plex server not showing up

Plex server not showing up and you’re wondering what to do? Well, here in this post we will provide you with the top solutions that were proven to work by people with the same issue as yours.

If your Plex server isn’t showing up, you must ensure that the Plex media server is up and running. Disable any location-altering services, and make sure your Plex app is updated. Lastly, check the remote access and your internet connection.

If that was not enough to solve your issue, next we’ll take a look at all possible causes and a brief explanation about each of them.

Why Is Plex Server Not Showing Up In Devices?

Users have mentioned that after establishing their Plex server, it isn’t showing up when Plex is browsed on other devices.

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This can come as a result of many things, especially if you haven’t erased your old Plex server.

It is important that you create your Plex server upon a clean account. If there are any old servers and media remaining, there could be interference that may make your new server hidden.

But let’s guess no further and check what causes most users to unveil:

1. Plex Media Server

If the Plex media server is not up and running, your server won’t be visible for any of the devices that are included within the list of your current Plex account.

2. Enabled VPNs or Firewalls

Any location-altering services can interfere with your Plex media server and hide your server until the original location is renewed.

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3. Outdated Plex App

It is possible that due to the outdated version of Plex, your server will be hidden until the app is updated.

4. Faulty Internet Connection

Even if the Plex server is usually hosted locally, you still need an internet connection in order to access the server and view its media.

5. App Device Not Signed to Account

It is possible that you missed connecting the Plex app on your device to your main Plex account.

6. Server Not Listed on Devices Page

If the server you have just created isn’t shareable to other devices, you won’t be able to view it through external Plex apps, until it is added to the devices list.

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7. Enable Remote Access for The Server

It is possible that the server and your device are on different networks. Ensure that remote access is fully enabled for the server.

Your problem is 100% related to one of the above-described causes. Next, we’ll address each of them so keep reading!

How To Fix Plex Server Isn’t Showing Up Issue?

fix plex server not showing up

Before we proceed, it is worthy to try restarting the device you’re trying to access your Plex server with.

There could be a temporal malfunction, which can be easily resolved with a firm reboot of the corresponding device!

If the issue is still there, let’s proceed with our first method.

Method #1 Ensure Plex Media Server Is Working

First, you must ensure that the Plex media server is up and running. To do so, you must find the Plex icon in your Windows system tray and right-click on the icon.

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In the new options menu that just appeared, choose to open Plex and wait until your PC boots the app.

Even if your server is registered in your Plex account, without the dependency running, you won’t be able to access the server through none of your devices connected to Plex.

Instead, first ensure your PC is working and the Plex media server is running, before proceeding with our next troubleshooting method.

Method #2 Disable VPNs And Firewalls

Now that you have made sure the Plex media server is running on your PC, you would also have to disable any working VPNs and firewalls throughout your computer.

VPNVirtual Private Network. The VPN software scrambles your IP each time you access a website, which in most cases is secure, but in your case, harmful.

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Open your PC and delete or suppress any working VPN service installed and under a Chrome extension. Even internet location-altering services could also cause disruptions with Plex.

If the device you’re trying to access your Plex server through also has VPN enabled on it, make sure to disable it too.

Method #3 Reboot Plex Media Server & PC

If your Plex server is still not showing up, next, we are going to try something easier than the rest of the methods but yet, with good functionality.

You will have to reboot your Plex media server and PC afterward.

This is the only way you will make sure there aren’t any temporal issues disrupting your device’s functionality.

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Close the Plex media server from the taskbar located on the bottom of your screen and click the power button in the Windows menu.

After your PC shuts down, press the hardware Power button and wait for it to boot back up. Enter the Plex media server and check if your device will now locate your Plex server.

Method #4 Update Plex App

After you’ve rebooted Plex and your PC, if the issue persists, check online if Plex has new updates. You can do that by entering the main page of the Plex website and going under the versions tab.

From there, navigate yourself to all Plex app versions lists and check which one is the latest.

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If you are not exactly familiar with how to compare it with your Plex, try installing the newest Plex version by clicking the download button next to it.

The installation manager will automatically target your current Plex location in your hard disk and will replace it for you.

In other words, you don’t need to uninstall first but if you would like to troubleshoot one step further, you can perform a clean install anytime.

Method #5 Sign In With External Device

If the Plex server is not showing up, it is possible that you’re not signed in with your main Plex account through the external device you’re currently using.

Make sure to Log out of Plex and re-enter your Plex username and password, just in case something goes wrong.

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This can also count as a re-log, as you will refresh the server list, which will hopefully make your Plex server visible and ready to be connected to.

Method #6 Enable Remote Access

At last, if the remote access isn’t enabled on your Plex account, no untrusted external device connected with the account will have the ability to view your Plex servers.

The remote access is meant to make all external devices connected with your Plex account eligible, to view all the content you’ve uploaded to the Plex servers.

Here is how to check and enable remote access on your Plex account:

  1. Openthe Plex Web app and sign in.
  2. Go to the Settings tab and select the server tab.
  3. From there, click on General and toggle the advanced button.
  4. Ensure all options are Visible and click once on the checkbox next to the Remote access feature.
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Lastly, re-log from your external device and try accessing the Plex server!

You can fix the hidden Plex server by enabling remote access on your Plex account, making sure the Plex media server is running, and rebooting the app as well as the PC. Moreover, you can check and disable any active VPNs along with the firewall on your computer!

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why Plex server not showing up, you can be confident and resolve the issue at home.

Even if it doesn’t work at the end and your server is still hidden, you can always get in touch with Plex to take the second round of troubleshooting!

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For more helpful guidelines about Plex, visit our blog which has all kinds of technical solutions for your smart home apps and devices!

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