plex your connection is not fast enough

If you see an error that reads “Plex your connection is not fast enough”, then you’re just like many other users.

This error is well-known by the Plex community for over 3 years now, and still, it hasn’t been addressed yet.

However, in this post we’ll share with you the methods users applied to fix their error and at least one of them will definitely help you as well!

To resolve the connection error on your Plex you should start with inspecting your connection in its entirety. The next step would be to update the application and then the Plex media server. Lastly, you should try changing the Burn Subtitles settings to Automatic instead of Always.

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There are even more methods to apply so keep reading the post. Next, we’ll review the potential suspects and then proceed with the actual solution methods.

Why Does “Your Connection To The Server Not Fast Enough Plex” Error Appears?

Since this problem most frequently appears on NVidia Shield TV and Fire TV, our solutions would revolve around these two devices.

However, even if you’re having this error on another device, our methods would also help.

Here are some frequently reported reasons, that cause the annoying error to appear:

1. Audio Passthrough Enabled

On some devices, having this setting enabled, could cause the “not fast connection” error to appear.

2. Burn Subtitles

Some users report that their error disappeared after changing the burn subtitles from “always” to “automatic”.

3. Buggy Version

You might be running an outdated (glitched) version of the Plex application, so you would have to perform an update.

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4. High Uptime

Some users say that this error could appear after a few days of not restarting your device. Especially Nvidia Shield TV users.

5. Connection Issue

There are several requirements in regard to connectivity including (wired connection, open modem ports, and connection speed).

Any of these necessities could be the reason for the annoying error.

How To Fix “Plex Your Connection Is Not Fast Enough” Error?

plex connection not fast enough

The methods below are aligned in a way that will cover everything that’s known to cause this frustrating error.

However, you might not be able to solve the problem if you skip methods so make sure to apply them ALL and in the order that they are listed.

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Method #1 Inspect Connectivity

There are a few fragile places in your configuration which if disrupted you will definitely receive the “not fast enough connection” error.

We’ve prepared a list of steps to execute which will make sure that your configuration is intact.

  1. Restart both, your server (where the app is installed) and stream device (TV).
  2. Use a wired (Ethernet cable) connection between your server and modem!
  3. Switch to a different Ethernet port on your modem (yellow output port).

If you’ve already done all that, or everything seems to be fine, make sure to test your internet connection speed at any free source online.

If it turns out that your internet is slow, no wonder why this error appears.

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However, if everything in regard to the configuration is set properly, proceed with the next step.

Method #2 Update The Plex Media Server

update plex server

As one of the most frequent and successful approaches against the “not fast enough connection” error, updating the plex media server could help.

The steps to update are pretty simple:

  1. Go to the media server web interface.
  2. Navigate to the Server tab.
  3. Check if there is a newer version.
  4. Perform the update.
  5. Restart your Plex Media Server.

Method #3 Update Plex Application (Nvidia Shield)

Since many users reported that they’ve encountered the issue on a specific software version of the Plex application, we recommend updating to the latest available.

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Here is how to update the Plex application:

  1. Go to the Nvidia Shield forum.
  2. Make a registration using your Shield serial number.
  3. Access the newest firmware version.
  4. Download and install the update.

Note: If updating does not help, you can also try to downgrade the application to the Plex Android foundation version 6.12.

Method #4 Set Burn Subtitles To Automatic

set subtitles to automatic

Even if it sounds weird, changing the burn subtitles mode from “Always” to “Automatic”, seems to have helped other users resolve the error for good.

So, if you’re still experiencing the problem, why not adjust that setting to see if it will help.

Here is how to change the burn subtitles mode:

  1. Go to your Plex settings.
  2. Chose the Video tab.
  3. Select Burn Subtitles.
  4. Switch from “Aways” to “Automatic”.
  5. Restart the application and your streaming device.
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Once ready with configuring the setting, proceed with testing if the error would appear again.

In case it does, there is even more setting proven to cause this error so let’s find out which.

Method #5 Disable Audio Passthrough

The audio passthrough settings take the encoded stream and send it to the receiver, which performs the conversion to PCM.

Having that enabled could cause a severe video buffer, which often leads to the “not fast enough connection” error.

The steps to disable it are pretty straightforward:

  1. Reach in the Settings of your Plex.
  2. Go to the Advanced Settings.
  3. Locate the Audio Passthrough.
  4. Disable the setting.

When the setting is disabled, you should once again restart the Plex application. After the restart, try streaming content to identify whether the issue is gone or not.

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To resolve thePlex your connection to the server is not fast enougherror you should start with inspecting your media server/modem connectivity. The next step is to identify if there are issues with your internet speed.

Then you should update both the application and the media server and finalize the troubleshooting by configuring the Audio Passthrough and Burn Subtitles settings.

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Bottom Line:

If you have been able to identify why the “Plex your connection is not fast enough” error appears, you’ve probably managed to resolve the problem already.

However, in case you’re experiencing this issue even after all solution methods you should reach out to Plex customer service for further inspection.

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We hope that this post was helpful to solve your Plex connectivity issue and if you’re having other troubles with your setup, don’t forget to check our blog for a solution!

Nicole B