samsung french door refrigerator not cooling

Is your Samsung French door refrigerator not cooling, and you do not know what you can do about it?

If you are not used to handling a refrigerator, the issue may get you worried. We have provided some easy ways you can use to troubleshoot the issue below.

Kindly check what applies to you.

If your Samsung French door refrigerator is not cooling, you may need to check if its evaporator fan motor is correctly functioning. The air damper could also be faulty. You will have to replace any of these parts if they are the cause. Also, check that you do not overload the fridge with too many foodstuffs since they block the air vents.

Let us learn the reasons and finally how to fix the issue in detail!

Reasons for a Samsung French Door Refrigerator Not Cooling

See below some common causes of this issue.

  • The evaporator fan motor is faulty.
  • The air damper control is faulty.
  • You have blocked the air vents with too much stuff in the fridge.
  • The evaporator coils are frosted.      
  • You have not plugged in the fridge correctly.

Note: Your refrigerator needs to be at least an inch from the wall for it to receive a good flow of air.

What to Do When Your Samsung French Door Refrigerator Fails to Cool

fix samsung french door refrigerator not cooling

You can apply several fixing methods if your Samsung fridge has this issue. Kindly try each until your appliance works.

Solution #1: The Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor in your fridge is an important part that if it fails, the refrigerator will not cool.

It takes cold air into the fridge’s evaporator coils which circulate the air to the entire fridge.

So, if it fails, your Samsung French door refrigerator will not get cold air to cool it.

The first thing you can try is locating the evaporator fan motor and turning it manually. If it is too hard to turn around, you will need an expert to check the device for you.

It might be having winding issues or has connection problems. If need be, the evaporator fan motor should be replaced. Hence, your fridge should get back to working again.

Solution #2: A Faulty Air Damper Control

check samsung fridge damper

The air damper control in your refrigerator opens, then closes to allow cold air into the fridge’s compartment.

It ensures that your fridge gets enough cold air to lower the temperature. So, if it fails, your fridge will not get enough air to have it running.

Follow these steps to check:

  1. Locate the air damper control
  2. Check if it is closed and stuck
  3. Turn off the fridge, then turn it on
  4. Check if the air damper will work
  5. If not, the solution is to replace this part

Solution #3: Check the Temperature Control Board

This part of your French door Samsung refrigerator ensures the fan motors and the compressor receive voltage.

If this gadget is broken, it will not play this role as it is supposed to; hence you will have your Samsung French door refrigerator freezer not cooling.

Handling this appliance requires experience and too much care since the part is quite expensive to replace. It is also a common part of the fridge that most people misdiagnose.

To be safe, kindly contact an expert or a maintenance specialist to handle it for you if you suspect it is the issue.

Solution #3: Check if the Evaporator Coils are Frosted

check evaporator coil

Your Samsung refrigerator freezer compartment might work, but the fridge fails to cool.

The reason could be that its evaporator coils have too much ice or are frosted. The common cause of this issue is the evaporator coils and the defrost heater assembly.

The defrost heat assembly is responsible for melting the ice that accumulates on the fridge’s evaporator coils.

If this part fails to work, you can be sure that the ice that accumulates on the evaporator coils will not melt.

It will instead clog the coils and restrict a smooth airflow to the system through the coils. Hence, your fridge will not work with insufficient airflow even if the freezer has no issues.

You will need to check if the evaporator coils have ice build-up on them. If you notice the ice on the coils, kindly test each part in the assembly to determine the specific part that has an issue.

If you cannot determine the part, let an expert help you through. The replacement may not be that easy; hence an expert’s hand is essential.

Solution #4: Repair a Faulty Thermistor

The thermistor in the refrigerator is a part that monitors the temperature, then sends the reading to the fridge’s control board.

The control board will then regulate the compressor power and the evaporator fan to adjust the temperature according to the readings.

If the thermistor is spoilt, your refrigerator will not cool. Kindly get an expert to check its condition. They will repair it and help your refrigerator to cool as it is supposed to.

Solution #5: Plug-In the Fridge Correctly

plug in samsung refrigerator

The common reason why your fridge may fail to cool could be that you have not plugged it well in the power outlet.

So, it has no power supply. Kindly check that the power plug fits well in the power outlet, then confirm if the fridge will work well.

If you have plugged in and the power is on, but the fridge is still not cooling, the power socket could be the issue.

Then try the following:

  1. Try another appliance on the outlet
  2. See if it receives electric power from the same outlet
  3. If not, you will need to reset the circuit breaker or replace the outlet.

If the fridge is receiving power from the outlet, you may need to lower its temperature and let it run for some hours.

Solution #6: Place Your Refrigerator Away From Direct Sunlight or Heat Sources

Could it be that your refrigerator is in direct sunlight or near other hot appliances like a microwave or oven?

The heat from these sources could be getting to your thermostat, hence giving it a hard time trying to cool.

In the real sense, your refrigerator is cooling but not as it is supposed because of the effect of the surrounding heat. Kindly allow the appliance to be in a place where it will not have a hard time trying to cool.

Solution #7: Reset the Refrigerator

Resetting your refrigerator will solve lots of issues that common fixes may not, such as configuration settings.

To reset follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the Fridge from its power source
  2. Allow it to stay without for a few minutes
  3. Plug it back, then see if the refrigerator works.

If it had configuration issues, it should be reset to the regular mode.

Solution #8: Check the Refrigerator Parts

Your refrigerator has three defrost parts; the defrost timer, thermostat, and the control board.

If any of these parts fail, your refrigerator may be in defrost mode for quite some time. When the fridge is in this mode, the temperature will be low, but it will not cool the way it should.

So, you should replace these parts if you suspect any of them is the problem.

Please do not do it yourself because most people mishandle it trying to replace them, so you will need an expert to do it for you.

Solution #9: Keep the Food a Bit Far From Each Other

If you keep the foodstuffs or containers in your refrigerator too tight or too close to each other, you block the air vents. Hence, you prevent enough air from reaching the foods.

You will need to confirm if your food is blocking the air vents and try to unpack your freezer or fridge.

Solution #10: Contact Samsung Support

Have you tried the above solutions, but your Samsung French door fridge is still not cooling?

There might be an issue with it that only the makers can handle.

If your device still has a valid warranty, you can contact Samsung French door Fridge customer support, and they will help you know what to do about the issue.

Your Samsung French refrigerator will fail to cool if you do not plug it in well in the power outlet. Ensure that all its parts are working well by having an expert check it for you. You can also contact the support staff.

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A Samsung French door refrigerator not cooling is an issue you can handle without any hassles. After using the above tricks, you will have your foodstuff in the condition that you would wish them to be.

You only need to handle what you can, and for that which you can’t, kindly have an expert or the support staff resolve it for you.

Nicole B