lg soundbar subwoofer keeps cutting out

Wondering why LG Soundbar Subwoofer keeps cutting out? Let us explain!

LG Soundbars are very popular because of their sound quality and wireless home theater setups.

Sometimes due to weak or interfered connection with the Soundbar, the audio from the Subwoofer keeps cutting out.

Let’s unwrap the query in a single paragraph!

The LG Subwoofer sound is cutting because of many factors, including Bluetooth interference, the distance between both devices, and Outdated Firmware. Sometimes the problem is even in the cable connections so the solution requires a thorough inspection!

Let’s first learn more about when the LG Subwoofer sound will keep cutting out…

Why Does My LG Subwoofer Keep Cutting Out?

The major reason why LG Soundbar Subwoofer audio is cutting out is Bluetooth Interference because the connection has to be strong.

In contrast, the wired Soundbar to Subwoofer systems usually suffers from Loose Cables or Faulty Connection Ports in the audio setup.

Sometimes even incorrect Soundbar software settings may cause the Subwoofer audio interruptions.

This also includes a possibility where the Soundbar software is outdated, and compatibility issues start to kick in. 

One way or another, we’re about to discover what’s causing the audio interruption!

How To Fix LG Soundbar Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out?

how to fix lg soundbar subwoofer

LG Soundbar Subwoofer sound cutting appears mainly due to the connection between both devices.

This is why our guide is designed to address the most obvious solutions first and slowly build our way up to more complex approaches.

Tip: Follow the chronological order of our solutions!

Solution #1 Power Cycle Audio System!

The very first and most commonly attempted method is power circulation.

This is an advanced type of restarting, and we’re going to apply this for both our LG Soundbar and Subwoofer to refresh their functionality.

We’re going to allow the devices to cool down, which will definitely restore the connection between them.

  • Unplug the LG Soundbar and Subwoofer from the source for 2 minutes!

It’s important to wait long enough for both devices to completely discharge.

When you turn the Soundbar and Subwoofer back on, test whether the sound will continue to get interrupted. 

Tip: Test with a few different audio tracks to determine the scale of the issue.

Solution #2 Resolve Bluetooth Interference!

resolve the bluietooth interference

When your Subwoofer is connected to the Soundbar via Bluetooth there are multiple factors of interference that you need to resolve.

Yes, Bluetooth interference is the culprit here!

Here is what could cause Bluetooth interference:

  • Bluetooth Enabled on Other Devices nearby!
  • Large or Obstructed Bluetooth connection distance/path
  • The soundbar is already connected to a smart device!
  • Active Bluetooth in close proximity to the Subwoofer.
  • Wireless devices such as Baby Monitors and Bluetooth Adapters

All you have to do is to find out the devices that are currently connected with Bluetooth and simply turn them off for the rest of this guide.

More devices of this interference nature could also be microwaves, mobile Bluetooth devices, remote toys, and even antennas! 

Quick Fact: The best fix is to relocate your Subwoofer as close as possible to the Soundbar!

Solution #3 Switch To Wired Connection!

switch wired connection

In case your Soundbar and Subwoofer are connected wirelessly, then maybe the wireless connection is the reason that the sound keeps cutting out

All you have to do is to set up your sound system via connection cables. 

The wired connection then doesn’t require Bluetooth, which means that the audio interruption possibilities are minimized to the minimum.

All you need to confirm is the cable’s functionality!

Note: To connect LG Subwoofer to Soundbar you’ll need an optical, HDMI, or AUX cable!

Here is how you can easily setup your Soundbar and Subwoofer via wire:

  1. Turn OFF the Soundbar and Subwoofer.
  2. Unplug the Soundbar.
  3. Connect one end to Soundbar and another end to Subwoofer.
  4. Both devices support Optical Cable, HDMI Cable, and AUX (component) cable.
  5. Plug the Soundbar into the power outlet.
  6. Turn on the Soundbar and Subwoofer.

When you’re ready, play any sound to check that the sound is coming without any interruption.

