power cool on a samsung refrigerator

What is Power Cool on a Samsung refrigerator, anyway? When you’re in the market for a new fridge, Power Cool is a feature to look for.

Or, if you have a Samsung fridge, you may not be aware of the useful Power Cool feature.

At the push of a button, the Samsung fridge Power Cool function fills the refrigerator with cold air. Once the interior of the fridge reaches 1 degree Fahrenheit, Power Cool automatically stops.

Power Cool is a user-activated instant cooling feature included in the latest model Samsung refrigerators.

How to Use Power Cool on a Samsung Refrigerator – Methods

The Samsung fridge Power Cool function is simple to use. In fact, it’s as simple as pressing a button (or two).

Power Cool Button Location

On your Samsung fridge, the Power Cool button is located on the control panel on the refrigerator’s door.

Turning On Power Cool

Pressing and holding the control panel button labeled “FRIDGE” for three seconds activates the Power Cool.

Activating Power Cool rapidly cools the inside of your Samsung fridge at a rate of approximately 10 degrees Fahrenheit each minute.

When to Use Power Cool

Power Cool is ideal for anytime the temperature inside of your Samsung refrigerator is too high.

For instance, after restocking your fridge with groceries, you may need to drop the temperature to protect your food quickly.

Note: Samsung refrigerators with freezers also have a Power Freeze feature that performs the same function.

Power Freeze rapidly cools the freezer when you press and hold the “FREEZER” button for three seconds.

How Do I Know if My Samsung Refrigerator Includes Power Cool?

what is power cool on a samsung refrigerator

All the refrigerators Samsung currently manufactures include Power Cool. However, specific older models do not have this feature.

1. Check the Model Number

The best way to guarantee your new Samsung refrigerator includes Power Cool is to use the Samsung appliances website.

Check the model features to find out whether your fridge includes Power Cool.

2. Look at the Control Panel

If you already own a Samsung fridge, you can check the control panel to see if the “FRIDGE” button includes Power Cool.

Small print beneath the button will inform you whether the fridge supports Power Cool.

3. Use the Family Hub App

You don’t need to be anywhere near your fridge to activate Power Cool if you have a Samsung Smart Appliance.

Samsung refrigerators that are also Smart Appliances can be controlled with mobile and other digital devices.

Downloading the smart application allows you to monitor and control the temperature of your fridge remotely.

Activate Power Cool remotely by navigating to the Fridge Manager in your Family Hub smart app.

Select Fridge Temperature, then select the Power Cool option. Save the selection, and you’re all set!

Your fridge will activate Power Cool.

Note: Not all Samsung refrigerators are equipped as smart appliances. Confirm whether your fridge includes this feature before downloading the Family Hub app on your mobile device.

What If Power Cool on My Samsung Refrigerator Won’t Work?

samsung fridge power cool

Troubleshooting issues with your Samsung temperature control panel is easy.

If the Power Cool function doesn’t activate after you hold down the “FRIDGE” button for three seconds, try these fixes.

Reset Your Samsung Fridge

If you’ve experienced your Power Cool function failing, the first solution to try is to reset your Samsung fridge.

This often fixes the problem, which an electrical glitch can cause. To reset your Samsung fridge, use the control panel or your Family Hub app.

Instructions for Resetting a Smart Samsung Fridge

  1. If you have a Samsung fridge with a smart connection, open the Family Hub.
  2. Select Fridge Manager.
  3. Choose the Reset option.
  4. Select Save to activate the reset.

Instructions for Manually Resetting a Samsung Fridge

  1. Find the fridge control panel.
  2. If the panel includes a dedicated Reset button, press and hold the button for five seconds. If your control panel doesn’t have a Reset button, press and hold both the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons simultaneously for five seconds.
  3. If the reset is successful, you will hear the fridge chime.
  4. Manually restore your preferred temperature settings.

Note: Visit the Samsung manufacturer website for more detailed instructions for resetting your refrigerator.

Depending on the model, your fridge might not have a separate reset button.

If your Samsung fridge doesn’t have a dedicated Reset button, pressing and holding both the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons simultaneously for five seconds will reset your fridge.

You will hear your fridge chime if the reset is successful. With a remote reset, you will need to confirm that the reset worked the next time you access your fridge.

Get Samsung Appliance Support Online

If you do not hear a chime that indicates a successful reset, it’s time to get online support.

Community support and 24/7 live chat features accessible through the Samsung website are great resources for troubleshooting your fridge issues.

Contact a Samsung Customer Representative

If the control panel is not working at all, there may be a more serious problem with your fridge.

If so, contact the Samsung help center to speak to a customer representative for help diagnosing and fixing your fridge.

Note: Keep in mind that resetting your fridge will restore its factory settings.

You will need to use the app or manually restore your preferred temperature settings.

How Do I Find a Samsung Refrigerator with Power Cool?

We’ve already discussed the fact that Samsung now manufactures all its fridges with Power Cool functionality.

If you purchase a new model fridge, it will come with Power Cool.

However, when purchasing an older model Samsung fridge through a third-party retailer, it’s a good idea to confirm that it comes with Power Cool.

  1. Access the Samsung website.
  2. Look up the model number of your fridge.
  3. Scroll down to the technical specifications or Specs section of the application details.
  4. Confirm whether Power Cool is included in the list of features.

Use the Samsung Appliances website to find all the information you need about whether your fridge includes Power Cool.

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We hope we’ve answered the question, “what is Power Cool on a Samsung refrigerator?”

The Power Cool feature of your Samsung fridge improves your ability to keep food stored at safe temperatures, even after leaving the door of your refrigerator open and allowing heat to escape.

With Power Cool, you can immediately restore the appropriately cold temperature of your Samsung fridge. Confirm whether your fridge includes Power Cool to make the most of this helpful feature

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