schlage smart lock blinking red

Wondering why is the Schlage smart lock blinking red? In this guide, we’ll cover everything!

The constant and bothersome red light on the Schlage smart lock is an issue that should not be ignored as it indicates a battery failure.

This possibility involves many factors not only the battery units, and in this guide, we’ll unwrap all major and surrounding factors in minutes.

To fix the blinking red light on the Schlage smart lock, power cycle the device and replace the batteries. If the issue persists, reinstall the Schlage mobile app and reset the smart lock to its factory settings.

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Why is My Schlage Smart Lock Red Light Blinking?

why is my schlage smart lock red light blinking

This is only one major reason for the blinking red light on the Schlage smart lock and it is due to the drained smart lock battery.

Your immediate course of action after seeing the blinking red light is to replace the batteries of the lock in order to build the foundation for troubleshooting.

Here are the potential causes for the blinking red light on your smart lock:

  • The Schlage smart lock’s batteries are dying.
  • There is a sync issue with the Schlage app.
  • You’ve inserted incorrect programming code.
  • A faulty programming with the Schlage lock.
  • The smart lock has been lethally impacted.
  • A problem with the battery compartment.

Does the Red Light Go Away On Its Own?

does the red light go away on its own

In most cases, no, it doesn’t. The red light requires some troubleshooting and inspection of the smart lock device in order to go away.

Since the red color indicates a problem with the battery of the Schlage lock, every time you turn on the device the red light will be there.

What Batteries Does Schlage Lock Use?

A large number of the Schlage smart lock models use 4 AA alkaline batteries in order to work.

If you’ve accidentally inserted incorrect or incompatible batteries that still fit in the compartment, the red light might indicate the problem.

what batteries does schlage lock use
Note: The Schlage deadbolt locks use a 9V battery inside their battery compartment! 

Schlage Smart Lock Blinking Red – 6 Proven Ways to Fix!

Tip: Follow our steps in a consecutive order to fix the issue faster!

1. Power Cycle the Schlage Smart Lock

Sometimes you could fix the blinking red light without replacing the batteries immediately.

The flashing light might have gone off if the batteries failed to make contact with the electrical poles. 

power cycle the schlage smart lock

Another possibility is that one more of the batteries had moved too much on the left or too much on the right.

In these cases, the red light would be there due to power insufficiency.

Follow these steps to perform a power cycle on the Schlage smart lock easily:

  1. Access the battery compartment of the Schlage lock.
  2. Then, locate and disconnect the battery or batteries.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds while the batteries are unplugged.
  4. Reinstall the batteries of the lock and place the cover.
  5. Turn on the Schlage smart lock and test for the red light.
Note: If the Schlage lock keeps blinking in red color, it means that there’s a battery problem!

2. Replace the Smart Lock Batteries!

replace the smart lock batteries

The most important step in this guide is, of course, replacing the Schlage smart lock batteries, since the red light is the primary indication of low voltage.

The Schlage smart locks take 4 AA alkaline batteries in their compartments and you need to verify that the batteries are fresh!

Here’s how to replace the batteries of the Schlage smart lock in easy steps:

  1. First, access the battery compartment of the smart lock.
  2. Then, remove the battery cover and eject the batteries.
  3. Insert 4 brand new AA batteries into the compartment.
  4. Close the latch and reinstall the frontal part into the holder.
  5. Wait until the Schlage smart lock has started up, then test
Alert: Verify that the Schlage smart lock’s batteries are inserted in the correct position!

3. Insert the Correct Programming Code

insert the correct programming code

If the smart lock is still blinking in red even after replacing the batteries, there could be an error as a result of an incorrect user code.

To correct this type of programming error, you must insert the correct user code in order to unlock the Schlage smart lock and resolve the red light.

How to Insert the Correct Programming Code?

Make sure that you’re not entering any of the user codes and type down the original or also called – master code.

This will unlock the Schlage smart lock and prevent the red light from blinking any further so it’s worth the attempt.

Is the User Code the Same as the Programming Code?

is user code same as the programming code

Another reason for the red light is whenever the user code has sharing digits with the master programming code.

The Schlage smart lock may detect the user code as improper and blink in red to indicate an attempt to break into the system.

  • Simply change any duplicating digits that exist in the user’s code!

Once you have made changes to the programming or user code, save it on the keypad and exit the menu. When you’re ready, you can test whether the red blinking light is still there or is gone!

Tip: Delete Existing User Codes!

If you’re able to access the settings of the keypad, navigate to the “Users” options menu and delete all active user codes.

You will only need the programming digits to unlock the smart lock and access the settings, since the user codes may be causing a conflict.

Note: Do not recreate any of the user codes until the problem with the keypad is fixed.

4. Clean the Battery Compartment!

clean the battery compartment

The lock may be encountering issues due to an unclean battery compartment.

If the inserted batteries are not making clear contact with the electrical poles in the lock’s compartment, the red light will blink to indicate the problem and won’t go away.

Follow these steps to clean the battery compartment of the Schlage smart lock:

  1. First, uninstall the frontal part of the Schlage smart lock.
  2. Access the battery compartment and remove the cover.
  3. Take out the batteries inside of the Schlage smart lock.
  4. Apply cleaning alcohol to an anti-fiber cleaning cloth.
  5. Use the cloth to collect all accumulated dust found inside.
  6. Wait until the battery compartment completely dries up.
  7. Re-insert the batteries into the smart lock and then test.
Note: Also verify that the batteries are facing the correct polarities!

5. Update the Schlage Home App!

update the schlage home app

A potentially outdated firmware of the mobile Schlage application could result in the blinking red light of the physical lock.

The lock is constantly syncing with the Home app installed on your mobile device and an outdated firmware version may cause issues with the syncing process.

Follow these steps to update the Schlage home app installed on your mobile device:

  1. Open the Google Play/App Store on your iOS/Android.
  2. Go to the “Manage Installed Applications” settings tab.
  3. Then, scroll down and locate the Schlage Home app.
  4. Next, highlight the app and press “Check for Updates”.
  5. If an update is shown, press “Update” to start the update.
Tip: Activate “Automatic Updates” for the Schlage Home app in the configuration options!

6. Factory Reset the Schlage Keypad

To get rid of the persistent red light on the Schlage smart lock, it is recommended to conduct a factory reset on the device.

factory reset the schlage keypad

This process will erase all settings and saved codes on the smart lock and prompt you to configure the initial setup settings as if the lock is brand new.

Follow these steps to factory reset the Schlage smart lock:

  1. Open the battery compartment of the Schlage smart lock.
  2. Locate and eject the batteries from the battery compartment.
  3. Hold the “Schlage” button on the smart lock for 10 seconds.
  4. After the 5th second, reinsert the batteries of the smart lock.
  5. Wait for another 30 seconds until the Schlage lock turns on.
  6. Then, check if the red indicator light is still going to be there.
Tip: To start using the smart lock after the factory reset, check the default programming code imprinted on the lock’ sticker!

Quick Recap:

Hence, whenever the Schlage smart lock blinks red, first, hard reset the device and replace the batteries with 4 x AA fresh alkaline batteries.

If the red light is still blinking, delete all remaining user codes and conduct a factory reset process on the Schlage smart lock.

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