how to connect lg soundbar to tv without optical cable

Wondering how to connect LG soundbar to TV without optical cable? Well, we are thrilled to inform you that there is more than one alternative way to hook up your LG soundbar to almost any TV.

There are, however, some important requirements that you need to know for each connection method so keep reading to unveil everything you need to know.

To connect an LG soundbar to almost any TV you can use HDMI cable, coaxial cable, headphones jack, and Bluetooth if it is supported.

You will need to locate the corresponding TV input to connect the cable that you should also have to hook up the soundbar.

We’re going to describe each approach and how to do it properly so you won’t have any trouble even if you don’t have an optical cable.

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How To Connect LG Soundbar to TV Without Optical Cable?

If you don’t have an optical cable or it does not work for you, here we will go over all other methods to hook up an LG soundbar to any TV in your household.


To ensure that the connection between your soundbar and TV will be reliable we recommend disconnecting all other devices connected to your TVs such as gaming consoles, computers, and audio devices.

Connect LG Soundbar Using HDMI

Before you take your HDMI cable and connect both ends to your TV and soundbar, you should take your time to research the compatibility first.

HDMI connection uses HDMI-ARC that stands for ‘Audio Return Channel’ and it basically allows data transfer back and forth.

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Simply search your TV model in Google and check if it does support HDMI-ARC.

Then you can connect your soundbar and check if the audio output is working well. Moreover, there is a Simplink Function that you should be aware of when using HDMI.

How To Use a Simplink Function?

This feature allows you to control your soundbar using your TV remote. Only basic commands would be available such as on/off or volume up/down.

This feature is usually found in the TV settings but if you’re having a hard time locating it, feel free to search online for the specific TV model that you’re using.

If you’re wondering how to connect soundbar to LG TV without HDMI, jump right to our next type of connection.

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Connect LG Soundbar Using Coaxial Cable

connect lg soundbar to tv without optical cable

The Coaxial Cable is really close to the digital optical cable but there is one difference.

Using the optical cable you might be subject to interference due to the conversion of electrical signal into optical.

However, the coaxial cable solves this issue, and using one you can count on reliable and high-quality audio output. The connector type is coaxial circular which differs from the square connector with the optical cable.

Check the back panel of your TV to find out if there is support for coaxial cable and if there is, the only thing left that you need is the cable itself.

Connect LG Soundbar Using Headphones Jack

If you didn’t know by now, almost every TV (even the older models) has a headphones jack audio output somewhere on the side or back panel.

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Your LG soundbar should have a jack on the back where all ports are labeled “port in” or “3.5mm line out”.

Acquire a cable with both ends having a jack and simply plug one end in your LG soundbar and the other end in your TV.

It is important to remember that most of the TVs have two separate audio line outputs. One is for your TV in built speakers (HDMI, coaxial cable, and wireless overlap it), and the other for headphones.

By pressing the volume button on your remote and immediately after the left or right arrow key, you should be able to switch between the audio outputs.

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When using Jack to connect your LG sound bar you need to have selected your headphone’s audio output where the volume control is separated from your TV’s speakers volume.

Connect LG Soundbar Using RCA

For the ones of you that do not know what RCA is, you will probably recognize it by the red and white-headed connectors.

To establish a connection using RCA you would need to plug the white head in the white socket and the red in the red socket of your TV.

The other end of the cable is a 3.5mm jack so it goes into the “port in” port of your LG soundbar.

Don’t forget to adjust the headphones volume as in our previous method as we’re speaking for the second audio line here again.

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This is how to connect Soundbar to the TV without HDMI or optical cable. In case you’re using an LG TV as well, the next type of connection would be just for you!

Connect LG Soundbar Using Bluetooth

Unfortunately, this method is possible only if you are using an LG TV along with your LG soundbar.

There is a feature called Sound Sync and it does work only on LG compatible LG devices. If you’re lucky to have an LG TV you can use Sound Sync to create your setup wire-free.

Here is how to use Sound Sync:

  1. Press the Home button on your TV remote.
  2. Go to Settings and click on Sound.
  3. Select Sound Out and change from “TV Speakers” to “LG Sound Sync Wireless”.
  4. Next, press on Device Selection and wait for your soundbar to be discovered.
  5. Select the name of your soundbar (by default it would be the soundbar model).
  6. Click on the little circle next to your soundbar’s name.
At this point, your soundbar name should appear under Paired Devices which means that Sound Sync is now fully active and your device is now hooked up. 

Test if your sound is working as intended.

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Last Thoughts

We hope that now you know how to connect LG soundbar to TV without optical cable and at least one of the connection methods should have worked for you.

In case you’re having trouble with connecting your soundbar to the TV, feel free to navigate our blog to find out many solutions for issues related to your soundbar.