how to reset samsung refrigerator after power outage

Do you wish to know how to reset Samsung refrigerator after power outage, but you do not know how to go about it?

A power outage may cause issues in your fridge that will only need a reset for it to work normally again.

You can read below to get the quick steps to reset your Samsung fridge after electricity comes back.

After a power outage, you can reset your fridge from the control panel. Press the reset switch to turn it off, then press it on again after around three seconds. The reset is complete upon seeing the Samsung logo on display.

What a Power Outage Does to Your Samsung Refrigerator

When the electricity goes, certain things may happen to your fridge, which may cause it not to work properly.

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Below are some of them and how you can fix them before power resetting your fridge.

1. It Trips the Breaker

The circuit breaker controls the flow of power to your fridge. During a power outage, the breaker might trip.

Hence, when the electricity comes back, the fridge may not power on. So, you will need to check if the breaker is tripped, then flip it back on.

The breaker is not located on your fridge but outside your house in the breaker box.

2. It Powers Off the Fridge

Also, the power outage may turn off your fridge even if the breaker is on. Hence, the refrigerator will not power on when the electricity comes back.

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Check if your fridge has a control panel. You will then find the on and off switch there.

Some Samsung fridges might have their on and off buttons located inside. So, check to see if it is in the ON position.

If the refrigerator lights are on, you may need to give it around ten to fifteen minutes to begin cooling.

3. It trips off the GFCI outlet

Some Samsung fridges have a small reset switch on their outlet called the GFCI, which protects the fridge.

It might also trip off; hence, the outlet will lack power when it comes back.

Check if the switch is off and press it to reset it to allow the GFCI outlet to get power.

4. It Can Cause Electrical Damage

Though rare, electrical damage may occur when there is a power outage. It can happen due to shorts on the refrigerator’s power cable or any other part.

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Slide the fridge out gently, then check if the plug or the power cable has electrical shorts. If there are any damages or short, you will need to replace the cord.

5. It Can Short a Component In The Fridge

Have you tried to resolve your refrigerator issue after a power outage using the above tricks, but it has failed to work?

A part of it or a component might have gotten a short. Hence, the device will not work.

You may need an electrician or a fridge expert to check it for you and resolve any issue within.

How To Reset My Samsung Refrigerator After A Power Outage

reset samsung refrigerator after power outage

The best thing about a Samsung refrigerator is that it will always notify you if it needs a reset. It displays some error codes on its screen. Hence you will know what you need to do.

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Some of the errors it detects include:

# Sensor error (8E), fan error (40E, 40C), and freezer error (14E)

You will see this error occur when the freezer stops producing ice.

# The temperature errors

It will show an incorrect temperature, or the refrigerator might fail to show temperature completely.

So, what should you do when these errors occur? A reset may be necessary. But before you do that, you may need to be sure about what you are up to.

Always make sure that the fridge is off before handling it. Please remove it from its AC adapter, then continue with the resetting.

Here is how to reset Samsung refrigerator after power outage

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Resetting The Control Panel

Samsung’s latest fridges come with a control panel; users can adjust the fridge’s settings to their preferences using this control unit.

The settings can include temperature, energy-saving, power freezing, lighting, and ice-dispenser settings.

You can also see if your fridge is in good condition via the control panel. Hence, if the panel refuses to work, you may panic.

Since this feature holds the life of your fridge when anything happens or fails to function, resetting it is likely to resolve the problem.

Below is a step-by-step guide you can use to reset the control panel after a power outage.

Step #1: Check the Child Lock

Confirm if the child lock is on. If so, disable it, and you will resolve the error on your Samsung fridge.

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Step #2: Reset the Control Panel Display

If disabling the child lock does not resolve the problem on your refrigerator, you will need to reset the control panel display.

Locate the reset switch at the right side of your fridge’s corner.

Step #3: Press the Switch

Press the reset switch to turn the display on. Wait for a few minutes, then press it again to turn it on.

Step #4: Done

If the process is successful, your fridge screen will show the Samsung logo. Hence, the reset is complete.

Reset The Ice Maker

A power outage can also cause your fridge to stop producing ice or slow down the production process.

Hence, you will need to reset the ice maker to help it work normally again.

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Step #1: The Flex Tray

Open your fridge, then lift the ice machine and pull the flex tray.

Step #2: The Heated Tray Icemaker

Open the freezer, then hold the sides of the ice bucket to squeeze it, then lift it. You will have the ice bucket separate from the ice-producing unit.

The ice maker will initiate a water refill. However, it must first dump any remaining ice.

Step #3: The Test Switch

Find the test switch adjacent to the freezer’s sensor arm joint on the left. Hold it for three seconds to complete the resetting.

If your Samsung fridge is a 2010 model or higher, you will hear a chime sound once you are through with the process.

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Reset The Temperature

If your fridge does not show the correct temperature, you can reset it. Set the desired temperature using the fridge button on the control panel.

Allow the system a few minutes to adjust to the new temperature. You will then see it displayed on the screen.

Your fridge may not stabilize immediately to the new temperature. Kindly check after a day.

Power Reset the Fridge

If you have reset the ice maker and control panel, but your fridge does not work properly, you will need to power reset it. This process restores your fridge’s settings to default.

So, you will need to reset the necessary settings.

  1. Press the refrigerator’s power button to turn it off.
  2. Locate the fridge’s power cord and unplug it.
  3. Allow the refrigerator time to rest.
  4. Plug back in the power cord.
  5. Press the power tab to turn on the refrigerator.
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Your fridge will now work properly.

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In order to reset your Samsung fridge after a power outage, reset the control panel. Locate the reset switch on your fridge, then press and hold it for three seconds. Press it again to turn it on, and the reset will be complete after the screen shows a Samsung logo.

If you wanted to know how to reset Samsung refrigerator after power outage, I hope the steps above have been helpful to you.

All you need is to reset the control panel since it operates all features in your fridge. If a certain setting fails to work, deal with it separately or perform a power reset.

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