vizio sound bar volume fluctuates

Wondering why the Vizio Sound bar volume fluctuates? Let’s find out in the guide!

Vizio sound systems are reliable and the soundbar fits best with the TV systems to get the perfect audio experience.

Occasionally, the soundbar leads to different output issues such as volume fluctuations, audio disturbances, and the inability to control the volume. 

The Vizio soundbar volume fluctuates when the sound from other connected devices (TV, console, or computer) is in conflict with the Vizio output.

There are also device output settings that can impact the quality of sound and make the audio fluctuate.

Let’s find out more detail about the volume fluctuation issue on the Vizio soundbar!

Why Vizio Sound Bar Audio Fluctuating Volume?

If your Vizio soundbar is fluctuating the volume, perhaps there is something wrong with the volume settings.

why vizio sound bar audio fluctuating volume

When the soundbar adjusts the volume in accordance with the sound coming from the TV or other source device, it automatically increases or decreases the output.

To acquire a better understanding of what might be wrong, here’s a list of possibilities:

  • SRS TruSurround Enabled
  • SRS TruVolume Enabled
  • Outdated Soundbar Firmware
  • Third-Party Device Interference
  • OS or Source Device Bug/Glitch

The Vizio soundbar has an automatic volume adjustment feature that will attempt to align the output, according to the currently running problem.

This sometimes leads to loud background noises as well as quiet speech, which in combination creates a weird audio output. 

All of this is happening due to an inappropriate volume setting of the TV. So, let’s go next to discuss how you can fix the audio fluctuation issue from your sound bar!

What To Do When Vizio Sound Bar Volume Fluctuates?

We are now moving next to discuss the methods that will help you to effectively fix the sound fluctuation issue on your Vizio soundbar.

The only important thing is to follow everything in order to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.

1. Mute Your Television!

mute your television

The very first thing to do is Mute your TV so you can make sure that there is no audio-doubling, which of course happens when both your devices are emitting playout. 

You only have to grab the television remote control, and tap on the Mute button or lower the volume of your TV down to the minimum.

However, keep in mind that your television has more than one audio output so you’ll need to lower both (the headphone jack output & speakers).

In case your TV is muted but the soundbar’s volume fluctuation, keep reading!

2. Check The Remote!

Is anyone touching the remote?

You’ll need to inspect whether someone is increasing and decreasing the volume of your Vizio soundbar before continuing any further.

check the remote

Especially if you’ve got a second Vizio soundbar in your home or any device that uses a universal remote.

Try to understand if there is any possible interference. Check if the Volume buttons of the soundbar remote are working, and make sure to manually increase and decrease the volume.

Tip: Try to remove the batteries from the Vizio soundbar remote.

3. Turn OFF The SRS Settings!

The SRS TruSurround is a multi-channel audio input technology that enhances the resolution of audio coming from the TV.

Sometimes the audio output from the TV can interfere with the soundbar’s playout, ultimately leading to volume fluctuations.

turn off the srs settings

It’s possible that the volume coming from the soundbar is fluctuating or changing because SRS TruSurround is enabled. Hence, we only need to turn OFF the SRS TruSurround.

Here is how to turn off the SRS TruSurround settings from the TV:

  1. Turn on your TV (Vizio Soundbar setup).
  2. Go to the Main Menu Settings.
  3. Navigate to Audio Settings from the menu.
  4. Tap on Advanced Audio settings.
  5. Look for SRS TruSurround.
  6. Also look for SRS TruVolume.
  7. Turn both of these settings OFF.

If your TV SRS TruSurround & SRS TruVolume settings are already turned off, toggle ON/OFF the setting to check whether the fluctuation issue will end. If not, keep reading!

Note: The menus and options are named differently on all different brands of TVs!

4. Update Your Vizio Setup! 

Before attempting anything else, dedicate 5 minutes of your time to perform a manual update, which is the guaranteed way to acquire the latest OS.

The Soundbar Firmware:

The sound bar and your TV are ultimately connected and that’s why both devices’ system firmware equally matters in the case of any issue.

update your vizio setup

When the soundbar firmware is not updated or even updated but left incomplete due to internet loss, we start to experience weird behavior.

Here is how you can update the Vizio soundbar firmware:

  1. You’ll need to use a Computer & USB flash drive!
  2. Disconnect your Vizio soundbar from the Power Outlet.
  3. Go to and then tap on the Support tab.
  4. Enter your Soundbar Model Number and find the Latest Update.
  5. Tap on the update and Download the firmware file to your computer.
  6. Format your USB flash drive!
  7. Once the file is downloaded, move it to a USB Drive.
  8. Connect the USB drive to your Vizio soundbar.
  9. Then, connect the Power Cord to the soundbar.
  10. As you connect the power, the sound bar illuminates the two lights.
  11. Next, it will illuminate the third and fourth lights.
  12. The Vizio soundbar will begin the firmware update process.
Note: When you see that the illuminating lights are turned off, then you can disconnect the USB from the soundbar.

Update The TV Firmware:

Updating the firmware of the TV is equally important as updating the soundbar.

Whenever the television’s firmware is out of date, the audio settings might suffer sound complications, hence impact also the playout of your Vizio soundbar.

  • Simply go to Settings > System > About > Update > Yes/Update!

Once the process completes, then restart your TV and reboot your Vizio soundbar before checking whether the fluctuations are still there. In case nothing helps, keep reading!

5. Test Soundbar With Another Source!

test soundbar with another source

The next step is to narrow down the problem, by connecting your Vizio soundbar to another device with the supported cable connection.

We recommend connecting your soundbar to another television in your home, and if not available to any HDMI ARC compatible device!

If the Vizio soundbar works without fluctuations on the secondary device we can conclude that the problem is related to the previous television.

In those cases, we can proceed to perform a Factory Reset on our TV.

In contrast, we’ll need to reset the Vizio soundbar…

Important: Replace Audio Cable!

Based on the type of cable that you’re using to connect your Vizo soundbar to the TV, we strongly recommend testing with an alternative cable.

You can even switch the type of connection if you will, but it’s important to know before resetting the soundbar next.

Note: You can use HDMI (ARC), Analog/RCA cable, Analog cable, or through Bluetooth!

6. Factory Reset Vizio Soundbar!

factory reset vizio soundbar

In case nothing works and the volume from your Vizio soundbar continues to fluctuate, perhaps you’ll need to perform the Factory Reset.

This ultimate solution will revert ALL soundbar settings to their default state. 

  • To reset your Vizio soundbar, press and hold the Bluetooth + Volume Down button!

Within the next couple of seconds, all of the Vizio soundbar’s lights will flicker multiple times, which is an indication that the reset process has begun.

The operation doesn’t take more than 60 seconds so when the process is completed, you can test whether the fluctuations are there!

Vizio Soundbar Volume Is Still Fluctuating?

vizio soundbar volume is still fluctuating

Sometimes when the issue is not fixed by implementing troubleshooting solutions, we can only assume the worst.

To avoid guessing any further, we strongly suggest reaching out to  Vizio Customer Support and reporting the problem you’ve been experiencing with the soundbar.

Don’t forget to share what you’ve attempted in this guide so you can save as much time as possible. Also, check whether the warranty is intact so you can claim a replacement.

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Vizio sound bar volume fluctuates, go to your TV’s Advanced Audio Settings and turn OFF the SRS TruSurround and TruVolume settings.

Also, update the firmware of the entire Vizio setup and if nothing helps, Factory Reset the soundbar!

Check out our blog for more troubleshooting guides on soundbars!

Nicole B