sonos arc not connecting to tv

Is your Sonos ARC not connecting to TV and you’re looking for a quick solution?

You’ve just found the one!

In this guide, we will explain all possible problems that could have occurred with the connection between your Sonos to TV and help you solve them.

To fix Sonos ARC not connecting to the TV, power cycle the device and your TV. Inspect the cable connection and check the TV’s audio settings. Lastly, perform a factory reset on your Sonos ARC to fix the issue.

Why Is Sonos ARC Not Connecting To TV?

If your Sonos ARC device refuses to connect with your TV, there can be multiple causes to that problem.

In the following list, we’ve extracted the most frequent reports from users that are experiencing the same issue.

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Here’s why your Sonos ARC isn’t connecting to the TV:

1. Power Problem

Your Sonos ARC might be unable to connect with the TV, due to power problems with your device.

2. Cable Connection Issue

The faulty cable that is connecting your Sonos and the TV might be preventing the device from connecting.

3. Incorrect Audio Settings

Having your TV’s audio settings set up incorrectly will result in a faulty connection between your devices.

4. Outdated TV Software

Your TV, regardless of the model, must be updated to the latest available version to work with Sonos ARC.

5. Cable not Connected Properly

Regardless of the cable type, (HDMI, coax, optical), it must be connected to the right inputs for the Sonos to work.

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Those were all of the possible causes that could be preventing the connection between your Sonos AR and TV. Keep reading to learn what are the best troubleshooting solutions.

How To Fix Sonos ARC Isn’t Connecting To TV?

fix sonos arc not connecting to tv

The solutions in this guide are designed to fix your Sonos ARC’s connection to the TV, as long as you’re applying them consecutively.

In that regard make sure to follow the solutions in the order that they are listed for the most efficiency.

Here’s how to fix your Sonos ARC that isn’t connecting to the TV:

Solution #1 Power Reset Sonos & TV

You should begin with performing a power reset on your TV and the Sonos ARC device.

There could be a temporal bug or glitch that is preventing the Sonos device from connecting with your TV and you should power cycle the devices before everything else.

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Let’s begin with power resetting your Sonos ARC.

How To Power Reset Sonos ARC?

  1. Unplug your Sonos ARC from the power source.
  2. Standby for 5 minutes until your Sonos ARC is completely discharged.
  3. Re-attach the power adapter to the source.
  4. Test.

How To Power Reset TV?

  1. On your TV remote, hit the power button while pointing it towards the TV.
  2. Unplug the TV from the power source.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes until your TV has fully discharged.
  4. Re-attach the adapter into the source.
Note: Test your Sonos’ connection to the TV after each of the power resets to determine if the issue has been solved.

Solution #2 Reconnect/Replace HDMI Cable

reconnect hdmi tv

We assume that you’re using an HDMI cable to connect your Sonos device to the television.

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If that’s the case, you should attempt to use an alternative HDMI cable to connect your sound device to the TV.

Before that, attempt disconnecting and connecting the HDMI cable to determine if that would solve any problems.

In other words, reconnect the cable from both ends. If connecting the cable didn’t do any good, replace the entire unit in your configuration to fix the issue.

How Should I Connect The HDMI?

Since on both your Sonos and TV there are different HDMI inputs here is how to connect your HDMI cable correctly:

  1. Disconnect the current unit from both ends.
  2. Grab your new HDMI cable and plug it into the “HDMI OUT” on your Sonos.
  3. Search for the inputs on your TV and secure the cable into the “HDMI IN” port.
Note: You can also use an alternative cable rather than the HDMI, but the connection will be far more reliable and proven if you’re using regular HDMI or an HDMI ARC.

Solution #3 Try Different Input On TV

Although there are designed HDMI inputs you should use to connect your Sonos device to the TV, you must also attempt with the alternative input.

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Due to the fact that Sonos only has one input, plug the HDMI cable into a different input, but on the back of your TV.

This could as well mend the connection if one of the inputs on your television has gone faulty so you should attempt this before proceeding further.

Note: Based on whether you’re using an ARC HDMI or a regular unit, use the corresponding TV source when testing out the connectivity.

Solution #4 Update Sonos

update your sonos

If attempting with a different input didn’t help, you should update the system of your Sonos.

This will bring in additional compatibility with your TV, which might be the problem in the first place.

Here’s how to update the operating system of your Sonos device:

  1. In the Sonos app (which you should have installed already), go to System.
  2. From the System tab, click on System Updates.
  3. Tap “Check for Updates”.
  4. Wait for the searcher to locate an available firmware update.
  5. To apply the update, press the “Download” button.
  6. Wait.
Note: Updating your Sonos, might cause the device to restart in order to boot the new firmware. 

Make sure that the power supply of the device is intact during the time.

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Solution #5 Reset Sonos ARC

If nothing worked so far in our guide, you should perform a factory reset on your Sonos ARC.

This will clear up any software blunders the device may have and resolve the connectivity problem with the TV.

Here’s how to factory reset your Sonos ARC device in easy instructions:

  1. Unplug your device from the power outlet.
  2. Hold the Connect button down while plugging your speaker back into the source.
  3. Keep holding the Connect button a few seconds after plugging your Sonos.
  4. Wait for the amber and white light, after which release the Connect button.

How To Fix Sonos ARC Not Connecting To Samsung TV?

fix sonos on samsung tv

If your Sonos isn’t specifically connecting with Samsung TV, there are different things you can attempt.

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Here are some easy ways to fix Sonos ARC connectivity issues with your Samsung TV device.

1. Unmute/Increase Volume of Samsung TV

There’s a chance that your Sonos ARC is connected, but you’ve either muted the device or lowered its volume.

Use the Samsung remote to increase the volume of your TV so you could hear your Sonos.

2. Update Samsung TV

On your Samsung TV, go to Settings > Support > Software Update and choose “Update Now”.

It may take a while for your TV to update and once it is done, test your Sonos’ functionality.

3. Use Samsung ARC Input

Your Samsung TV tends to have an HDMI ARC input, in which the Sonos must be plugged in.

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If you’ve connected the cable elsewhere, make sure to reconnect it to the respective HDMI ARC input.

Tip: Test your Sonos device after each of the troubleshooting solutions to determine if the issue has been fixed.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix when Sonos ARC is not connecting to a TV, power reset both of the devices and examine the HDMI connection. Next, replace the HDMI cable and attempt with different input and TV sources. Lastly, update the software of your Sonos/TV and perform a factory reset on the Sonos ARC.

Now that you know why Sonos ARC not connecting to TV, feel free to apply our solutions to troubleshoot your connectivity problem. You could also contact the manufacturer of your product for additional assistance.

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