how to reset samsung refrigerator from demo mode

If you’re a new user and you’re unsure of the process of how to reset Samsung refrigerator from demo mode, you’re just in the right place!

In today’s guide, we’ll assist you in understanding what demo mode is, what it’s for, as well as how you can toggle it off!

Demo mode, also known as cooling off mode, is a great tool to conserve energy while you’re away without having to unplug your refrigerator completely.

This mode also disables the ice maker and water dispenser.

To reset your Samsung refrigerator from demo mode, you’ll need to press certain buttons at once and hold them for a few seconds, which controls depend on the model of your Samsung fridge.

You can also reset it via the Samsung Family Hub, if you have one.

Why is Demo Mode Activated on My Samsung Fridge?

There are several reasons why demo mode is turned on or activated on your refrigerator.

Sometimes, when you order a new fridge, it automatically activates demo mode when you plug it in; don’t panic, because this is normal.

Since most showrooms use demo mode, or showroom mode, as they call it, it’s possible that if you take home a showroom model, it’ll be in demo mode upon plugging it in.

Another reason your Samsung fridge might be in demo mode is that you’ve turned the mode on before leaving for a short vacation.

NOTE: Regardless of the reason your fridge is on demo mode, turning that off before storing food is crucial so that the food doesn't go bad.

How Do I Know if My Samsung Refrigerator is in Demo Mode?

If you’re not sure whether your Samsung fridge is in demo mode or not, you’ll be able to tell by looking at the display screen.

When in demo mode, the screen will read “O FF” or sometimes, “OF OF.”

Those are the most common ways to tell that your fridge is in demo mode.

Other Samsung models may suggest it’s in demo mode in other ways like:

  • There are temperature bars scrolling back and forth
  • All fridge compartments display OFF on the Family Hub

How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator from Demo Mode? – Complete Steps

reset samsung refrigerator from demo mode

For the most part, resetting your Samsung refrigerator from demo mode depends on the model you own.

Even though how to reset the fridge from demo mode may vary from model to model, there are solutions that work for multiple models.

NOTE: Even if the buttons are different, the locations of where the buttons are would usually be the same.

Without further ado, here’s how you can reset your Samsung refrigerator.

Solution #1: Pressing Two (2) Buttons

Even though some buttons on a Samsung refrigerator may have different names, you’ll use the first two buttons on all refrigerators to reset the fridge from demo mode.

You’ll need to press and hold these two buttons for a few seconds until you see “O FF” or “OF OF” disappear from the screen.

Once this isn’t showing on the display screen anymore, your fridge will start cooling again.

NOTE: If the fridge is cooling again, then the demo mode has successfully been reset.

Solution #2: Pressing Three (3) Buttons

If you’ve tried solution one and your fridge is still in demo mode, you can also try pressing three (3) buttons.

Instead of pressing the first and second buttons at the same time, you can try those two and the fourth (4th) button on the display.

When you do this, you’ll have to hold them for a few seconds.

You should hear a chime, and then the display should remove “O FF” or “OF OF.” After you’ve heard the chime and the display changes, your fridge should begin cooling down again.

NOTE: The display, again, will be different depending on the model of the fridge you’re using.

Common Button Combinations to Reset Demo Mode

samsung refrigerator button combination

Even though you’ll use the first and second buttons for resetting the fridge from demo mode, the names of each button vary between models.

Here are the most common button combinations to help you reset your refrigerator with an exterior control panel.

Power Freezer + Freezer + Fridge

You’ll use this button combination for the Samsung model RT18M. You need to press and hold them for about seven (7) seconds.

Ice Off + Freezer

This button combination needs to be held for seven seconds on these models to reset the fridge from demo mode:

  • RF220
  • RF221

Power Freeze + Freezer

The power freeze and freezer buttons need to be held for seven (7) seconds on these refrigerator models:

  • RF18H
  • RF26H
  • RF261

Energy Saver + Freezer

You’ll use the energy saver and freezer button for two Samsung models.

Akin to the other Samsung refrigerator models, you need to press and hold these buttons if you own the following fridges.

  • RF24F
  • RF263

Freezer + Alarm

For the following models, you have to use the freezer and alarm buttons to reset demo mode:

  • RH22
  • RF23H
  • RF25H
  • RF28H

Freezer + Fridge + Alarm

The freezer, fridge, and alarm combination can be used on the following models:

  • RH22
  • RF22K
  • RF23H
  • RF23J
  • RF25H
  • RF26J
  • RF28H
  • RF28J
  • RF28K

Ice Maker + Auto Water Fill + Door Alarm

You’ll only use this three-button combination to reset one Samsung refrigerator from demo mode.

It’s a special model, yes, but it’s actually one of the most functional and the most effective, too.

That model is the RF23M8090.

Ice Maker + Filter Reset + Override

If you own one of the Samsung refrigerators from the Chef’s Collection, you’ll need to use the ice maker, filter reset, and override buttons to reset the fridge.

Here’s a list of the models for this button combination:

  • BRF365200AP
  • BRF425200AP

How to Reset the Samsung Family Hub from Demo Mode?

Another option to reset the demo mode of the Samsung fridge would be via the Samsung Family Hub. Yes, you read it right – the Samsung Hub.

If you have the Samsung Family Hub, you won’t be pressing several buttons on the fridge just to reset it from demo mode. It’s very simple to do. Even your children can do it.

To reset the Family Hub, follow these steps:

  1. First, download the Fridge Manager app on your phone.
  2. Once done, log in to your Samsung account.
  3. From there, navigate to Fridge Settings > Cooling Off.
  4. Then, tap Deactivate or Activate depending on what setting you want it to be in.

You can always reactivate it by following the same steps but selecting activate instead.

NOTE: You'll be able to check the display on your fridge for the phrase "OFF" to know whether demo mode is on or off.

You need to go near the fridge again, we understand. But you won’t be bothered by the need to press several buttons on it!

Most Samsung refrigerators can be reset from demo mod by simply pressing and holding two buttons for roughly seven seconds.

However, you can also choose to reset it from this particular setting via the Samsung Family Hub.

I’m Unable to Reset My Fridge from Demo Mode

If you carefully followed our guide above and you weren’t able to reset it from demo mode, contact Samsung immediately.

Narrate to them the troubleshooting steps you’ve already accomplished so they can help you troubleshoot it further.

The fault could be with the hardware (refrigerator) to the extent that you might need to reset it.

To reset your Samsung Refrigerator from demo mode, you simply need to press two (2) or three (3) buttons on your fridge, depending on the model. Alternatively, you can also reset it via the Samsung Family Hub.  

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Bottom Line

If your Samsung refrigerator is stuck in demo mode for one reason or another, switching it off isn’t as complicated as it may seem.

With our guide detailing the process of how to reset a Samsung refrigerator from demo mode, your problems are going to be solved indefinitely!

Regardless of your technical know-how, you’ll find our tutorial simple and easy to understand.

Nicole B