lutron app won't connect

Sometimes the Lutron app won’t connect, and you are left wondering why. The cause could be very simple or a bit complex, requiring expertise. Fortunately, we have got you covered in all situations!

To connect the Lutron app to the bridge or hub, download the correct app and check network settings, phone security, ethernet cable, app integrity, and hub’s IP address.

We don’t think a huge issue is happening with your app or Lutron device. Below we will help you understand what is wrong and how you can fix it in moments.  

Lutron App Won’t Connect – Reasons

reason the lutron app won't connect

Lutron offers plenty of systems for you to connect through. Some, such as Caseta and Maestro, are meant for home use.

Others are directed to larger environments where light management is more complex. But sometimes this happens: the Lutron app not connecting.

Let’s understand what can cause that:

Wrong Protocol

Perhaps the device you are trying to connect to the app doesn’t support the protocol the app is designed for.

Unstable Network

In order for the app and the bridge/hub to connect, the network must be fast and stable.

Phone’s Privacy Settings

Perhaps your phone won’t allow you to connect with different devices over the network. Such a thing is more common on iPhones.

Software Issues

Maybe the app is outdated or corrupted. Alternatively, your phone is not able to recognize the Lutron devices nearby.

Fix The Lutron App Connection Issues

how fix lutron app won't connect

Many reasons prevent the connection between the Lutron app and the Lutron devices. But there are many ways of fixing the issue too.

Below we will list all the approaches you can take. Follow the steps closely, and you will soon be able to connect to the app.

1. Check The Network

The first thing you must ensure is working right is the network. Any of the Lutron protocols can connect plenty of devices, meaning that a stable, fast connection is required.

First, you will do this:

  1. Go to your phone or PC’s Wi-Fi settings;
  2. Check that a 2.4GHz is available from your router;
  3. Connect to that network on your phone.

Smart devices that need to cover a wide range all use a 2.4GHz network, so you must ensure that your router has a dual-band. 

Tip: If you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi but the connection still won't happen, restart the router!

2. Verify The Phone’s Privacy/Security Settings

verify yourphone privacy

Your phone might prevent you from connecting to other devices or giving apps specific permissions.

That has to do with the phone’s privacy and/or security settings. The necessary change will vary according to the OS on your phone.

Here is what Android users will do:

  1. Hold the Lutron app icon;
  2. Select “App Info,” 
  3. Click “Permissions” and “Location.”
  4. Choose At all times.

Here it is necessary to allow “at all times” because the app still needs to be able to receive notifications even when it is running in the background or closed.

If You Have An iPhone

Are you an iPhone user? In that case, the procedure will be slightly different:

if have an iphone
  1. Find the iPhone’s settings;
  2. Go to “Privacy”;
  3. Select “Local Network”;
  4. Find the “Lutron” option;
  5. Tap it so the option becomes green.

Once you’ve done the above, the app will be able to talk with other devices in your house. Then, try connecting to the Lutron devices again.

3. Check The Equipment

You must ensure that the equipment you are using is not damaged somehow. That includes the Lutron hub, its ethernet cable, and the router.

First, when you connect the hub to the power supply and the router, you should see the light ring illuminate on the sides of the hub.

If it receives power and all is fine, this is what will happen:

  1. The light ring will flash for about one minute;
  2. The light ring will show circular patterns, meaning that the hub is updating itself;
  3. Once the update finishes, the light ring should stay solid, meaning it is connected to the internet and ready to connect to the app.

If the light ring blinks in a 5-second interval, there is an issue with the connection to the router.

So follow these guidelines:

  • Disconnect the ethernet cable and check if there is damage on any of the ports or the cable;
  • If possible, swap the cable for a different one to see where the issue lies;
  • If your router has multiple LAN ports, connect the cable to a different port.
  • Restart the router and the hub and connect them again.

4. Connect Using The IP Address

connect the using ip address

You can try connecting the app to the hub/bridge by finding the hub’s IP address.

That can be done using your router’s web page or app or even a third-party app such as Fing or Discovery DNS-SD Browser.

If you enter the router’s settings, look for connected devices, and the hub’s IP will show up.

Then do this:

  1. Note down the hub’s IP address;
  2. Open the Lutron app again;
  3. Try finding the hub again;
  4. When it fails, select “Advanced”;
  5. Type the IP address.

That should enable the app to connect to the hub very quickly.

5. Turn The VPN Off

turn off the vpn

As you have seen, the Lutron bridge and app are very sensitive to privacy/security settings.

If you have a VPN installed on your phone or the whole network, that might be the reason preventing the Lutron app from making contact with the hub.

So you might need to do one of the following:

  • Go to your phone’s VPN app and change its settings so it will allow the phone to communicate with external devices.
  • If the VPN is installed in the network, open the VPN settings and allow the network to receive the hub into it.
  • If you can’t find any of those settings, turn the VPN off for a while and see if the hub and the app can connect.

Is the VPN the problem? Then, if you don’t know how to keep the VPN up while simultaneously allowing the hub, you must contact your VPN provider and ask for instructions. 

6. Manage The App

If the problem doesn’t lie in the hub, you might check your phone and app.

manage the lutron app

Here are all the steps you must perform to ensure that the app can connect to the hub without issues:

  1. Go to the app store and check for updates for the Lutron app;
  2. If no update is available, uninstall the app and install it again;
  3. Restart the phone to refresh the system.

Further, it might be necessary to clear the app’s cache too:

  1. Open the phone’s Settings; 
  2. Tap on “Apps” or “Application Manager”;
  3. Select the Lutron app;
  4. Tap on the “Storage” option;
  5. Tap the “Clear Cache” button;
  6. Tap “OK” to confirm.

7. Check The App Compatibility

Perhaps you are unable to connect the app to the bridge/hub because you are using the wrong app.

Lutron has the following different apps:

check app the compatibility
  • Lutron App (for Caseta and Maestro protocols) connects to the Lutron Smart Bridge.
  • Lutron Connect app (for RadioRA 2 and Homeworks QS) connects to the Lutron Connect Bridge.
  • Lutron Vive app (for Vive protocol) connects to the Vive Wireless Hub.

Thus, you must check which device you have. Once you ensure the model, go to the PlayStore and download the matching app.

What We Learned

When the Lutron app won’t connect, it is probably because of a wrong setting on some end. It could be your app, your router, the VPN, etc.

If you suspect the ethernet cable is at fault, for example, you could buy a new one for very cheap. If nothing works, however, then get in touch with Lutron!

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