how to program schlage lock

Wondering how to program Schlage lock? You are in the right place!

Programming a Schlage lock is the first step when setting it up, but it is also needed when you are looking to change its functioning.

Programming your Schlage lock requires you to know its programming code. Without it, you can’t access any of its configurations.

Why Would One Need To Program A Schlage Lock?

why one need to program schlage

Since Schlage locks are smart devices, any change you make in them requires either you insert codes in their keypads or command via the dedicated app.

Some functions, however, you can’t perform via the app. For example, when installing your Schlage lock, you must program it before connecting to any app.

Other situations that require programming your Schlage lock include:

  • Changing the programming code
  • Adding codes for guests
  • Deleting codes
  • Resetting to factory

Difference Between 6-Digit and 4-Digit Codes

Before we proceed to the guide, it is essential to notice the difference between the two sorts of codes in Schlage locks.

You probably noticed that some codes are 6-digit and others are 4-digit. Why is that?

  • 6-digit code: this is the programming code. You need it to program your lock, but it can’t unlock it!
  • 4-digit code: this is the user code. That is what you use to unlock the device. Schlage locks can keep 19 user codes at most.
Note: User codes can't have the same initial four numbers of the programming code. That would be unsafe!

How To Program Schlage Lock

how to program the schlage

Programming Your Schlage Lock For The First Time

Find The Programming Code

You must have the programming code before changing, adding, or removing a user code.

Remember that programming codes and user codes are different.

If you have never used a Schlage deadbolt lock, you can find the programming code elsewhere (manual or label).

However, suppose you altered the programming code and don’t remember it. In that case, you must reset the device to default settings.

Program Your Keypad

program the keypad

Once you’ve found the programming code, type the digits on the Schlage lock keypad.

If you program it right, you’ll see an orange blinking light three times, followed by three beeps.


  1. Push the “Schlage” button
  2. Press “3.” 
  3. The button will beep and flicker orange thrice.

You must write down your customized programming code before entering so you remember it.


  1. Type in the new six-digit code for programming. 
  2. The Schlage button should glow orange and make three beeps. 
  3. You must put in your new programming code again.

If you changed the programming code correctly, a green blink and a beep would show that you did it. 

However, if it blinks red, there is a mistake in the programming

If that occurs, you need to do the steps again. With the customized Schlage programming code, you can change, add, or remove user codes.

Adding User Codes

ading the user code

You must first enter your latest programming code when you want to give your family and close friends User Codes.

Then, wait until the Schlage button blinks orange three times and beeps. After that, you can push this button again to move on to the next step.

When adding a user code, you must: 

  1. Push “1” 
  2. Wait for the Schlage switch to flash an orange light and beep three times
  3. Put in the new User Code. 
  4. Stand by until the orange light blinks and beeps three times. 
  5. Type again your User Code. 

When you add a user code, a green light that blinks will start.

Deleting User Codes

delete the user codes

When you want to eliminate a certain user code for security reasons, do the following:

  1. Enter the programming code
  2. Wait for the orange blinking and the three beeps
  3. Push the Schlage button
  4. Press “2”
  5. The button shall flash orange and make three beeps again


  1. Enter the four-digit code you mean to delete
  2. Schlage switch will blink orange thrice
  3. You will hear three beeps
  4. Enter the code again
  5. Push the Schlage switch

When you push the Schlage button, the code gets erased, it will blink green, and a beep will sound.

Deleting All User Codes

If you need to get rid of all four-digit user codes quickly, follow the steps below.

  1. Type the programming code
  2. Push the number 6 and then the Schlage button.
  3. Type the programming code again

If you did it right, the Schlage button should blink green and make a beep to show that you were able to delete it.

Bonus: Vacation Mode

a vacation mode

In vacation mode, all user codes on the device are turned off, and only the main code works.

That is excellent to ensure that your code is the only one that works when you are not home.

  1. Put in your 4-digit code 
  2. The Schlage button should flash amber three times
  3. Push the “Schlage” button
  4. Press the “4” button. 

If you did everything right, the Schlage switch would flash green and resound to let you know you are now in vacation mode.

When you want to turn off vacation mode, you just need to type the main code, and then all user codes will work again.

What We Learned

How to program Schlage lock? It is very easy to program your Schlage lock as long as your manual is around.

That way, you can check the programming code and add up to 19 user codes.

If your lock is not behaving as it should, the programming code can also help you reset it to the factory. 

Nicole B