plex tv link not working

If case of Plex TV link not working and you’re looking for an easy way to fix the issue, make sure to stick around by the end of this post to find out!

Many Plex users have reported their TV code as unfunctional, so this is why today we’re delivering the ultimate solution!

To fix the not working Plex TV link, ensure you’re not running any VPNs or proxies on either of your devices. Check if you’re using the latest version of the Plex app and also update your phone to the latest Firmware version. 

Lastly, verify that your device is listed on the devices page and you should be ready to go!

Even if you’re not able to accomplish something from the above-mentioned approaches, don’t worry as later we will review everything in detail.

Why Is Plex TV Link Not Working?

Before we jump into details and more solutions, let’s take a quick look at all possible causes and a brief description of each of them.

1. Outdated Plex Version

The first thing you should pay attention to is the version of the Plex. An outdated app that doesn’t have all the new patches applied to it, and may not be able to generate and keep the TV link active.

2. Plex Media Server not Running

If the Plex media server isn’t running, you won’t be able to connect to your TV using the Plex TV code.

Ensure the app is actively running by re-launching it before trying to pair up again.

3. Active VPN Software

If your TV or the device you are trying to connect with Plex has a VPN enabled, the TV code won’t be active for the device.

4. Active Proxy

Similar to the VPN, an active proxy could also cause interferences with the TV code of your Plex.

Unlike the VPN, proxies are used as a gateway, but could still stop the Plex TV link from working if enabled on one of both devices.

5. Faulty Connection

Your internet may be currently experiencing outages, but you might not understand that. Internet losses take some time to redirect you out of Plex, but in the first few seconds to a minute, it may not make a difference.

If you get kicked out of Plex after a few seconds, it means you have connection outages.

Now that you know what you are dealing with a little better, let’s proceed to the actual

troubleshooting guidelines and resolve your issue in no time!

How To Fix Plex TV Link Code Not Working?

fix plex tv link not working

We assume that you have enabled Wi-Fi on both of the devices. Network connectivity is the only way your phone and TV will be able to discover each other and eventually connect.

The last part of the preparation would be to restart both your drives and ensure a clean boot that we can work with.

Once ready with the preparation let’s start with our first method.

Method #1 Re-Log Plex

The first and easiest thing you can do after the restart is relog into the app.

Sometimes account issues or restricted data might interfere with your TV code and make it unusable until you reload and refresh the page actively.

To re-log into Plex, click on the Options cogwheel, located on top of the screen and select Log-out.

When you get redirected into the login page of Plex, enter your credentials once again if you haven’t clicked the remember me feature and login Plex.

Method #2 Ensure Plex Media Server Is Running

If the Plex media server isn’t up and running, there will be nothing to connect to using the TV code.

In other words, we can say that without the Plex media server actively running, the TV code you use to connect with Plex will be unavailable.

You can still try to pair, but it will be an unsuccessful attempt. This is why you should ensure that you’ve launched the Plex media server and all data matches the correct date and time.

Make sure you’ve configured all settings in the Plex media server, before trying to pair using the TV code again.

Method #3 Disable VPN Software

If your Plex TV link is not working, there could be an active VPN software causing network interruptions and problems when connecting the device to your Plex.

TV codes and other non-variable digits are endangered whenever your IP is being constantly scrambled.

For instance, VPN software will change your phone or TV’s location to somewhere else. For you to be able to pair with Plex using a TV code, you must be in close range to the TV.

Otherwise, you will get a bunch of errors, stating that you’re not close enough to your TV, even if you are standing right next to it.

To disable ALL possible proxy software you would have to disconnect all devices connected to the network you’re using to pair your TV with a link. This is the most secure way to remove any interference.

Method #4 Check Internet & Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi and internet connection are of great importance when trying to pair with Plex using a TV code.

Make sure that your network is transmitting connection to all of your devices, including your smartphone and TV.

If not, try restarting and relocating your router, to see if that will fix the issue.

When it comes down to Wi-Fi connectivity, if one of your devices is connected to a different network than the other one, pairing with TV code will be unsuccessful.

Make sure that you have both devices connected to the same network and proceed.

Method #5 Check Range Between Devices

If you are too far away from your TV, pairing with a TV code will be unsuccessful. Such a thing can happen if there is a hardware issue with the scanner inside of your TV.

If it is unable to scan the device you are trying to connect, even if you are standing close enough to the TV, you may be unable to pair with Plex.

Try removing ALL electronics objects nearby your phone and TV, then scroll up to perform a power cycle and try again.

In the worst-case scenario it would turn out to be a faulty scanner, but before we make any conclusions let’s take a look at the options you’ve got left.

Method #6 Contact Plex Support

If your Plex TV link is still not working, you can contact Plex’s official customer service and ask for assistance.

The whole problem could be their fault and all you need to do is get in touch. Feel free to share what you’ve tried so far so you can save yourself time performing the same troubleshooting steps over again.

The best way to fix the non-working Plex TV code would be to restart all services you’re using and get rid of any VPN/proxy software.

Moreover, having a stable internet and using the latest firmware is mandatory so pay close attention.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why is Plex TV link not working, it should be easier for you to troubleshoot the issue following the methods.

If you’ve liked this post and find it helpful don’t miss the opportunity to check our tech blog to discover many helpful solutions.

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