can you use sonos without wifi

Can you use Sonos without WiFi? Many people assume that the answer – is no, but is that really true?

How frustrating would it be not to be able to use your Sonos system because your Wi-Fi isn’t working? It could happen any time, and then what will you do?

To use Sonos without Wi-Fi, get two mobile devices, set up one as a mobile hotspot from the settings, connect Sonos devices using the app. Then use the other phone as a controller for Sonos devices.

Don’t get frustrated! You will learn precisely can you use Sonos speakers without Wi-Fi through this post. You’ll find out the different ways to connect the speaker and make it work without a Wi-Fi signal.

How To Connect Sonos?

Getting yourself a Sonos device is an excellent thing. But with getting one comes the question, “How do I set up the system?”.

Well, do not worry, follow these steps, and you will be ready to set up most speaker models in minutes:

  1. Connect your speaker to a power outlet.
  2. Get yourself the Sonos App.
  3. Open it and click on “Set up a new system.”
  4. Press on Add and find the device.
  5. Set the Sonos into “Join” mode.

After you are ready to set up the Sonos system, you can choose to add more speakers and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

If you already have a system but do not know how to access it or add new devices. Go to the setting of your Sonos app.

Then navigate to System and press on Add products. From there on, you can follow the instructions and add more devices.

Can Sonos Operate Without the Internet?

use sonos without internet

Yes, Sonos devices can operate without the Internet. For example, you do not need it to stream music.

However, you need to have locally stored content – music, movies, or others and be connected to Wi-Fi.

Why is that?

It is simple, as you know, Sonos requires a few things to operate:

  • Power connection – the power cable of the device.
  • Wi-Fi – to build the local access point so you can connect.
  • Internet ( your modem) – connects you to the network.

These things ensure that your Sonos can work properly. But in some cases, you may have no internet.

That means that you won’t be able to play content from the Internet on your devices.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use them. Being connected to the same network means that you can still utilize them – by using local content.

Why Does Sonos Need Wi-Fi?

Sonos speakers need Wi-Fi to join the network, operate most of their features, and stream music in your home.

The speakers are used in a system most often for listening to streams, music, movie nights, etc. Therefore, utilizing Wi-Fi will ensure a higher quality of sound.

It is essential when you have multiple Sonos at home. Using Wi-Fi, you will create an easy to control System, ensuring functionality while keeping all high-quality.

Note: Wi-Fi and the Internet are two different things.

So, Can You Use Sonos Without WiFi?

sonos with no wifi

Technically speaking, Sonos devices can work without Wi-Fi. The only problem is using them to create a system like the speakers.

As a result, you will lose tons of Sonos’ great features:

  • Multi-room group listening.
  • Surround Sound.
  • Device voice control.

As you already know, the speakers operate like a system. You understand that this System requires a network to function correctly.

Without a Wi-Fi connection, you will break the System. You are making the devices unable to synchronize and operate only solo.

Note: Sometimes the answer to can you use Sonos without Wi-Fi is you shouldn't.

How Do I Connect my Sonos without Wi-Fi?

connect wifi less

The most basic way to connect your Sonos without Wi-Fi is by using wires/cables and doing it directly.

If your device has a port that will allow you to connect and play music locally without an access point.

Not all Sonos speakers can connect in this way. Some do not have a port where you can use a cable. On top of that, all models use different ones.

Thus some of the models which will work with this solution are:

  • Sonos Five uses a 3.5 mm cable.
  • Beam device uses HDMI or fiber cable.
  • Playbase utilizes fiber cable.
  • Connect: Amp – optical-fiber.

It is essential to note that connecting via cable doesn’t allow you to use all Sonos features. Instead, it will mainly enable you to play music locally and use only the basic features.

Note: Remember that Sonos system requires Wi-Fi because it uses the network to utilize most of its features.

Can you Use Sonos with Bluetooth?

Yes, you can use some Sonos devices with Bluetooth. However, the only ones that can work with it are Sonos Move and Roam.

These portable products of the company are perfect for outdoor activities. They do not require Wi-Fi during the whole time, similar to their bigger counterparts.

Similar to the other products of Sonos, you have to configure and set up the Roam and Move devices via the app first. That means you will need Wi-Fi and an internet connection.

To set up the devices, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Find the Bluetooth button at the back of the device and press it.
  2. Now press on it again and hold – this will activate the pairing mode.
  3. Turn ON the Bluetooth on your phone
  4. Look for Move or Roam in discovered devices.
  5. Tap to pair and enjoy!

Can I Use Sonos with Mobile Hotspot?

Yes, you can use the mobile hotspot to connect Sonos. We often use our phones to connect other devices to the Internet.

Or share with friends. In this case, you can do it with your Sonos speaker.

Using your mobile hotspot, you will play the role of the Wi-Fi that connects your Sonos to your network. With two words, your phone will be the access point for your speakers.

The only negative of this way is that you can’t control the Sonos speaker with the phone set as a hotspot – use another phone as a controller.

If you still want to proceed, follow these instructions:

  • Enable the hotspot from your phone settings.
  • Use the Sonos app to connect your devices.
  • Once you see the Sonos device, connect to it.

That will enable your Sonos to use the phone hotspot as the middle point. It connects the speakers’ System through it. So if nothing goes wrong, you are good to go.

Note: Use this method only if you have no other option.

Wired Or Wireless Sonos Setup Is Better?

wireless or wired

That one is a good question. However, choosing between the two options can be tricky.

Deciding between wired or wireless setup is based on your Wi-Fi.

For example, if you have a weak Wi-Fi signal, you prefer to use the wired version. On the contrary, if the signal is good, then use the wireless setup.

How do both setups work?

1. Wired

The wired setup works by connecting one of your Sonos devices with a cable directly into your router.

That device later creates the wireless connection between all other Sonos added to your System from the app.

2. Wireless

When it comes to the Wireless option, you probably have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

That means that you do not have to connect with an ethernet cable. Instead, use the Wi-Fi and connect Sonos to your network as you do with every other device.

Tip: The wireless option is always better and faster to set up.

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Bottom Line:

Reading this guide, we hope you found the answers to “Can you use Sonos without Wi-Fi?”

When choosing a method, consider your device’s model and choose the best option.

If possible, stick to using Wi-Fi as it is the best option. Utilizing your Wi-Fi, you will have full access to Sonos features.

Nicole B