lutron caseta switch not working

Wondering why is your Lutron Caseta switch not working? We got you covered!

Lutron Caseta switches are one of the best in terms of performance and efficiency. However, it often puts homeowners into trouble too by anonymously stopping working.

Don’t worry if you’re having the same issue, simply follow our guide consecutively for the quickest solutions.

The Lutron Casetra switch typically stops working due to power outages, problems with the physical installation of the switch, and other factors.

The solution revolves around an inspection of the network connectivity, device performance, and electrical source.

Let’s unwrap more before jumping into the solution!

Why did Lutron Caseta Switch Stop Working?

why lutron caseta switch stopped working

If your Lutron Caseta switches are not working, this indicates that your switch is experiencing a problem, which could be a power, installation, or configuration issue.

Therefore, it is very crucial to always first get the proper understanding of potential causes so we can troubleshoot.

Here are the reasons why your Lutron Caseta Switch is not working:

  1. Power outage or inconsistent electrical source.
  2. Wiring connection issues with the Lutron switch.
  3. Wi-Fi connection issues with the Lutron app or bridge.
  4. Outdated firmware of the switch or Lutron app version.
  5. Overloaded circuit/fuse or incorrect switch installation.
  6. Electrical or signal interference from nearby devices.
  7. Defective Lutron Caseta switche hardware components.

Now that we have got the idea of causes, let’s troubleshoot your Lutron Caseta switch!

Lutron Caseta Switch Not Working7 Working Solutions!

Tip: Follow the solutions in this guide consecutively!

1. Manually Inspect the Switch

manually inspect the switch

The very first thing you have to do is to manually inspect your Lutron Caseta switch wires and buttons because maybe they are stuck or there is an issue with the switch’s wiring.

These are things that can easily be overlooked by the user so a closer inspection should be done first.

Here is how to manually inspect the Lutron Caseta switch:

Step #1 Check For Stucked Buttons:

  1. Turn off the electricity to the Lutron switch.
  2. Gently push the buttons to see if they are stuck.
  3. Clean the buttons from all debris with a soft cloth.

Step #2 Check The Lutron Switch Wiring:

  1. Make sure the power to the Lutron switch is turned off.
  2. Then remove the cover plate from the Lutron switch.
  3. Inspect the switch wiring and connectors for any faults. 
  4. Check if the wires are loose, damaged, or exposed.
  5. If necessary, tighten the connectors using a screwdriver.
  6. Reconnect the cover plate back into the Lutron switch.

Once you are done with the switch inspection, then turn on your Lutron switch to see if it is working.

If not working, then proceed with the next methods in the guide!

2. Refresh the Circuit Breaker!

refresh the circuit breaker

Sometimes power issues cause Lutron switches to stop functioning because shortly after the outage, the power on the AC line often fluctuates.

This phenomenon appears at random and it’s always on the supplier’s side and we can either wait or reset the power from the circuit breaker.

Here is how to reset the circuit breaker for the Lutron switch:

  1. Locate the main circuit breaker of your home.
  2. Flip the switch for the entire electrical installation.
  3. Find the fuse in the room with the Lutron switch.
  4. Flip the switch for the fuse or unscrew the fuse.
  5. Wait for about 5 minutes for the complete refresh.
  6. Screw in the fuse in its circuit housing tightly.
  7. Then turn the main circuit AC to the on position.
Note: Wait for about 3 minutes after the power reset, and then test the Lutron switch!

3. Inspect & Refresh the Network!

inspect and refresh the network

A stable network connection on the Lutron switch smart hub and the app is very crucial to control all of your home lighting systems.

Simply refresh and check to ensure that your Caseta switch and Lutron app mobile are both connected to a working and consistent WiFi

Note:  The Lutron smart hub and your mobile must be connected to the same WiFi!

Network Refresh – Lutron Smart Hub:

  1. Make sure your Lutron Smart Hub is connected to your home router.   
  2. Then disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet cable to the smart hub. 
  3. Power cycle the router by unplugging it from the power for 60 seconds.
  4. Power cycle the Lutron hub by unplugging from the power for 60 seconds.
  5. Tap on the Retry button to refresh the connection and reconnect.

