plex not working on ps4

If your Plex not working on PS4 and you are looking for a quick solution?

In this post, we are going to introduce the top 4 methods that will most likely get your Plex working on PS4.

Ever since the app has been released in the PS4 app store, there have been undefined struggling issues and community complaints related to the app’s functionality.

We have gathered the best solutions available online at your disposal, presented in the most accessible manner.

The Plex PlayStation app could experience memory-related constraints, so make sure that your console’s memory isn’t filled up with cache files.

However, if you attempt to play content through Plex that has a higher bitrate than your console can handle, the app could eventually run out of available memory.

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Even if your issue is not related to overloading memory and the Plex simply does not work, don’t get discouraged and keep reading as our methods below are designed to resolve a wide range of different issues.

Why Does Plex on PS4 Not Working?

The issue could differ in several ways. You either won’t be able to enter the app at all or you will be interrupted during browsing.

On the other hand, your Plex might not even show signs of life at all, which might mean a hardware issue.

Before we can make conclusions, let’s take a look at the most common causes:

  • Bad internet connection
  • High bitrate
  • Pending plex update
  • Pending console update
  • Memory restraints
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There could be more reasons for Plex not to function as intended, but those were the most common causes reported by users.

Regardless of your case, keep reading and hopefully, you’ll get your Plex working before the end of this post.

How To Troubleshoot When Plex Isn’t Working on PS4?

plex on ps4 not working

Now when you know what might possibly cause the issues with your Plex, it is time to apply the correct approach.

We recommend starting from method #1 and build your way up until you resolve the problem.

Let’s start with the easiest methods first.

Method #1 Check Internet Connection

One of the most common causes that could interfere with Plex’s functionality is an unstable network and slow connection speed.

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You would regularly get warnings from Plex that will inform you if your connection is slow, even when you are able to browse.

If you were to receive any of these warnings, we recommend inspecting your network.

We have prepared three different ways to increase your network speed at home.

1. Reset Modem Router

One of the easiest ways to resolve issues with your network is to perform a firm reset of your router/modem.

Sometimes, there could be interference with the signal your router transmits, and restarting the device is the most efficient way to resolve the issue.

Here are the steps related to the process:

  1. Turn off your router using the button on the back.
  2. Unplug the power cable.
  3. Wait for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Plug the power cable back in.
  5. See if the issue persists.
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This is how you perform a reset of your router, also known as Power Cycle.

2.  Relocate Router

If a reset didn’t seem to increase your network’s functionality, you can try to relocate your router closer to your PS4.

This way you will benefit from a faster signal and hopefully, you will be able to access Plex at last.

But, if your network is 5Ghz, you would have to consider placing your router in the same room with your PS4 for best results.

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3. Use Wired Connection

If the Plex isn’t working on PS4 even after making sure that your network is fine, the last thing you can try is using an Ethernet Cable to connect your PS4 directly.

Instead of connecting it to WiFi, where many issues are possible, you can simply take the ethernet cable and plug it into the ethernet port of your PS4.

Method #2 Update Plex

Another thing that could prevent you from entering Plex is an outdated version of the app.

If you cannot enter the app and directly forwards you to Download Updates, make sure to enter the app store of your PS4 and search for Plex.

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There you will be able to see if there is a new firmware available, by clicking on Check for Updates icon.

Then, simply wait for a few minutes and let your device search for updates.

If there is a newer firmware version, make sure to apply it by hitting the button highlighted in blue color under the app icon.

Method #3 Lower the Bitrate

If you are able to access Plex, but you cannot enjoy any content within the app, your bitrate might be a little too high than your console can handle.

If this is the case, you must enter the application’s settings and configure the bitrate to match your system’s capabilities.

All you have to do is head to Plex’s settings and click on the Playback or Broadcast tab (depending on your version).

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Then go to bitrate and lower the configurations if you are experiencing buffer issues.

Pro Tip: For best results, we recommend setting your Bitrate to 20Mbps or lower.

If your Plex isn’t working on PS4, next we are going to take a closer look at your PS4, as we are starting to close the circle of possible causes.

Method #4 Check PS4 Status

There is a high possibility that the issue could be related to your PS4 console and not the Plex.

In that regard, we have included two different ways to ensure that the issue is not because of the PS4.

Connect PS4 To Network

First, make sure that your PS4 is connected to the local Wi-Fi wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable.

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Ensure the safety and functionality of the network and try to play some other apps except Plex.

Try opening the internet browser or some online app to check if your PS4 is actually accessing the internet.

Check For Firmware Updates

Next, you would have to check for available console updates, as you probably know, some of your PS4 apps could not be permitted if your console is running an outdated version.

To update your PlayStation4, head to the Software Options tab and check for any firmware updates.

If there is a new firmware update, make sure to click Download & Install, to successfully apply the updates and wait for a system reboot.

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What To Do If Plex Still Not Working on PS4?

If the issue is still there, then you might want to reach out to Sony or Plex support team.

Hopefully, they will be able to identify the exact cause but as for now, we can conclude that the problem is not from your side.

You might be dealing with a hardware issue or a problem that is entirely out of your hands.

So, feel free to email both support teams and let them know what you have tried so fast.

With a little luck, the issue will be found and resolves as soon as possible.

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Bottom Line

We hope that now you know why Plex not working on PS4 and what might be causing the issue.

If you were able to solve the issue, then you’re welcome and if not, you are now one step closer to identifying the problem.

Nicole B