website

To learn more about your TV’s capabilities as well as available functions, you can check the official Vizio website.

If you have registered at Vizio already, your TV’s purchase will be available from there and you will be able to browse through all the needed information.

If you don’t have a registration, you can always look at the available TVs and search for your TV’s brand. Then all specifications will appear, including whether your TV is smart or not.

Method #6 Read The System Information

check system info

Lastly, you can always learn your Vizio TV model from the device’s system information.

Every TV out there tends to have such a tab, that will display the software version, purchase date, compatibilities, and much more.

  1. Press the Home button on your Vizio remote.
  2. Select System or Help.
  3. Choose System Information.

On this tab, you should be seeing all specifications including the SmartCast, if available. This way you can tell right away whether your TV supports Chromecast or not.

Does My Vizio TV Have Chromecast?

If you’ve found out that your TV is compatible with SmartCast, it would also be compatible with Google Chromecast.

SmartCast will make your TV compatible with other devices and not only Chromecast. In general, any smart TV should have full compatibility with Chromecast and other similar devices.

At this point, you should no longer worry about compatibility and hook up your Chromecast.

Note: If your Vizio TV is VIA or VIA+ for instance, you can directly tell that using Chromecast is absolutely possible.

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Bottom Line:

You can tell that your TV supports Chromecast and Smartcast by determining whether the Vizio device is smart or not. Your TV is smart if it has applications, WiFi or the model is from the VIA or VIA+ generation. You can learn your TV type from the system information tab, manual, or the official Vizio website.

Now that we’ve answered the question “does my Vizio TV have Chromecast?”, we hope that now you know if your Vizio TV supports Chromecast.

If you’re interested in reading many more helpful posts such as this one, make sure to check our tech blog.

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