how do I reset my Samsung refrigerator control panel

If you can’t help but ask, how do I reset my Samsung refrigerator control panel, then you are just on the right page.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about resetting your Samsung refrigerator’s control panel.

You don’t need any other guide for it as we will give it to you in a complete and comprehensive manner!

You can reset the control panel of your Samsung refrigerator by pressing the power cool and freeze buttons simultaneously but toggling the reset switch, or by going for a permanent hard reset.

Resetting a Samsung refrigerator’s control panel isn’t always caused by a specific problem.

So, what are the reasons why you need to reset your device’s control panel?

Reasons Why a Samsung Refrigerator Needs to Reset Control Panel

reasons to reset Samsung refrigerator control panel

Resetting a Samsung refrigerator is not required by any means. As a matter of fact, there are only a few instances where it may need resetting.

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According to Samsung, there are three (3) situations that could arise, which may require you to perform a reset:

  • Cleaning the fridge
  • Performing troubleshooting procedures
  • Moving or relocating the fridge

NOTE: They are bound to get faulty like other devices. Even with digital display panels, touch buttons, and intuitive features, they can act up for various reasons.

In case of troubleshooting, resetting the control panel helps solve the following problems:

Error Codes

Smart Samsung refrigerators are equipped with a self-diagnosing feature.

This feature can help detect errors; errors that appear as numbers on the display panel.

Since these error codes are displayed in technical language, you may need to check Samsung’s error code directory to solve the problem.

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Here’s a brief overview of what some of these codes mean:

  • 5E: It shows there’s something wrong with the Fridge Defrost Sensor
  • 14E: It indicates a problem with the ice production chamber
  • 84C: It shows the compressor isn’t working due to increased fridge temperature
  • 85C: It indicates the power source has a low voltage
  • 41C: It means the system’s software needs an update

Most Smart Samsung refrigerators reset after a short while, but it’s best to reset the control panel if they don’t manually.

Note: that not all codes indicate an error in the control panel; you may need to hold off resetting to examine the codes.

Device is Still in Demo Mode

Typically, a new refrigerator comes in demo or shop mode from where you bought it.

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The premise is to display all the refrigerator’s features without operating it. That’s why the fridge lights up when opened but does not cool anything.

When you purchase a fridge, you need to reset to its normal function to start working. Some refrigerators have a turn-off Demo button. This means you don’t need to reset the control panel.

A simple click of the button should restore operations.

If it doesn’t have such a button, follow these instructions:

  1. Check if the “cooling off” LED light is flashing.
  2. If so, press power cool and power freeze buttons simultaneously.
  3. Keep them pressed for about 5 to 10 seconds.
  4. Release and then wait a few seconds before powering it up again.
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After doing the process, the refrigerator should stop displaying the “cool off” message. Otherwise, repeat the procedure until the demo mode or store mode is disabled.

Problems With the Temperature Display

The temperature display can get erratic and could stop working completely.

The most common reason for a problematic temperature display is leaving the fridge door open for a long time (more than five minutes) or changing the temperature frequently.

Resetting the refrigerator helps restart operations, reverting it to the standard or the original mode it has been on.

Power Outage

Tumultuous weather and electrical problems like a tripped circuit can lead to a power outage.

Should this be what the case is, the display panel would show error codes like 88 88, indicating the refrigerator didn’t boot properly – among others.

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In this situation, resetting the control panel would be all that’s needed to get it working again.

Experiencing any of these troubles? Worry not, we’re here to help you! Below is the guide that’ll outline a few different methods/solutions so you can choose what the best is.

How Do I Reset Samsung Refrigerator Control Panel? Complete Guided Steps

reset samsung controlpanel

Resetting the control panel on a Samsung refrigerator is pretty straightforward.

Here are ways of doing it:

Solution #1: Perform a Manual Control Panel Reset

This is the solution that most people know because it’s often what’s taught by guides and tutorials.

To reset the control panel manually, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Power Freeze and Power Cool simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  2. The numbers on the display should reset.
  3. If not, check whether the fridge is on Child Lock.
  4. If so, deactivate it by pressing and holding the Child Lock button.
  5. Then, redo the reset process.
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Solution #2: Use the Samsung Manual

use samsung manual

Not all Samsung refrigerators have the same buttons. Therefore, what you’ll press might be different from the guide that you’re reading.

If you don’t know how to reset the control panel because of your Samsung refrigerator’s model, use the manual.

Be sure to utilize the manual for that specific model because fridges made by the same manufacturer have different reset rules.

If you’re unable to find it, try looking for it online. 

  1.  Open a browser and type in the specific Samsung refrigerator model you’re using.
  2. Then, type make sure that you get the official manual.
  3. Navigate the manual and look for the troubleshooting section.

NOTE: You can add “Refrigerator Manual PDF” at the end of the keyword you’re searching for to get the real manual you need.

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Solution #3: Press and Utilize the “Reset” Switch

Another way to reset the control panel is using the reset switch. As we mentioned, the location of the reset switch will vary from one model to another.

However, it’s usually installed and positioned at the top-right part of the fridge.

So, here’s how you do it:

  1. Locate the switch (try checking the box/manual to find it faster).
  2. Switch it off and on again.
  3. The fridge should immediately reboot.

NOTE: If this process doesn’t work, switch the reset switch off and leave it for a few minutes before turning it back on.

Solution #4: Perform a General Hard Reset

As an ultimatum to the process, you can do a general hard reset. This is something you want to consider doing if the control panel still doesn’t reset.

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This method is known to fix just about everything using a computer chip. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn the fridge off by pressing and holding the power button ‘til the light goes off.
  2. Then, unplug it from the power source or the mains.
  3. Leave the fridge off for 10-15 minutes and allow the motors to cool down.
  4. Plug the fridge back to the power source and turn it on.

What Happens After a General Hard Reset?

Performing a hard reset will default all schedules, settings, and other saved information. If you have time, consider backing all of these up.

One of these methods should help you reset the control panel on your Samsung refrigerator easily.

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You can perform all of these in a single pass – this will then help you to not find out the exact cause of why you need to reset it any longer.

I’m Still Having Problems, What Should I Do?

Should you be unable to reset your Samsung fridge’s control panel even after you followed the different solutions we outlined above, contact Samsung’s customer support team.

Inform them of the problem, as well as the troubleshooting steps you’ve done.

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Wrap Up

In case you’re trying to search, how do I reset my Samsung refrigerator control panel, here’s a straightforward guide for you.

The detail and the information we gave in this guide are more than enough for you to get to the resolution you’re looking for.

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Regardless of your technical expertise, you won’t find our guide too difficult and technical.

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