schlage keypad lock keeps spinning

When your Schlage keypad lock keeps spinning, that is one of the weirdest issues.

However, even though it is initially annoying, it is easy to fix, and you will be able to solve it after reading this article.

The first step to fixing your keypad lock involves ensuring the batteries have enough charge. You can also try resetting the system to default or even reinstalling the lock. 

Whatever is causing the problem and the method you have to use, we got you covered in the following sections.

So keep reading to make that Schlage lock stop spinning!

Why My Schlage Keypad Lock Keeps Spinning?

Multiple causes might be behind the problem when your Schlage lock spins continually. Included are software and hardware issues.

A comprehensive list of them includes the following:

1. Batteries – Your batteries might be low charge or are not well attached.

2. Programming – Sometimes, some bug happens with the programming of your lock.

3. Installed wrong – If you or whoever installed the Schlage lock didn’t pay attention to all the steps, it might be that it is not installed in the right way.

4. Badly cut or worn-out key – If what you mean is that your lock spins but doesn’t unlock, then the problem is most likely your key.

5. The lock’s interior is jammed – Smart lock or not, a jammed lock won’t work simply because its physical structure can’t allow you to open it with a key.

What To Do When Your Schlage Lock Keeps Spinning

what to do with spinning schlage lock

Step #1: Check the Batteries

Perhaps the Schlage lock is spinning but not opening because the lock’s batteries are critically low.

Hence, the lock is unable to execute its normal operations. 

In such instances, the lock accepts the code and blinks green, but it will not open. Instead, you will see the lock cylinder constantly rotating.

To resolve the problem, you must replace the batteries in the Schlage lock.

Below is how you can quickly replace the batteries in your Schlage lock:

  1. Remove the outside screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  2. Find the screws that secure the battery cover
  3. Unscrew the screws.
  4. Remove Schlage’s battery covers.
  5. Remove old batteries from the lock and put new ones
  6. Reinstall all that you removed

Installing new batteries should do the trick. If it didn’t, proceed to the next step.

Step #2: Restore Default Settings

restore the default settings

Perhaps the problem is not in the hardware but rather the software. Some malfunctioning might have made the programming collapse.

In that case, you need to restore settings to default. 

By resetting the lock, you will return it to its original settings. That usually fixes problems caused by wrong settings or bugs inside the device.

But before doing the procedure, find the factory Programming Code. You’ll need it to program your lock after the reset.

Your Schlage Lock Programming Code is usually written on a white label in front of the user’s guide.

If you don’t have the user manual, take the lock off the door and look at the white label on the keypad’s back for the Programming Code.

After that, you can do the reset. Here are the steps:

  1. Take off the cover
  2. Unplug the battery.
  3. Press the Schlage switch and let go of it.
  4. Put the battery back in
  5. Then push and hold the Schlage switch until a green light comes on and the device beeps
Note: To perform this step, you will need to learn how to unscrew your lock, and we taught that in Step #1!

Step #3: Try An Original Spare Key

try the original spare key

If you try to open your Schlage deadbolt with a worn-out or poorly cut copy key, you may have issues, such as the lock cylinder spinning excessively. 

In most circumstances, this occurs when a key copy is used to create a duplicate or when an inexperienced locksmith is tasked with making a replica.

However, the same holds if you’ve had the same key for an extended period and it’s worn out.

So, if you see your Schlage deadbolt’s cylinder rotating, you should first attempt to open the lock with a different key.

A set of extra keys is often included. The kit’s key will work to unlock the door.

We suggest having a locksmith make you a new key if you don’t have any spares on hand.

When doing so, however, it’s important to use a professional locksmith to guarantee a functional key.

Step #4: Reinstall The Lock

reinstall door lock

You might be tired of screwing and unscrewing your Schlage lock. However, you will have to try it again to ensure that your smart lock gets back to proper functioning.

If the problem still happens after you reset the lock, you might have put in the lock incorrectly. If it’s not set up properly, the Schlage Lock could start spinning or not lock or unlock.

You will have to take the lock off the door and put it back on. To do that, get the instructions manual of your lock and install it the right way.

You might have overlooked some of the steps while installing it the first time.

A further possibility is that a part of your lock may have been broken or moved from where it was supposed to be (this is common with the Schlage BE365 Keypad Lock).

If you are putting the lock back together and find that a part is broken, you can call Schlage Customer Support to get a replacement.

Step #5: Fix A Jammed Lock

fix the jammed lock

Let’s say that in the process of reinstalling your Schlage Lock, you find out that your lock is actually jammed. 

Jammed locks are a common occurrence. Therefore, lubricating the deadbolt regularly is highly suggested to prevent the lock’s internal components from becoming stuck. 

If the lock assembly around your lock cylinder is worn, your Schlage keypad deadbolt will continue to spin but remain locked.

How to repair a spinning deadbolt lock is detailed below.

  1. Remove any screw caps from the deadbolt. Use a flathead screwdriver.
  2. Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen the lock.
  3. Look for a disc directly outside the deadbolt’s keyway slot. This disc needs two teeth. Worn disc teeth disable the latch mechanism. 
  4. Replace the disc.
  5. After replacing the disc, reassemble the lock.

You can take your lock to a specialized store near you to find a replacement disc and ask a specialist. 

Now your lock should function without the cylinder spinning. 

Alert: If you can't locate an identical disc model, you must change the whole Schlage Lock.

Step #6: Call A Professional Locksmith/Call Schlage

call a professional locksmith

If none of the steps so far helped you solve the problem, the remaining thing you can do is either:

  • Call a professional locksmith
  • Call Schlage support

A professional locksmith in your area might know how to solve the issue once he can check it.

However, he will probably tell you you need to contact Schlage support if he can’t.

In case you already called a locksmith, or you simply don’t want to, then simply contact Schlage support.

You must tell them that you have already tried for them to troubleshoot efficiently.

You can contact Schlage support by clicking here.


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Can You Reset Schlage Lock Without Code?

Perhaps you don’t know what the code of your Schlage Lock is. You need it to program the lock again after resetting it.

So, is it possible to install the smart lock again without a code? Unfortunately, the answer is “No.”

Perhaps you found other guides around the web with the title “reset Schlage lock without code.”

However, you will need to enter the lock’s default code when you get to the bottom of them. 

Your Schlage Lock’s code is on the label of its user manual and/or on some part of the lock itself.

What We Learned

When the Schlage keypad lock keeps spinning, many reasons might be causing the trouble.

Perhaps batteries need to be replaced, or you need to restore the settings to eliminate some program malfunctioning. 

Other times, reinstalling the lock or using an original key will do the trick. If you find the lock is jammed, you will need to fix it.

The remaining option is to call a professional locksmith or contact Schlage.

Nicole B