why is my schlage lock blinking orange

Asking “why is my Schlage Lock blinking orange”? We have the answer and solution!

Generally, a Schlage Lock that blinks in orange means that the device is in a Programming Process.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to solve when our Schlage Lock is hung and blinking in orange with a non-technical solution.

Let’s learn more!

Your Schlage Lock may be blinking in orange, due to a fault with the power supply or a programming process that has crashed. The blinking orange light typically appears when the batteries are not properly inserted or the programming could not complete.

Let’s learn more about the blinking orange light on your Schlage Lock!

Why Is My Schlage Lock Blinking Orange – Explained!

why my schlage lock blinking orange

The orange light on your Schlage Lock is unnatural to appear by itself, without entering the programming code from the lock’s label.

The way to trigger the programming code is too specific, to be attained by accident from the user. 

This is the reason we can assume that other faults may be lying with your Schlage lock, then only the programming crash.

Here’s everything that could cause the blinking orange light:

  • Activated Programming Mode
  • A Battery Fault with the lock
  • Incorrect User Code has been inserted
  • There’s a Battery Failure with the device

No matter the reason, we’ll identify the origin of this issue and troubleshoot it appropriately!

Schlage Smart Lock Orange Light – Best Solutions!

how fix schlage lock blinking orange

The key to achieving the most efficiency and fixing this problem as quickly as possible is to follow the chronological order of our guide.

All notes, tips, and suggestions must be taken into consideration since this is an honest user opinion gathered from throughout the forums.

After understanding more about the orange light of your Schlage Lock, let’s begin!

Solution #1 Exit Programming Mode

Since the orange light occurs only whenever your lock is in Programming Mode, you must exit it to stop the indication.

There is no need to attempt anything else before trying this!

The programming mode is triggered by inserting a 6-digit Programming Code that puts your lock into the configurable state.

In this mode, you could alter user codes, create new ones and forget the existing values.

try exit the programming mode
  •  To exit the Programming Mode, press the Outside Schlage Button once!

As a result of pressing this button, your lock’s LED will blink three times in orange and go back to normal.

However, that is only if the orange light has been caused by the accidentally activated programming mode on your lock, and this way, you could fix the problem!

Note: To put the lock in programming mode, the 6-digit number from the label must be put in!

Solution #2 Insert Correct User Code

insert a correct code

As we’ve already mentioned, the orange light cloud is affiliated with the programming sequence of your Schlage Lock.

Entering an incorrect user code could cause the lock to go into programming and therefore cause the blinking orange light you’re seeing.

The most audible way to approach this problem is to Insert the correct user code before pressing the unlock button.

Simply, activate your Schlage Lock, type down the user code carefully and press “Unlock”.

The result of unlocking your Schlage are identified by the following lights:

  • Green Light  – The user code has been correct and Schlage has unlocked
  • Red Light – The battery is critically low and needs reaching
  • Orange Light (Again) – The user code is still incorrect

Your Schlage Lock could also produce sounds, as a result of a display panel interaction of the device.

One beep will indicate a successful unlock operation of the Schlage device.  If the lock beeps twice, it means that the programming was successful as well.

Note: Two beeps as a result of unlocking should disable the orange light on your lock!

Solution #3 Toggle Programming Mode ON/OFF

toggle the programming mode

A quick and effective solution is to toggle the Programming Mode ON and OFF.

In case your lock has glitched while activating the programming sequence, it will actively blink in orange light, but to no avail.

In order to settle this, you should trigger and therefore disable the programming mode multiple times, until your lock manages to get bug free.

Here’s how to enable and disable the programming mode:

  1. Learn the 6 – Digit Programming Code from the lock’s label.
  2. Enable the lock for usage.
  3. Type down the 6 digits of the programming code.
  4. Wait for 15 Seconds.
  5. Press the Outside Schlage Button to exit the programming mode of the device.
  6. Repeat the same steps at least one more time.
  7. Determine if the issue is fixed.

While enabling and disabling the programming code, the lock will continue to bring in orange color, but don’t get worried.

This has to happen if the lock is put into programming mode.

Note: While enabling and disabling the programming mode, do not turn off your lock!

Solution #4 Reinsert the Batteries

reinsert its batteries

Perhaps, reinserting the batteries of your Schlage Lock will resolve this problem!

Also considered as a Power Cycle for electronic devices, cutting the device’s power supply for a given amount of time will result in a good software/hardware refresh.

You should do the same thing to your Schlage Lock in order to resolve the caused blinking orange light.

How to Reinsert Schlage Lock batteries:

  1. Take the lock OFF the wall.
  2. Locate the Battery Compartment.
  3. Take out the compartment cover and Expose the Batteries.
  4. Eject All 4 x Batteries one by one.
  5. Wait for 4 – 5 Minutes while the lock’s batteries are all taken out.
  6. Reinsert the batteries after the cooldown period has elapsed.
  7. Test…

If you’re noticing that the lock is acting strange and something refers to a bad power supply, change the batteries.

The lock uses Four AA alkaline Batteries which are easy to get.

Alert: When reinserting the batteries, pay attention to their position and polarity!

Solution #5 Perform a Battery Jump Start

perform the battery jump start

In case the batteries have failed you should perform a Battery Jump Start

This a powerful resolution to the problem that will cause your Schlage Lock to jump-start functionality again.

This is usually done whenever the lock’s power supply has been disrupted by any means but also works great to resolve the orange blinking light.

Here’s how to emergency jump-start your Schlage Lock:

  1. Get a high-quality Alkaline 9-Volt Battery.
  2. Connect the battery to the port Below the Touchscreen.
  3. Wait for the Long Beep made by your lock.
  4. Keep the battery connected as you’re Unlocking the Door.
  5. Type down the User Code and rotate the thumb turn in the hinges’ direction.
  6. Test…

Once your lock has been jump-started, the user code should unlock and somewhat reset the device.

At this moment, pay attention to whether the LED is still blinking in orange color.

Note: As a result of the jump start, your lock may be off for about 15-30 seconds!

Solution #6 Reset the Schlage Lock

reset your schlage lock

If nothing worked so far, we suggest performing a Factory Reset of the lock!

That means all established user configurations and master codes will be permanently erased from the lock’s memory.

This is an end-solution and we only suggest this if nothing so far in our guide worked.

Let’s learn how to reset your Schlage Lock in easy steps:

  1. Uninstall the lock from the wall.
  2. Take a look at the Back Compartment.
  3. Locate the Factory Code printed on the device.
  4. Type down or photograph the reset code.
  5. Reinstall the device and Connect it Back to Power.
  6. Enable the lock.
  7. Type down the Reset Combination.
  8. Press Enter.
  9. Wait…

Once the reset has been triggered on your lock, it will probably last around 2 – 3 minutes to complete.

For the time being, make sure that the lock’s power supply is uninterrupted.

Note: Once your lock has finished resetting, you’ll have to perform the initial setup again.

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix the blinking orange light on your Schlage Lock, exit the Programming Mode on the device and change the Schlage Code. Ensure that you’re inserting a correct user code and perform a Battery Jump Start. Finally, Factory Reset the lock.

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we’ve answered “why is my Schlage Lock blinking orange” and all the possible causes of this problem.

We’ve also listed the best solutions to approach the issue with, recommended by the Schlage community experiencing the same type of fault. 

For more helpful solutions and guides, you should visit our online technical blog!

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