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Additionally, we will also explain what has caused the problem in the first place and what to do to avoid it in the future!

The night vision on your Lorex camera will not engage whenever there is too much lightning in the area. Any reflective surfaces will also prevent the mode from triggering. Additionally, the halo effect on your monitor will also prevent night vision.

Let’s take a look at how you can solve the night vision problem of your Lorex camera device.

Why Is Night Vision Not Working On Lorex Camera Not Working?

The night vision of your Lorex camera device will only activate during the night.

It will work only if the field of view that your camera captures has no ambient or lightning.

If either of these can be observed in the FOV of the device, the night vision will be auto-suppressed and you won’t notice anything during the observation.

Here’s what’s causing the problem with the night vision of the Lorex camera device:

1. Too Much Ambient In The Area

The night vision won’t be visible if there’s too much ambient in the area that the camera captures.

2. The Lightning Is Too Much

The night vision is pointless if there’s too much lightning in the area.

3. Problem With Camera Settings

Setting up the options of your Lorex camera incorrectly may result in problems with the night visions at night.

4. Power Problem

Users report that the night vision problems could also be caused due to power issues with the Lorex camera unit.

5. Camera not Correctly Paired

The camera must be appropriately connected and paired with the monitor, for the night vision to function properly.

Note: Before we move on, please determine if your Lorex camera unit is wired or wireless.

How To Fix When Lorex Camera Night Vision Not Working?

fix lorex camera night vision not working

Now that you know a little more about what could have gone wrong with the night vision function of your Lorex camera, let’s move on to fixing the problem.

Remember to follow our solutions consecutively and test your camera after each fix attempt.

Here’s how to fix your Lorex camera’s night vision in easy steps:

Solution #1 Reboot Your Lorex Camera

Let’s begin with rebooting your Lorex camera unit to solve any temporal bugs and glitches, impacting the night vision.

This will help with any temporary software bugs and glitches that are causing your camera’s night vision to stop working or will create a bunch of white spots on the monitor.

Let’s check how to reboot both wired and wireless Lorex camera units:

# Rebooting a hard-wired camera

Disengage the cable from the DVR and wait for 10 seconds. Reconnect it once this time has elapsed.

# Rebooting a wireless camera

Take the camera off the wall stand and remove the battery cover. Eject the active battery units inside and standby for a minute. Re-attach the batteries inside the compartment.

Note: Beware of how you insert the batteries inside wireless units, due to the polarity.

Solution #2 Kill Any Light Sources In Camera’s FOV

remove light source

The night vision will create blind spots or will make the entire screen black if there are any light sources in the FOV of your camera during the night.

In that regard, your next move is to remove any light sources that may be shining on your camera’s lens.

Here’s what light sources can negate the effect of your camera’s night vision:

1. Night Lamps

Night lamps that are usually attached over your doorsteps can actively shine on the camera’s lens throughout the night. They will negate your camera’s night vision.

2. Garden Lamps

If you’ve positioned the Lorex camera over your garden, which has garden lamps, may also negate the effects of the night vision.

3. There’s Something on the Lens

There could be something on the lens of your Lorex camera, which is harming the night vision. You will want to sturdy clean the lens of your camera.

Note: Test the night vision mode of your Lorex camera after each of the fix attempts you can see above.

Solution #3 Use Different Camera Input On DVR (Wired)

change camera input

Keep in mind that this solution will only work for users who use hard-wired Lorex cameras.

Chances are that the input on the DVR has gone faulty, which is essentially causing all kinds of problems with the camera.

In such a scenario, you will want to attach the camera’s cable to an alternative input and test.

For that purpose, go over to the DVR and disconnect the problematic camera.

Locate an alternative input on the DVR and connect the camera there. Test for a few minutes and determine if the night vision mode is fixed.

Note: You can attempt the same thing with wireless cameras by connecting them from the control panel.

Solution #4 Move Camera’s Head Part

You will want to move the head of your camera and change the FOV of the device.

Chances are that there is a problem with the current area that your device is facing.

You will be able to adjust only the head part of your Lorex camera, towards the position you want it to point at.

Attempt several different positions and check if the night vision mode would work normally now.

Note: Be careful not to damage the camera in any way while moving its head part.

Solution #5 Relocate The Entire Camera Unit

relocate camera

If only moving the head of the camera didn’t work, things may get a little bit complicated for you to fix the problem.

We suggest relocating the entire camera unit into an alternative position. Chances are that a light source from somewhere is negating the effects of the night vision and that’s why you’re getting this problem.

We assume you’re already familiar with how to install and reinstall Lorex cameras so relocating the device won’t be much of an issue.

Locate your camera in a place (even inside, if possible) with 0% lightning. Only to test.

Note: Remember to shut down the camera while moving it.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Lorex Camera

If nothing worked out for you so far, a factory reset is a way to go to fix the night vision problem you’re having.

A factory reset will wipe all software configurations that have been made to the camera so far and hopefully solve the problem for good.

Let’s first check how to reset Lorex wired camera:

reset lorex

How To Reset Lorex Hard-Wired Camera?

  1. Disengage the cable that goes into your camera.
  2. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the camera.
  3. While holding the button, reconnect the cable back into the device.
  4. Wait.

How To Reset Wireless Lorex Camera?

  1. Feel the reset button on the touch, underneath the camera.
  2. Press it down and hold it for 15 seconds.
  3. Wait for the camera to blink twice and release the button.
Note: Keep in mind that it is possible to both use wired and wireless cameras. Based on the problem, reset every unit required.

Quick Recap:

To fix the problem with the night vision mode of your Lorex camera, power cycle the device and remove any light sources in the camera’s FOV. Next, move the head part of the camera and relocate the entire unit to a dark place. Finally, reset the camera completely.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Lorex camera night vision not working, we hope that fixing the issue will now be easier for you.

Feel free to check if your warranty is still active and contact Lorex customer support for more help.

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