Network Refresh – Lutron App Device:

  1. Take and unlock your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to your device Settings.
  3. Tap on the WiFi or Network.
  4. Tap on the connected WiFi network name.
  5. Tap on the Forget option to reset.
  6. Then reconnect to the same WiFi network.

In case that didn’t work, proceed with the next solutions in the guide!

4. Switch the WiFi Frequency!

    switch the wifi frequency

    It’s possible that your Lutron Caseta switch is not working because the WiFi is inconsistent and weak, even when the device is connected.

    The solution might hide in the WiFi frequency, since the Lutron Caseta supports both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency!

    • The 2.4 GHz thread of the WiFi router is more stable but slower.
    • The 5 GHz thread of the WiFi router is faster but weak from far.

    Here is how to check for the smart bridge network bandwidth:

    1. Open the Lutron App.
    2. Navigate to the app Settings.
    3. Tap on the Smart Bridge.
    4. Tap on the WiFi Network.
    5. Connect to the 2.4 GHz thread.
    6. Insert the WiFi credentials.
    7. Tap on Save to confirm.
    Info: In case the Lutron Caseta setup is now working when connected to the 2.4 GHz thread of your router, then the distance between the switch and router is too great.

    5. Factory Reset the Caseta Switch!

    factory reset the caseta switch

    The next step is factory resetting the Lutron switch only if all previous solutions did not help since this method comes with a downside.

    After the reset, all configurations and settings will be permanently deleted, which provides a fresh start for the users and a bug-free experience!

    Here is how to factory reset the Lutron Caseta switch:

    1. Tap on the “ON button for exactly 3 x consecutive times. 
    2. On the third press, hold the button for no less than 10 seconds.
    3. Release when the lights on the switch start to move up and down.
    4. Again, press the ON button 3 x times to begin the reset.
    5. Then, all lights will go off automatically and turn back on. 
    Note: In case the process fails, re-do the steps but hold the “ON” button for longer since this is part of the reset that users often fail to complete correctly the first time.

    6. Cleanly Re-Install Lutron App!

    cleanly re-install lutron app

    Even when using the most recent version of the Lutron app with the switch, it can still cause problems with the switch and other connected devices.

    All you need to do is uninstall the Lutron app from your device and reinstall it again from the official download source.

    Here is how to reinstall the Lutron app:

    1. Tap on the Lutron App icon on your mobile device.
    2. Keep pressing and holding the app until it begins to shake. 
    3. Then tap on the uninstall or cross icon to delete the app.
    4. Open to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
    5. Search for Lutron App from the search bar (magnifying glass).
    6. Choose the Lutron App and tap on the Install or Could button.
    7. Once the app downloads, tap on the Open button to launch the app.
    8. Login to your Lutron app by entering your Lutron account credentials.
    9. Then follow the on-screen prompts to connect the bridge to the WiFi.
    Note: Do not download and install the Lutron app from any third-party sources!

    7. Update the Lutron Caseta Switch!

    update the lutron caseta switch

    If you continue to have problems with your Lutron switch or bridge, try manually updating the firmware.

    Although the bridge automatically updates its firmware through the network sometimes it doesn’t update due to network outages.

    Here is how to manually update the Lutron bridge firmware:

    1. Open the Lutron app on your mobile device.
    2. Check for the available update for the bridge.
    3. Tap on the Update button to begin the process.
    4. Unplug the bridge from the outlet for 10 seconds.
    5. Plug the bridge back into the electrical outlet.
    6. In the Lutron app and tap Next to proceed.
    7. Info: White light means – firmware updating.
    8. Wait for about 10 for the update completion.
    9. Keep the app open during the update process. (Imp)
    10. As the update ends, you will get a prompt on the app.
    Note: After updating firmware, restart your devices to properly install the new updates!

    Need More Help?

    In case nothing from the guide managed to help, the next step is to contact Lutron Support for further help or the local supplier for warranty replacement. Good luck!

    Quick Recap:

    Whenever your Lutron Caseta switch not working, check the switch buttons and wiring connection, and reset your Lutron switch and circuit breaker. Moreover, reinstall the Lutron app, update the bridge firmware, and refresh the bridge network connection. 

    For more Lutron Caseta troubleshooting guides, keep following us! 

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