how to reset lg sound bar without remote

How to reset LG sound bar without remote? That is a very common question since remote controls might fail, or you might eventually lose them.

Plus, suppose the batteries run out, and every nearby shop is closed. Then you have to use what you got: the soundbar itself.

You can try a few button combinations to reset the LG sound bar without a remote, and each of them should reset the device immediately. Of course, a hard reset is also possible, requiring you to eliminate all connections.

The guide below will walk you through all the known methods to reset an LG soundbar without the remote control.

That way, you will not depend on the remote control anymore, whether it is broken or you’ve lost it.

You must remember that resetting a device will erase your favorite settings. 

How To Reset LG Sound Bar Without Remote

how reset lg soundbar without a remote

You will most likely need to reset your soundbar if you are having trouble associating it with another device.

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In addition, you’ll notice that your sound bar isn’t working correctly. Currently, resetting your soundbar should solve the problem.

Other software problems, such as blinking lights, incorrect settings, or just attempting new options, may be remedied by resetting the device.

If you’ve come this far and decided a reset is needed and don’t have the remote control anymore, check the methods below. We will list all methods of resetting.

Method #1: Press Input And Bluetooth Buttons

press the input buttons

It turns out that there is more than one LG soundbar reset method when you don’t have the remote control anymore.

It is amazing how many ways you can reset a single device. LG probably foresaw that many customers would lose or break the remote control. 

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A very common among those methods is using the input and Bluetooth buttons.

Usually, we find those in the control panel, around the sides or back of the soundbar. 

Even though there are many soundbar models, you must be able to find those buttons easily, whatever your model is.

The only issue is if this method does not work for your specific model. However, if it doesn’t, then you can check the other methods!

Alright, after telling you a few necessary info, let’s get into the steps:

  1. Locate the Bluetooth and input buttons
  2. Press both buttons for 10 seconds
  3. Release them and wait for a reboot

When the soundbar becomes available for use again, anything wrong with it should’ve been fixed. You can test pairing new devices again.

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If pressing both buttons did nothing to your soundbar, you must check the other methods below.

Note: Perhaps you are resetting because of a single problem. Resetting can also prevent future problems!

Method #2: Press Power And Bluetooth Buttons

press power and bluetooth buttons

Yet again, another method relies on the Bluetooth button. We are not sure why the Bluetooth button is overused for this function.

Still, at least all methods are similar, so you can remember them easily.

Suppose the method above did not work. Worse, your input button is not functioning correctly.

In that case, you must try the following:

  1. Find the Bluetooth as well as the power button (on/off)
  2. Hold them for 10 seconds at least
  3. Release the buttons
  4. Wait for the reboot
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Once the device is reset, you can start setting everything up again.

Tip: Resetting a device might eliminate all your configurations, according to how the manufacturer determines the reset. Thus, note down the important settings you want to restore later.

Method #3: Press The Power And Volume Down Buttons

press the power and volume down

Okay, so this time, you will not use the Bluetooth button. Instead, the button combination is a bit different.

But, even if it is different, it is very easy to grasp nonetheless.

So, if none of the methods above have worked on your soundbar, the one we will show here should do the trick!

Here is how to proceed:

  1. Locate the power (on/off) button
  2. Also, find the volume down button
  3. Press those buttons for 10 seconds
  4. Release them
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Once you release the buttons, the device must reboot automatically. After rebooting, it might have lost all of your favorite settings.

It is good news if that has happened because it means the reset has worked.

Method #4: Hard Reset

hard reset the soundbar

The methods above are already considered ways of resetting your LG soundbar.

However, there is still one more method that is considered by many a way of “hard resetting.”

What changes about it is that it should force your soundbar to return to factory settings.

Remember, those factory settings were the settings the soundbar had when it was new, freshly outside the box.

So, again, we recommend you remember/take note of your favorite settings before resetting.

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Are you ready to reset the LG soundbar and put it back to work properly? Then there are the steps:

  1. Disconnect all cables from the LG soundbar
  2. Unplug it from the power source
  3. Make all devices forget the Bluetooth connection to the soundbar
  4. Hold the power button for 15 seconds
  5. Wait a bit
  6. Turn it on again

How To Forget A Bluetooth Device

forget a bluetooth device

Step 3 requires you to erase the soundbar connection from all devices that were up until now connected to it.

Suppose you don’t remember how to do that. That is no problem, as we can help you quickly:

  1. Find the Bluetooth settings on your phone/TV/other smart devices
  2. There will be a list of paired devices
  3. Find the LG soundbar
  4. Click on it (on an Android phone, you might have to hold it)
  5. Choose to forget
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This procedure is terrifically useful when Bluetooth settings are acting weird.

For example, sometimes, an already paired device will not connect. In that case, forget it and do the pairing again!

Note: If your device has the hard reset option, it is the most trustworthy one.It will get the device back to work quickly.

Method #5: Reset Through Your Phone

reset through the phone

LG soundbars offer a dedicated app that allows you to do plenty of things. That includes resetting the soundbar when it is not working properly.

Here are the steps for the procedure:

  1. Open your LG Sound Bar app
  2. Find the connected devices
  3. Tap the soundbar you want to reset
  4. Look through all configurations until you find “reset”
  5. Tap it and wait for the reset
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Since the sound bar is being reset, it might lose its connection to your phone too.

After it, you must pair the sound bar again via Bluetooth so you can control it from the app.

Note: If Bluetooth is malfunctioning, this procedure might not work since it requires Bluetooth.


How to reset LG sound bar without remote? Doing that is possible after you discover that multiple button combinations can reset your soundbar.

That means you don’t depend exclusively on the remote control to perform such a crucial function!