In case, however, the problem persists even with a wired connection, jump to the next solution!

Tip: Find a cable, (wired) connection for your LG audio system at the bottom of this guide!

Solution #4 Replace Faulty Cable

replace the faulty cable

In case your wired LG Subwoofer system is already set up and still producing interruption in the sound, then there may be an issue with the cable.

If that’s the case then you have to check out the cable’s condition for damage, or the entry ports on both the LG Soundbar and Subwoofer.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to inspecting the wired connection:

  1. Disconnect ALL cables.
  2. Insect the 3.5mm jack on the AUX Cable.
  3. Make sure that HDMI ports are not obstructed.
  4. Tightly secure an Optical cable on both ends.
  5. Switch the cable’s sides!
  6. Use different entry ports on your Soundbar or Subwoofer.

Another thing that you have to take into account is that you can always switch from one type of connection to another.

In case the LG Subwoofer is still cutting the audio, it’s time to proceed with the more effective solutions!

Note: Any cables that appear to be damaged should be replaced and not tested!

Solution #5 Update Soundbar Firmware

update the firmware

In case you have tried all the above methods but still, an LG Sound bar Subwoofer cutting out, then it’s time to Update the Firmware.

The updates are necessary for systems to prevent any glitches and system bugs such as audio interruptions.

In such cases, the problem is often related to the Soundbar rather than the Subwoofer.

This is why we need to update the “brain”, hence, the Soundbar to stop the Subwoofer from cutting.

Update Soundbar via LG Music Flow App:

  1. Download the LG Soundbar Music Flow app.
  2. Connect your Soundbar to the app.
  3. Tap on the app Menu > Settings.
  4. Check if the version info says “Outdated”.
  5. Click on the Update option.
  6. When the update is complete, your Soundbar will restart.

Update LG Soundbar via PC/ Laptop

update soundbar via laptop
  1. On the Official LG, the Website goes to the Support tab.
  2. Tap on Software & Drivers.
  3. Enter your Soundbar Model Number.
  4. Download the file that appears.
  5. Rename the file according to the format model_module.
  6. Plug the USB into your PC and format it to FAT32.
  7. Copy the file into the USB drive.
  8. Turn on your Soundbar and press the USB function key.
  9. Insert the USB into the Soundbar.
  10. You will hear the message “Upgrade”.
  11. Press the Play button to start the update.

With the most-recent Firmware version installed on your Soundbar, connect to the Subwoofer via a wired or wireless connection.

We hope that now the sound will not be interrupted.

Solution #6 Factory Reset The Soundbar!

factory reset soundbar

In case you’ve attempted all of the previous solutions but the LG Subwoofer is still outputting the sound with interruptions, it’s time to perform a Factory Reset.

We will apply the method, again, on the LG Soundbar, the heart of your system. The LG Subwoofer cannot be reset.

Here is how to factory reset the LG Soundbar in easy steps:

  1. Turn ON the LG Soundbar.
  2. Press and hold the Input + Bluetooth buttons. 
  3. Hold simultaneously for 15 seconds
  4. The Soundbar will start resetting.
  5. Be patient until the Soundbar restarts.

After the reset, your Soundbar will be disconnected from the Subwoofer in case you’re using Bluetooth.

You would need to pair back the devices or connect them via a wired connection!

Note: Check whether the audio interruptions are not related to the source device!

Need Help?

need some help

Keep in mind that the LG Support Team is available to help you out.

Approach them and share what’s happening with your system and what troubleshooting methods you have already tried.

They can assist you in solving your problem!

Quick Recap:

Thus, when the LG Soundbar Subwoofer sound is cutting out, resolve any Bluetooth interference or inspect the cables. We’ve also learned that updating the Soundbar’s firmware is important and in case nothing helps, we need to perform Factory Reset.

Final Thoughts:

In this guide, we have discussed why LG Soundbar Subwoofer keeps cutting out and how you can easily fix it within minutes.

We hope that this guide was helpful and to discover more LG Soundbar Subwoofer solution guides, check our blog!

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