schlage encode not connecting to wifi

Your Schlage encode not connecting to WiFi and you don’t know what to do?

WiFi problems and more significantly, setup issues with the Schlage lock are a thing that could really turn off the user.

Having your bolt ready to go and being unable to install it could be really frustrating, so we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what to do!

To fix WiFi issues on Schlage Encode, Reboot the device and Update the software of the Schlage app. Next, Power Cycle the network device and replace the deadbolt’s batteries. Lastly, reinstall the connection app and the Schlage platform as well.

To learn more about this Wi-Fi-related Schlage problem, keep reading!

Why Schlage Encode Won’t Connect to WiFi?

why my schlage encode not connecting to wifi

To connect your Schlage Encode deadbolt to WiFi, there are certain network requirements on your side that must be met.

That includes protecting your network and having the WiFi set to a specific band, so the lock could connect. 

In addition, the problem could also be with the network device itself, or even a fault within the Schlage application at times.

This is why we need to consider every possibility!

Here’s a summary of what could prevent your deadbolt from connecting to WiFi:

  • There’s a problem with your Router/Network Device
  • An issue with the Schlage Mobile Application
  • Incorrect Network/WiFi Settings Configuration
  • Improper Hardware or Weak Schale Encode Batteries

When it comes down to WiFi setup issues with the Schlage deadbolt, those are the main suspects.

Let’s explore more community-recommended solutions to the problem!

Schlage Encode Will Not Connect to WiFi – Quick Fix!

how to fix schlage encode

To achieve the best troubleshooting efficiency, ensure that your network device is up and running during the entire guide.

This is crucial for connecting the Schale deadbolt to WiFi and working with the Schlage application in general.

Let’s jump in with the solutions!

Solution #1 Restart the Schlage Encode

Let’s begin the troubleshooting with a simple restart on your Schlage Encode device.

One of the most common reasons for a connection failure during setup is a temporal glitch in the deadbolt’ software.

The problem can easily be solved by performing a reboot on the device!

Here’s how to restart your Schlage Encode easily:

  1. Unmount the Schlage lock off the wall.
  2. Remove the black battery cover by sliding it up.
  3. Pull out the battery holder.
  4. Remove the batteries and wait.
  5. Once 4-5 minutes have elapsed, re-insert the batteries.
  6. Reinstall the battery cover and the holder on your Schlage lock.
  7. Undergo a complete setup process.

The longer you keep the batteries out of the Schlage device, the better the device will discharge and therefore refresh.

The solution’s second goal is to allow your device to cool down, which on its own can also help!

Note: Ensure that the batteries of your Schlage lock are reseated properly!

Solution #2 Power Cycle the Network Device

power cycle the device

Since the Schlage fails to connect with WiFi, it also struggles to complete the setup process within the Schlage app.

Rather than looking for the problem in your lock, you should pay attention to the state of your network device and whether the WiFi is online.

Here’s a great way to refresh your network and the network device:

  1. Press the Power Button on your network device until it shuts down.
  2. Once the device turns off, unplug the Power Adapter from the unit.
  3. Wait for another 5 minutes while the network device is discharging.
  4. Reconnect the power adapter once the power cycling period has elapsed.
Note: Turn on your router and undergo the WiFi setup on your Schlage Encode device!

Solution #3 Fix Network Configuration Issues

fix the network issues

Network configuration issues are your main troubleshooting goal throughout this whole guide.

It’s important to make the network compatible with your Schlage Encode device or a connection with the device won’t be made.

Here are the network configurations you should pay attention to!

  1. Ensure that your WiFi is secured with a password.
  2. Connect the Schlage Encode deadbolt only to 2.4GHz.
  3. Place your network device in an open place to avoid interference
  4. Make sure you have paid all your fees towards the ISP.

In addition, you need to test your 2.4Ghz WiFi with another device to determine whether it’s accessible or not.

Simply connect to the WiFi from your smartphone and test surfing online!

Note: In case of an internet connection issue, reboot your network router!

Solution #4 Replace Schlage Encode Batteries

replace the batteries

Chances are that the batteries of your Schlage Encode device have run out of charge and can no longer support the full functionality of the device.

Walking out from that, it’s reasonable to have the batteries of your deadlock replaced, to fix the device.

Here’s how to replace the batteries of your Schlage Encode:

  1. Remove the Schlage Encode device from the wall.
  2. Eject the compartment door of the Schlage Encode’s batteries.
  3. Remove the old 4 x AA alkaline batteries.
  4. Get a new set of four AA batteries for your Schlage Encode.
  5. Insert the new batteries into the compartment of your Encode device.
  6. Reinstall the compartment cover back onto the device.
  7. Turn on your Schlage Enco device and connect it to WiFi.

After positioning the new batteries inside the Schlage Encode device, give it a few minutes to turn on.

When you’re ready, attempt to connect the device to the internet.

Alert: Watch out for the electrical poles of the Schlage's battery compartment and install the batteries correctly.

Solution #5 Update/Reinstall the Schlage Application!

update the schlage application

The next thing you should attempt is to Update the Schlage Lock App

This is only, to begin with. In case the problem persists, we’re going to also perform a clean reinstallation which targets the remaining possibilities at once. 

Let’s first perform an update on the Schlage application!

How to Update the Schlage Application?

  1. On your mobile device, go to the App Store/Google Play.
  2. Use the search field to locate the Schlage app.
  3. Press the “Update” button on the page.
  4. Wait for the update to be downloaded, installed and applied.

How to Reinstall the Schlage Application?

how reinstall schlage app
  1. Go into your device’ Storage.
  2. Head to the Apps section.
  3. Locate the Schlage app from the list.
  4. Uninstall Schlage.
  5. Head back into the App Store of your device.
  6. Download the Schlage app again.
  7. Launch the app and sign into your Account.

When this operation has been undertaken, we’re ready to test.

Once the Schlage app is reinstalled, go to “Add Device” re-add your deadbolt, and connect to the WiFi.

Tip: Enable the Automatic Updates, to keep your Schlage app up to date!

Solution #6 Restore Schlage Encode Default Settings

restore the enode settings

If the Schlage encode not connecting to WiFi issue persists and nothing helped so far, then we suggest resetting your deadbolt to factory defaults.

This is a powerful solution to all software-related problems of the deadbolt and is strongly recommended. 

Here’s how to factory reset your Schlage Encode deadbolt easily:

  1. Remove the door lock from the wall stand.
  2. Look at the back of the device to locate the default code.
  3. Type down the default code, used for resetting your device.
  4. Reinstall the Encode device back onto the lock.
  5. Insert the default code (instead of your password).
  6. The device will go into reset mode.

Make sure not to remove the batteries or shut down your Encode device while the reset is still going.

This may cause further software issues with your lock and irreversible software damage. Be patient, since the reset only takes a couple of minutes!

Tip: If none of our solutions helped so far, contact Schlage Support for more assistance!

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix the Schlage Encode WiFi issues you need to reboot the device and replace its batteries. After that, Update and Reinstall the Schlage connection app. In case the issue persists, reset your internet connection to solve the problem!

Wrapping Up:

We hope you’ve learned the fix to the Schlage encode not connecting to WiFi problems and how to troubleshoot efficiently.

If you’re experiencing any further connection issues, it’s best to turn your back to Schlage and demand a repair or potential replacement.

Perhaps that’s your chance to use the device’s warranty…

In case you’re interested in more solution guides, check out our tech blog. Good Luck!

Nicole B