samsung refrigerator control panel not responding

If your Samsung refrigerator control panel not responding, we have a quick and easy solution for you!

The control panel of your Samsung refrigerator could have gone inactive due to a variety of reasons, including activated demo mode.

We will go over all possible solutions along with the causes of the problem, so you could get a better understanding of what’s going on and how to fix it.

Your Samsung refrigerator’s control panel is not working due to enabled demo mode or issues with the power. The issue can be solved by disabling the child-lock if it has been enabled and performing a reset on your Samsung fridge.

Why Is The Samsung Fridge Control Panel Not Responding?

why refrigerator control panel not responding

The panel of your Samsung fridge like any other device is running a certain OS which could produce issues anytime.

A glitch with the given software of your fridge’s control panel could be the reason why it remains unresponsive.

Here is why your Samsung refrigerator control panel is not working:

Reason #1 Faulty Power Adapter

If the fridge’s entire power supply has been suddenly cut, the control panel will be unresponsive for a while and then shut down completely.

Reason #2 Demo Mode

An activated demo mode of your fridge will make the display of your device unresponsive.

Reason #3 Child-Lock

child lock feature

You can lock your fridge’s display panel against the curiosity of your children, making the control panel unresponsive.

Reason #4 Hardware Problem

If you’ve damaged the control panel of your Samsung fridge in any way, it will either become unresponsive or shut down entirely.

Having the hardware possibility aside, we’ll continue with attempting everything possible against the issue at home to solve the problem as soon as possible.

How To Fix Samsung Refrigerator Control Panel Not Responding?

how to fix samsung ref control panel

We assume you’re aware that the control panel of your Samsung device is dependent on the fridge itself.

If a problem occurs with the fridge, the control panel will reflect the condition problem and you would have to troubleshoot both of the instances.

Here’s how to fix the unresponsive panel on your Samsung refrigerator in easy steps:

Solution #1 Power Reset The Fridge

You should start by performing a power reset on the fridge.

This will discharge the entire device out of any remaining electricity along with the control panel, hopefully solving the issue for you.

Here’s how to perform a power reset on your Samsung refrigerator:

  1. Press the panel 2-3 times to determine if it is still unresponsive.
  2. Unplug the power adapter of the fridge.
  3. Wait for about 5 minutes while your Samsung fridge is disconnected.
  4. Re-attach the adapter back into the source and wait for the control panel to boot.
Note: When power resetting your Samsung fridge, make sure that you wait for no less than 5 minutes. 

Otherwise, the electricity won’t be drained entirely out of your fridge and there would be no point in performing the power reset.

Solution #2 Disable Control Lock

disable the control lock

Your Samsung refrigerator may be in a control lock mode, preventing the control panel from being interacted with.

If activated, this mode will make all the controls on your refrigerator inactive, to prevent accidents while away.

To disable the control lock on your Samsung fridge, you will want to press the Control Lock button for 3 seconds straight.

If you want to lock the fridge again anytime soon, hold the same button for 3 seconds again and activate the control lock on your device.

Note: Your Samsung TV doesn’t come with this feature enabled by default, so you could have activated it in the past without being aware of it.

Solution #3 Exit Demo Mode

exit a demo mode

If the display is inactive or unresponsive, there’s a chance that your Samsung TV is still in demo mode.

You may ask “how do I turn the demo mode OFF if I’m unable to press buttons”?

Well, retailers have left their fridge’s buttons active so you could exit the demo mode at some point.

Here’s how to turn off the demo mode on your Samsung refrigerator:

  1. Go over to your fridge and locate the Energy Saver and Power Freezer buttons.
  2. Hold both of them down for 3 seconds to exit the mode.
  3. If you couldn’t find the following buttons, use the Photo Slide and the Lightning buttons and hold them for 3 seconds again.
Note: The demo mode will also prevent your freezer and fridge from respectively performing their actions - cooling and freezing. 

By exiting the following mode, you will enable your fridge’s functions, therefore solving the issue.

Solution #4 Turn Off Child Lock

turn off the child lock

There’s a feature on your Samsung fridge that is called Child-Lock and can be activated by holding the “Ice Hold” button for 3 seconds.

This feature will also lock the control panel of your fridge with the main idea of preventing children from interacting with the settings.

To turn off the child lock on your Samsung fridge, simply hold the “Ice Hold” button for 3 seconds.

Your fridge will indicate a little sign on the display panel, even though it is unresponsive, indicating that the child lock has been deactivated.

When activated, the child lock will also make your fridge’s control panel look as if it was unresponsive.

Note: When deactivating the feature, your fridge will become intractable again, canceling the “freeze”.

Solution #5 Reset Samsung Refrigerator Control Panel

reset the samsung refrigerator

If nothing worked so far, you should perform a factory reset on your Samsung refrigerator.

This generally refreshes the software of your Samsung fridge along with the control panel’s one and hopefully solves the issue.

Here’s how to factory reset your Samsung refrigerator’s control panel easily:

  1. Go over to your Samsung fridge and examine the available buttons.
  2. Locate the Power Cool along with the Power Freeze buttons.
  3. Press both of the buttons for 10 seconds.
  4. Release once the given time has elapsed.
  5. Wait.
Note: Make sure not to unplug your Samsung refrigerator while the reset is ongoing to avoid software damage to the device.

Samsung Refrigerator Control Panel Is Still Not Working…

samsung refrigerator still not working

In case you’ve attempted all of the previously described solutions and nothing worked, then you might be facing a faulty control panel.

In such cases, the best thing you could do is check if your warranty is still intact and reach out to the Samsung support center.

Having professional assistance can only go one direction, which is a resolution to the problem so you can’t go wrong with it.

Thus, to fix an unresponsive control panel on the Samsung refrigerator, power reset the device and troubleshoot the power supply. Disable the demo mode along with the child lock and check if the button lock is activated. 

Finally, factory reset your Samsung refrigerator to see if that will help.

Bottom Line:

After learning why the Samsung refrigerator control panel not responding and having the best solution available at your disposal, the rest is up to you.

In case nothing works and you’re still where you have started, feel free to ask Samsung for additional assistance.

In case you’re having other issues with your Samsung equipment, make sure to check for solutions in our online technical blog.

Nicole B