plex streaming this media is unsupported

Wondering why Plex streaming this media is unsupported?

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Here you will learn what might prevent Plex from viewing the media and how to potentially fix the issue.

Users report that this issue could be resolved easily, so stick around to find out everything you’re looking for!

If your Plex is unable to view media, you can do few things that have a high chance to resolve the issue.

First, make sure that there aren’t any connected old devices and ensure that the transcoder settings are correct.

If this doesn’t work, you can also try downgrading the server, so Plex could work as it was before the issue occurred.

We are going to discuss all that in detail but first let’s learn more about what might cause the unsupported issue with your Plex.

Why Plex Streaming This Media Is Unsupported?

There are several occasions in which a media you’re trying to stream would be “unsupported”.

Before we can talk more about the problem you need to identify the issue.

The very first step would be to determine whether the issue occurs when viewing multiple sources of content or just one.

However, if the issue appears on all sources, it could be more complex to troubleshoot as there might be a bigger problem behind the curtains.

In that regard, we have prepared the possible causes that might prevent Plex from viewing corresponding content.

  • Bad server version
  • Bad download filter
  • Old devices connected to Plex
  • Improper transcoder settings

These could be the reason preventing your Plex from viewing some content.

Our steps will get more technical as you progress further, so we recommend paying attention.

How To Fix Unsupported Plex Media?

fix streaming this media is unsupported plex

We recommend applying the methods below in numerical order to avoid unnecessary troubleshooting.

Also, check if you’re able to stream the “unsupported” media after the application of each method.

Method #1 Downgrade Server

One of the few factors that could interfere with Plex media is an inappropriate server version.

Luckily for you, it is relatively easy to downgrade Plex in order to allow the viewing of this unsupported media.

If your device is using Windows OS, head to the Plex Media Server folder, located at %LOCALAPPDATA%/.

For OSX, navigate to the folder located at Library>Application Support/ Plex Media Server/.

Both of the locations we have just mentioned contain the update folders where the PMS is installed.

The directories also contain the most recent versions of Plex as well as all other (old) firmware.

From there you will be able to choose which one to apply to your Plex which might resolve the unsupported Plex media.

If downgrading Plex didn’t help, pay attention.

This is because we are about to explain how to properly change your video filter/transcoder so Plex could have an easy time accessing media.

Method #2 Use AC3 Codec with Plex

If you get the “unsupported” media error when interacting with particular media, you might not be using a compatible media format with Plex, and playback wouldn’t be possible.

In other words, if the Plex default decoder cannot unpackage the format you’re trying to watch the playout will not run.

When media isn’t available in this format provided by the manufacturers, the playback automatic switches up to AC3.

If unfortunately, the AC3 format isn’t generated as it has to, you will get this same error and you will have a hard time playing any media within Plex.

To get this problem removed you will have to add the AC3 media format to Plex manually and to do so, follow these steps.

  1. Download a video via the web browser
  2. Add this exact file to the Plex media library
  3. Play the video file and generate the AC3 codec

Keep in mind that Plex should always be able to generate AC3 codec media format when you attempt to play the specific video file.

After performing these steps, try to play your content media again.

If your issue persists, stick around as we discuss how to remove any old devices connected to your Plex account.

Method #3 Remove Old Devices

As you probably know, one of the greatest advantages of Plex is that you can connect a few devices to it.

But having connected old devices to Plex could severely damage the functionality of the media within your account as a conflict between devices could occur.

For this method to take effect, you will have to remove some old devices that might interfere with your account and cause the Plex streaming this media is being unsupported issue.

Let’s take a look at how to remove excess devices from your Plex and get your media’s playback going again.

  1. Log In to your Plex account
  2. Access the devices list
  3. Navigate to the devices you have added
  4. Select excess devices and delete them using the red X

If you want to use a device you have deleted again, you will have to provide Plex with all of the credentials related to the device’s account.

Method #4 Alter Transcoder Settings

For the ones of you that don’t know, the media’s playback could depend on the transcoder settings.

If you want your Plex to run optimally, you will have to do some configurations that will help with the functionality of your media.

Keep in mind that Plex automatically transcodes files and if you are willing to alter the transcoder settings you will have to match the performance of your CPU.

Otherwise, the playback won’t be optimized, and your device will have a problem displaying the media.

The best way of determining the best transcoder configurations is to reduce the quality of the files that are being transcoded and save some CPU space.

Choose Automatic which will allow Plex to choose high-quality content If it’s possible for your CPU to handle it.

Another configuration is the Make my CPU hurt.

Choosing this, will allow the displaying of high quality and increase the CPU usage.

Allow this option only if your CPU is strong enough to handle 4K media.

You will also have to choose between prefer high-quality encoding and prefer high-speed encoding.

If you choose higher-quality transcoding, you will get more quality images at the cost of slower transcodes.

But with high-speed transcoding, you will be granted better performance at transcoding but worse image quality.

Plex Streaming This Media Is Being Unsupported Issue Persists…

If nothing so far managed to get your Plex streaming media running you might have to contact the Plex support team.

Before doing so, ensure that the issue isn’t with your device, because in these cases the support team won’t be able to help with anything.

If everything on your side seems fine, then feel free to reach out and explain your situation.

Don’t forget to mention what you’ve tried in this post to save some time and receive feedback sooner.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you have a better understanding of why Plex streaming this media is unsupported and how to potentially fix it.

After all, the issue could be server-related due to technical maintenance and waiting for a few hours could resolve the problem.

If you’re experiencing any other issues with your Plex, feel free to navigate to our blog where you will definitely find a solution.

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