lorex cameras not working after power outage

If your Lorex cameras not working after power outage, we have an easy fix for you!

All of your Lorex cameras connect to the system’s DVR that goes directly into a power outlet from your household’s electrical wiring.

Since the power outage may harm that electric outlet, components that are responsible for supplying the DVR with power may have gone faulty!

To fix when Lorex cameras don’t work after an outage, power cycle the DVR and reconnect all of the camera units. Plug the DVR into a different power source and replace its power adapter unit. Finally, factory reset the problematic camera units.

Keep in mind that Lorex systems can both use wireless and wired cameras. We will provide solutions for units, based on the type of issue you’re experiencing.

Why Did Lorex Camera Stopped Working After Power Outage?

Although you may be using wireless Lorex cameras, issues after the power outage to the devices most often occur to units that connect to a DVR, thus, are wired.

However, issues with wireless units may also occur and there you should focus on the network.

Here’s what is causing your Lorex camera to stop working after a power outage:

1. No Power in DVR

Wired Lorex camera units connect to a DVR which might have an ongoing malfunction after the power outage.

2. An Issue With The DVR Cable

The power adapter of your Lorex DVR could have been burnt-out after the power outage and needs a replacement.

3. Power Source Issue

The source where the DVR is connected may have been damaged after the power outage and your Lorex cameras won’t get any power.

4. Network Problem

Wireless Lorex cameras can go offline after a power outage due to the router shutting down.

5. Cameras/DVR Hardware Damage

At last, power outages cause hardware damage to the devices in case of a short circuit. Either your DVR or wired cameras could have gone faulty as a result of that outage.

This was everything about the issue’s causes with your Lorex camera. To solve the issue, check out the solutions we’ve extracted in the upcoming guide.

How To Fix When Lorex Cameras Not Working After Power Outage?

fix lorex cameras not working after power outage

Now that you’ve thrown a quick eye on what is possibly causing the issue, we will exclude the possibility of a hardware malfunction with your cameras.

Instead, we will do everything in our power to solve your problem before you contact a technician for a check-up on your system.

Here’s how to fix whenever your Lorex cameras refuse to work after a power outage:

Solution #1 Power Cycle Wired/Wireless Cameras

We will give a start to our fix guide with a quick power cycle on the problematic cameras within your setup.

You will want to identify which cameras exactly are giving you the problem and power cycle them respectively.

Here’s how to power cycle wired cameras first:

How To Power Cycle Lorex Wired Cameras?

  1. Head next to where all of your wired Lorex cameras connect on the DVR.
  2. Disconnect all of the cables from the available DVR inputs.
  3. Standby for 5 minutes with all cameras disengaged.
  4. Reconnect the cameras at once, to the same inputs they were as before.

How To Power Cycle Lorex Wireless Cameras?

  1. Take off your wireless Wi-Fi Lorex camera from the wall stand.
  2. Detach the compartment, keeping the batteries in place.
  3. Eject all of the battery units inside of your camera.
  4. Wait for another 5 minutes.
  5. Re-insert the batteries inside your camera.
  6. Test.
Note: If you’re using both wired and wireless cameras combined, which is offered by Lorex, test the system after power cycling each camera type.

Solution #2 Hard Reset The DVR

hard reset dvr

This solution will only help users who use hard-wired Lorex cameras that connect to their system’s DVR.

The cameras may have stopped working after the power outage due to power insufficiency within the DVR.

If that happened, we suggest performing a hard reset on the DVR the following way:

  1. Press the power button on your DVR once.
  2. Disconnect the DVR’s power adapter.
  3. Standby for an additional 5 minutes with the DVR’s cable unplugged.
  4. Reconnect the cable back into its respective power outlet.
  5. Attempt booting the DVR.
  6. Test.
Note: If you were to disconnect the power adapter from both ends, ensure that you attach it securely afterward.

Solution #3 Replace Wired Cameras Inputs

A quick solution that works only for hard-wired Lorex camera users, is to replace the cameras’ inputs on the DVR.

This will solve issues with the signal and the cameras being offline due to power problems.

Here’s how to replace inputs on hard-wired Lorex cameras on your DVR:

  1. Disconnect all of the camera’s cables from the DVR.
  2. Begin attaching each cable to an input it hasn’t been plugged before.
  3. Keep repeating the second step until one of your cameras becomes online.
Note: It may take a while until one of your cameras starts up, but you must repeat the process until all cameras become online.

Solution #4 Fix DVR Power Problems

fix power problems

The DVR inside of your Lorex camera hard-wired setup may have gone through a malfunction as a result of the power outage.

If that happened, we suggest focusing on fixing any power problems with the DVR to solve the issue.

Here are some quick ways to fix power problems with Lorex DVR:

1. Disconnect From Strips/Dividers

Strips and dividers are well-known to first go faulty after a nasty power outage. Avoid plugging your Lorex DVR into any of those devices until the end of our guide.

2. Use A Different Power Outlet

Relocate the DVR securely into another, trusted wall outlet and test. Check if the issue is fixed.

3. Replace The Power Adapter

Another issue that can occur as a result of a power outage is the power adapter of the DVR going faulty. Replace with a 100% standard power adapter that your DVR uses and test the system.

Note: Don’t forget to test the DVR after each of the fixes you can see above.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Wired/Wireless Lorex Cameras

lorex factory reset

Lastly, you shall execute a factory reset on the damaged Lorex cameras as a result of the power outage.

Luckily, there’s a way to reset both wireless and wired Lorex cameras that may have malfunctioned from the outage.

Let’s begin with resetting hard-wired units:

How To Reset Wired Lorex Cameras?

  1. Press and hold the reset button on the bottom of your camera.
  2. Hold the button down for 15 seconds.
  3. While holding, disconnect and quickly reconnect the camera’s cable.
  4. Your Lorex unit is reset!

How To Reset Wireless Lorex Cameras?

  1. On your Lorex Wi-Fi camera, locate the reset button.
  2. Hold it down for 10 seconds.
  3. Release upon seeing the blinking green light from the camera’s LED.
Note: If you use both wired and wireless cameras in your Lorex system, test the setup after resetting each camera type.

Thus, to fix issues with Lorex cameras after a power outage, power cycle both wired and wireless units. Fix any power issues with the DVR and perform a hard reset on the unit. Replace hard-wired Lorex camera inputs and factory reset the Lorex camera units.

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Bottom Line:

After going through the complete fix guide for Lorex camas not working after power outage we hope that you’ve managed to dispose of the problem at the end.

After all, contacting a technician for a check-up on your system is something you can always benefit from!

Nicole B