lg sound bar best settings

What are the LG sound bar best settings? This is a good question!

The very best settings for an LG soundbar always depend on the user and any personal preferences.

However, moreover, the best settings are also based on the user’s setup and the type of content that is most frequently streamed.

Let’s unwrap more!

The best possible settings for the LG soundbar are the equalizer settings involving the bass and treble which should be confirmed accordingly. Another essential is the Audio Mode, which should be configured based on user preference and type of content.

Let’s next review some key aspects during the LG soundbar installation!

LG Soundbar Best Setup Installation!

the lg best setup

Before adjusting the LG soundbar settings, it’s important to make sure that we’ve set up the device correctly.

The audio quality of your soundbar can and will be impacted by a bad setup installation, positioning, audio cables, and more!

Here are the most important factors to follow during the LG soundbar installation:

  1. Use HDMI ARC instead of Optical cable for better audio quality sound!
  2. Align any connected devices’ audio settings with your LG soundbar.
  3. MUTE your TV to prevent doubling the audio!
  4. Use only the standard frequency range for the equalizer (45-50hz).
  5. Do NOT cover your soundbar underneath furniture!
  6. Use a wide-open space for any third-party connected speakers.

In case you’ve made any mistakes or there is more configuration to do, be sure to carry this part out, before continuing any further.

Next, we’re going to unwrap ALL audio settings for your LG soundbar and describe what they mean and what you should enable them!

Let’s jump right in!

What Are The Best Settings for LG Sound Bar Setup?

the best setting for lg

Some of the best settings for LG soundbars involve mandatory states, while others are based on what the user prefers and the type of streaming content.

However, it’s best to go over ALL of the settings, learn what they do and decide for yourself how to adjust them.

Note: Go to the cogwheel (Settings) > Sound > Sound Mode Settings!

Night Mode – *ENABLED*

We all know how frustrating it is when we are watching shows late at night and suddenly have to jump off the couch to quickly lower the volume to prevent waking up someone.

The Night Mode is a great feature to enable since it will keep the high tones lower during the night.

This way any jumpscares, explosions, and other sounds that are usually waking us up will be lowered to the pre-set volume without high peaks.

We recommend enabling the Night Mode!

Audio Mode – *User Based*

The LG Soundbar offers a few different audio modes, where there are no best settings, in fact, we need to learn what each of them means.

Therefore we can then choose the one that suits us the best and dynamically change this mode, based on what we’re about to watch.

These are the available audio modes on the LG soundbar:


a standard mode

The best mode if you don’t want to ever go back and switch to another!


The best audio sync is perfectly suitable for TV shows and movies.


Enhances the audio experience for an immersive musical environment.

#Bass Blast

Boosts the bass and it’s perfect for music with lower tones.


Perfect mode with a bit of dull sound, for the best gaming experience.


The Adaptive Sound Control automatically switches between modes.

Based on our preferences these are the  LG sound bar best settings.

We can either select one mode and stick with our choice or frequently get into the settings and choose the one that suits the occasion best.

It’s all user-based.

Dolby Audio & Surround Sound – *User Based*

the doldby audio sound

Again, Dolby Audio is optional since you’ll be able to hear the difference only when watching content that actually supports the settings.

The only downside is that the Dolby settings on your LG sound bar will only be accessible when you’re using Standard Audio Mode.

For example, many TV shows on Netflix and other streaming platforms have supportability descriptions in the settings.

This is how you can know when to enable and disable the Dolby Atmos and surround sound settings due to the Standard Mode only limitation.

Note: The Dolby Audio & Surround delivers three-dimensional audio with pre-set settings for watching cinema.

Audio Volume – *User Based*

We assume that you don’t need an explanation of what the volume does when low or high, so we’re going to jump straight to some of the essentials.

The higher volume can sometimes disturb any connected speakers so based on the content, the volume might need tweaking!

an audio volume

Users need to dynamically change the volume based on the occasion and raise the audio when listening to a dialogue or wanting to hear something from another room.

Audio Source– *HDMI*

As we’ve previously mentioned it’s recommended to use HDMI over Optical cable for a better audio experience.

However, the Audio Source on your LG soundbar determines from which input your device will start the playout.

If you’re connecting a mobile device via Bluetooth or AUX, you’ll need to change from HDMI to the respective source.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to hear the playout that is inputting!

Now that we have an understanding of all basic options, let’s check the equalizer settings!

LG Soundbar Equalizer Settings – Best Options!

the lg soundbar equalizer

We are now down to the last and most important LG soundbar settings.

The parameters in the equalizer settings control some of the most important aspects of the audio so let’s learn more!

Treble – *High Sensitivity (+5)*

You might stumble upon an option called “treble” and users often wonder what that means.

Well, this is an audio setting that can highly impact the quality of the LG soundbar sound so it’s important to understand its purpose.

Low-Sensitivity Treble:

When you set the treble to low sensitivity the sound will become a bit dull, and a lot less crisp, which sometimes makes users reset ALL settings because of this.

The Low sensitivity treble is meant for alarms, camera observation, and other not-so-audio-demanding purposes.

High-Sensitivity Treble:

a high sensitivity treble

We strongly suggest setting higher sensitivity on your treble option to have a more diverse sound experience with more deep and clear noises.

You can test switching the treble sensitivity while watching your favorite show to determine how to adjust the settings as per your desires.

Bass – *Low Sensitivity* (-5)

We assume that all of you know what bass means and how bass affects the audio.

The higher bass sensitivity will be okay for occasions when you’re only listening to music, having a party or you simply wanna make the windows resonate.

Whenever watching movies, TV shows, and news, we strongly recommend setting the bass to a lower sensitivity (-5).

With this setting any of the content you’re watching won’t be without any bass and also won’t be troublesome to listen in a calm environment and in a quiet room.

Quick Recap:

Hence the LG sound bar best settings vary on user preference but some of them such as the Equalizer require lower bass and higher sensitivity treble.

The Audio mode could be set to Standard for the best experience on ALL contents or manually changed.

We hope that this guide was truly helpful for you and for more relevant content, check our blog!

Nicole B