plex unable to connect to the content server

Plex unable to connect to the content server and you’re looking for a quick solution?

We got you covered so keep reading and you will get your Plex working properly again.

Users often share that their Plex is unable to communicate with the content server and how they’ve fixed the problem so we will unveil everything for you in the most accessible manner.

Your Plex could have a hard time connecting to the content server due to IP altering software.

Make sure there isn’t any VPN software-enabled within your device and make sure to disable any proxies.

Also Ensure that you are running the most current version of the Plex media server, so the data within your Plex isn’t outdated.

Now, in order to find out why your Plex is unable to make contact with the content server, you should first know what factors could cause this issue to occur.

Why Am I Unable To Connect To The Content Server Plex?

There are several occasions in which your Plex won’t connect to the content server.

In that regard, we’ve illustrated the possible cases below so you can get familiar with the issue before you start troubleshooting.

  • Active VPN software.
  • Outdated Plex OS.
  • Active proxy.
  • Inappropriate connection (network).

The network remains the most fragile part of the workflow and if it is slow or entirely gone you can’t expect to reach the content server.

Community guidelines related to the issue, report that the above-listed factors could prevent Plex from communicating with the content server.

Next, we are going to take a look at how to solve the issue fast and easily.

How To Fix Plex Unable To Connect To The Content Server?

Now when you know what might be preventing your Plex from reaching the server you can now move on to the troubleshooting methods.

Sometimes servers or apps could have temporal issues, so we recommend performing a restart before everything else.

Simply cut off the power supply and wait for a while.

If it does not help feel free to start applying our methods, one by one until you find and resolve the problem.

fix plex unable to connect to the content server

Method #1 Update Plex

One of the most common causes for interference with the content server of Plex is an outdated app.

Check online what is the most currently released version of Plex and then via the options, make sure to update yours.

  • Open the application settings and locate the Update Tab
  • From there, click on the Check For Updates and wait for a few minutes
  • Hit the Download & Apply button located somewhere within the tab

Now your device shall restart and install the update. Once ready try connecting to the server.


If your plex device is no longer supported, patch notes for the app won’t be available for download.

In such cases, our best recommendation is to manually download & install the patch.

You might need to contact customer service for guidance.

Method #2 Relog From Plex

If updating wasn’t the issue, another quick and easy to apply method is to perform a re-log.

All you have to do is simply click on the cogwheel at the top of the screen and select Log-Out.

By doing so, you will log out of Plex and then you will have to enter your credentials and log-in

Re-logging is known to refresh temporal issues related to the account’s functionality, which could be the reason.

If there is still a Plex error unable to connect to the content server, with our next method we will relieve your network in case it is overloaded.

Method #3 Disable VPN

Any IP alternating software, also known as VPN, can overwhelm your network and your Plex will not be able to connect.

It is well-known that a slow network can delay or entirely prevent connecting to the server so it is worth the shot.

Disable all VPN software and try restarting your router.

If this does not help, test the speed of your connection online for free, and if there are any issues feel free to call your supplier.

Method #4 Update TV

If updating Plex did not help ensure that the TV you are using is up-to-date. Simply head to your TV’ settings and head to the firmware update.

From there you would be able to search for new firmware versions and possibly update your TV.


If you don’t want to bother manually checking for updates & updating your TV every time there is a new firmware update available, make sure to enable Auto Update.

This feature will allow your TV to automatically apply any newer.

If the issue persists after updating the firmware of your TV, feel free to proceed further.

Method #5 Don’t Use Secure Connections

Another cause for Plex unable to connect with the content server is using Secure Connections.

A secure connection is a connection that is encrypted by one or a few protocols that will ensure the safety of the currently flowing data between three or more nodes.

In other words, using a connection that Plex cannot verify will result in miscommunication with the content server.

In that regard, we recommend using direct streaming or transcoding for better results.

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Plex Unable To Connect With The Content Server Issue Still There…

If nothing so far managed to get your Plex connected to the content server, we can conclude that the problem is either with your Plex or the content server.

The network still remains a possible cause but at least now you know that it is not from your side.

You can try pining the server’s IP directly to see if it is reachable.

Your last option would be to contact the Plex customer service for further assistance.


When reaching out to the support, we recommend including all of the methods you have tried so far from this post, so you can receive feedback faster.

Bottom Line

Easy as that, you now know how to deal with Plex unable to connect to the content server issue and easily bypass any difficulties that may come with the process.

We hope that your issue is now gone and that you’ve learned how to deal with similar problems in the future.

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