lutron bridge not connecting

If your Lutron bridge not connecting, then you’ve come to the right place!

Connection problems with your Lutron bridge could be caused by a set of factors that are related to the power supply, the mobile app, or the software of the device.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best solutions used to troubleshoot your Lutron bridge and end up fixing the issue!

When the Lutron bridge is not connecting, check the power of the device and update the version of the Lutron mobile application. After that, inspect your network, router, and WiFi settings and in case nothing helps, we’ll ultimately learn how to Factory Reset.

Let’s advance further into our guide and learn more about the problem!

Why is My Lutron Smart Bridge Not Connecting?

why lutron smart bridge not connecting

If you’re having connection problems with your Lutron bridge, identifying the source of the problem is essential for effective troubleshooting.

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The very first step is to identify the suspected factors and later address them all in a chronological solution guide!

Here’s why your Lutron bridge isn’t connecting:

  • There Has Been a Power Outage with the Bridge/Router
  • The Lutron Application is Outdated
  • There is a Software Problem with the Lutron Bridge
  • There’s a Pending Necessary Firmware Update
  • An Active VPN/Firewall is Interrupting the Connection

Let’s proceed with our troubleshooting guide and learn the best troubleshooting methods!

Lutron Connect Bridge Not Connecting – Easy Fix Guide!

In order to keep track of our resolutions, pay attention to all necessary tips, notes, and alerts.

Skipping any of our solutions won’t make the troubleshooting as effective so try to follow the chronological order of the guide.

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Let’s jump in with the solutions!

Solution #1 Reconnect the Lutron Bridge

reconnect the lutron bridge

You should first reconnect your Lutron bridge to the Wi-Fi router to determine if this problem was a one-time occurrence.

It is often where a device added to your network would randomly disconnect without proper reasoning, due to connection failure, which we need to identify.

Follow these simple steps to reconnect your Lutron bridge in easy steps:

  1. Make sure that the bridge is running! 
  2. Enter the Lutron app on your mobile.
  3. Within the app, tap on “Add Device”. 
  4. Then select “Lutron Bridge” from the next tab.
  5. Wait for the application to discover available WiFi networks.
  6. Select your home WiFi network.
  7. Enter the WiFi key to connect.
  8. Test the connection…

In the meantime during the setup, you’ll be prompted to set up other preference settings for the Lutron bridge.

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You could add the device to a room, adjust other personal settings or have the device function in a particular mode.

Tip: Feel free to explore the software capabilities of the bridge while connecting it.

Solution #2 Check Lutron’s Power Supply

lutron's power supply check

If your Lutron bridge is shutting down due to newly occurred power supply problems, it’ll disconnect from your network with each reboot.

To address a problem of this kind, you must thoroughly inspect the power supply of the Lutron bridge and verify that it is working.

We’ll go over some easy ways to check/troubleshoot the power supply of your bridge:

  • Power cycle the bridge by unplugging it from the power for 2 – 3 minutes!
  • Remove added equipment in the setup of your Lutron bridge
  • Change the power source with a proven-to-work electrical outlet
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Try all of the following methods in a consecutive manner and determine if that’ll fix the problem with your Lutron bridge.

You could easily notice power outages of the device, whenever its LEDs randomly go off, without being unplugged or rebooted.

Alert: Unstable power source could make the bridge reboot occasionally!

Solution #3 Update the Lutron Application!

update the lutron application

An outdated version of the Lutron application may be preventing the bridge from establishing a successful connection.

To rule out problems with the firmware of the Lutron application, you should update the platform to the latest available version.

  • Based on your OS and mobile device, updating the app could take a while!

Here’s how to (universally) update the Lutron app on most mobile devices:

  1. Launch the App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Go to “Manage Installed Applications” by pressing the navigation button.
  3. Use the search field to type “Lutron” and press “Search”.
  4. Once the Lutron app shows up, highlight it.
  5. Press “Uninstall” in the menu that has appeared.
  6. Once the Lutron app is removed, download it again!
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Once the application has finished updating on your mobile device, launch it and check if the Lutron bridge still shows up in the “Devices” tab.

If the bridge is there and has finished connecting, it means that the problem was fixed.

Note: If the bridge doesn’t show, re-add it following the instructions in Solution #1.

Solution #4 Inspect your Network!

inspect your network

If the problem isn’t with your Lutron bridge, then probably you’ll be able to rule out some of the potential causes by thoroughly inspecting your network.

There are multiple ways to target the functionality of your network and determine if everything is working correctly.

Follow these simple steps to examine your network equipment:

  • Reconnect all cables – make sure all network cables are connected securely
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router – unplug your WiFi router for about 5 minutes
  • Check the WiFi thread – note that Lutron bridges only connect with 2.4GHz threads
  • Reduce network usage – lower the bandwidth consumption as much as you can
  • Relieve the WiFi – reduce the number of connected devices!
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Lowering the bandwidth (network) usage could be done in several ways by itself.

For starters, make sure you’re not downloading, uploading, or seeding content and also lowering the quality of your ongoing streams. 

Note: Try all of the following methods and reconnect your Lutron bridge to the WiFi.

Solution #5 Disable Active VPN/Firewall Services

disable active vpn or firewall services

Enabled location-altering or firewall services could interfere with the connection packages your bridge sends toward the network.

In this solution, you should make sure that such software is enabled either on your mobile device or network for the rest of the guide.

  • Mobile VPNs and Firewalls could also prevent the bridge from connecting!

Checking for VPN:

On your phone, go to Settings > Network > Services > VPN on your mobile device.

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If the default VPN is enabled, press the activation slider to turn it off. On the other hand, check for third-party (installed) VPN services on your mobile device.

In your router network settings (GUI), head to Settings > Security > Network Security > VPN (or location services). Make sure that the default VPN is on the “OFF” side of the slider.

Checking for Firewall:

In both your phone and router’ settings, navigate to Network & Data > Security > Firewall and temporarily set the feature to the “OFF” side.

Note: Keep all VPN services and firewalls disabled, until the issue’s source is identified.

Solution #6 Reset the Lutron Connect Bridge

reset the lutron connnect bridge

One of the best methods when the Lutron bridge not connecting is the Factory Reset!

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By completing a reset on your Lutron bridge, you’ll be able to clear out any software and functionality bugs with the device that could impact the connectivity.

It is also a standard resolution for any troubles with your Lutron bridge and a way to refresh the software.

To factory reset a Lutron bridge, follow these instructions:

  1. Locate the physical Reset button on the back of your bridge (a small pinhole).
  2. Using a Paperclip or a Needle, press the button inside of the pinhole.
  3. Keep holding the button for about 15 seconds.
  4. You’ll see the LED lights of the bridge flash rapidly.
  5. Release the button once the light of your bridge turns Solid Amber.
  6. Unplug the Power cable of the bridge for another 10 seconds.
  7. Plug the power cord back into your bridge (or power source).
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Assuming that your bridge hasn’t been set up by now, this reset won’t make any significant changes in terms of the existing configuration.

However, if the bridge was already added to the mobile app and you’ve adjusted its settings, you’ll have to start from scratch.

Try Again: It’s important to unplug the bridge, as soon as it turns in amber light!

Quick Recap:

When your Lutron bridge not connecting, reboot your Wi-Fi router and attempt the setup connection again.

In case that didn’t help, check and disable active VPN/Firewall services on your network, and ultimately perform a Factory Reset on the Lutron bridge.