lutron caseta fan control not working

Wondering why Lutron Caseta fan control not working? Well, there could be multiple reasons for this issue, which are based on the switch as well as on the fan.

In this guide, we’ll explore both sides and determine what’s causing the problem as well as quick and easy solutions to try!

When the Lutron Caséta fan control is not working, begin by selecting a speed from the switch and saving the selection as “favorite”.

In case that doesn’t help, simply reset the wall switch and, if necessary, stop the power, dismount the plate, and inspect the wiring.

In case there is something unclear, keep reading as we continue to unwrap!

Lutron Caséta Fan Control – Explained

In case you’re not familiar, here’s how the fan control on the Lutron Caséta fan works:

The Lutron Caséta fan switch contains UP and DOWN buttons, respectively to select the fan control settings.

lutron caseta fan control explained

Upon pressing the UP or DOWN fan control buttons the green light should jump from one bulb to another, respectively, going up or down.

Info: In case you’re pressing the up and down button but the green light is not moving or the green light is not there at all, then follow the solution guide!

Lutron Caseta Fan Control Not WorkingTop Solutions!

1. Adjust the Fan Control Correctly!

adjust the fan control correctly

First, it’s important to attempt setting and adjusting the fan control correctly. It’s important for both the Lutron Caséta fan as well as the switch to be in working condition.

In addition, in case of any recent power outage, we recommend waiting until there are no power fluctuations!

  • To adjust the Lutron Caséta fan control, press the UP or DOWN arrows!

Ensure that you’re applying enough force for the actual button to press within, and the green light should bounce from one bulb to the next.

In respect, the fan will change settings according to the newly adjusted fan control.

2. Save a “Favorite” Fan Setting

It’s highly likely that you didn’t save the fan control settings the last time you changed the mode, which might be reverted.

save a “favorite” fan setting

The Lutron Caséta switch allows users to save their favorite fan control setting (bulb position) when a new adjustment has been made.

Follow the steps below to save your Lutron Caséta fan control settings:

  1. Press the UP/DOWN button on the switch for selection.
  2. Wait until the green light bounces to the desired setting.
  3. Then press and hold the Center button for 5 seconds.
  4. Release when all lights flash 2 x times in green color.
  5. This means that the fan control is selected and saved.
Note: The Lutron Caséta switch will remember the saved “favorite” fan control speed and use the same setting automatically after being turned on or even after a power outage.

3. Reset the Fan Control Switch!

reset the fan control switch

Sometimes the Lutron Caséta fan is working well and the reason why you’re unable to adjust the fan speed is due to the wall-mounted switch.

The reason is sometimes technical and other times it’s a software-related glitch, which can be easily solved in this step!

  1. Press the top button on the switch 3 times!
  2. Hold on to the 3rd press for 10 seconds.
  3. The green lights will start to blink rapidly.
  4. Then hold the top button for 10 more seconds.
  5. The reset will begin and the lights will go off.
  6. Shortly, only the top green light will be on.
  7. This means that the reset has been completed.
Note: When the Lutron Caséta switch is reset, test whether the fan control will now work by following the instructions from the previous steps.

4. Verify the Lutron Switch Wiring!

verify the lutron switch wiring

In case you’ve just mounted the Lutron Caséta switch and the fan control is not working, then perhaps the installation is not correctly done.

There are a few different wires that you need to properly connect to the wall switch, in order for all Lutron fan functionalities to be working well.

Follow the tutorial below to wire your Lutron Caséta switch correctly:

  1. Ensure that the Lutron Caséta fan is installed properly.
  2. Flip the switch on the circuit breaker to stop the power supply.
  3. Ensure that any existing wall switches are safely dismounted.
  4. Connect the wall copper wire “ground” to the green switch wire.
  5. Wrap the A/C line wire to the screw terminal and tighten it.
  6. Connect the tagged “load wire” to the yellow wall box wire.
  7. Make sure to insulate all wiring connections with a strap.
  8. When you’re ready with all of the wires, attach the plate.

When all of the wires are connected properly, and the face plate of the Lutron switch is mounted on the wall, turn on the power from the A/C circuit breaker.

Then, following the instructions from earlier in this guide, test whether the Lutron Caséta fan control will now be working!

5. Check the Fan Remote Battery

check the fan remote battery

In case the Lutron Caseta fan control does not work from the remote control perhaps the battery is dead and you need to replace them.

The Lutron Pico remote uses a CR2032 battery, which guarantees 10 years of battery life, hence if your remote is older, replace the battery.

Try This!

In addition, it’s of great importance to test whether the remote will be able to change the fan speed when you’re standing as close as possible.

The distance is the key between a working and a non-working fan, which also involves the condition of the battery and how weak it is!

Tip: You can find a replacement battery for your Lutron Pico remote at any nearby tech or even grocery store!

6. Inspect for Impactful Environment

inspect for impactful environment

The Lutron Caséta fan switch might stop being able to change the fan speed when the switch is exposed to extreme weather.

This typically happens on switches that are installed on the outside, which is not recommended and is unusual.

Scenarios such as extreme heat, cold weather, rain, high humidity, and other environmental can impact your Lutron Caséta switch and prevent the device from working.

The best solution would be to stop the power, dismount the faceplate, disconnect all wires, and reconnect the device.

Info: If you notice that the switch is wet on the inside or that there are any burnt connectors on the wires, then your switch has malfunctioned.

7. Lutron Fan – Wireless Control Fault

lutron fan wireless control fault

When your Lutron setup is paired with another system with a hub or the mobile Caséta app, the reason why the fan control is not working could be due to bad internet.

You need to verify the internet connection on the device with the Caséta app, as well as the connection with the hub!

  • We recommend rebooting the WiFi router to refresh the internet connection!

In addition, it’s good to check whether your mobile device has internet by leaving the app and opening an online browser. Then try to stream or surf the web to determine the internet state.

Note: It’s also recommended to reconnect to the internet on all devices involved in the setup!

Lutron Caséta Fan Voice Control Not Working?

lutron caséta fan voice control not working

In case you’re attempting to change the speed of your Lutron Caséta fan via voice-enabled devices such as Google Home, don’t say percentages.

This is a fundamental issue that has bothered many users trying to set the Lutron Caséta fan speed by a percent.

The exact reason why the Lutron Caséta fan is not responding is in the keyword so without further ado, control the fan speed by saying:

  • Okay Google, set [Location] fan speed to Low
  • Okay Google, set [Location] fan speed to Medium
  • Okay Google, set [Location] fan speed to High
Tip: In addition, you can also say “Okay Google, increase or turn up the fan’s speed”.

Need More Help?

In case you were unable to solve the problem by using the instructions in this guide, then it’s likely that your Caseta fan control device is faulty.

You have 2 options – contact Lutron Caseta Support for more help or check whether your warranty is intact to appeal for a replacement.

Reminder: Don’t forget to share what you’ve attempted in this guide!

Quick Recap:

Now that we’ve learned why Lutron Caseta fan control not working, we know that the issue typically comes from the switch.

The solution requires a thorough inspection of the switch functionality, wiring, and installation for the proper fan control speed workability.

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