how to get netflix on spectrum

Wondering how to get Netflix on Spectrum? Well, it’s simple so keep reading!

Getting Netflix on a Spectrum TV or cable box is easy as long as you know where to look. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a complete tutorial on how to get Netflix in any scenario possible.

To get Netflix on Spectrum TV or set-top-box, start by checking whether the application is already installed on your Spectrum streaming device.

If not, go to channel 2001 to enter and sign in to Netflix to start streaming on your Spectrum setup!

Let’s continue to unwrap more essentials!

Spectrum TV Service / Cable Box & Netflix!

Let’s unwrap the most important as concisely as possible.

Does Spectrum TV have Netflix?

In short, the answer is – No.

Spectrum TV and Internet services do not include a free Netflix membership, but users that are also subscribed to Spectrum and Netflix can watch directly from the Guide.

If you have a Spectrum service cable connected to a Smart TV, you can easily watch Netflix in many ways!

spectrum tv service cable box and netflix

Do I Need to be Registered?

Yes, even if you access Netflix on your Spectrum cable box or Spectrum TV service, you would still need to be a member.

The Netflix services and cost will not appear on your Spectrum bill, instead, you pay separately and will be able to access Netflix on all devices, not only Spectrum.

How to Get Netflix on Spectrum Cable Box?

There are 3 general ways to acquire the Netflix application on your Spectrum TV or set-top box, which involve different aspects and features.

It’s important to know that some of the settings and menus might not align with your Spectrum equipment and if so, test all different methods!

1. Search for the Netflix App!

search for the netflix app

In case you didn’t know, some Spectrum set-top boxes come with a pre-installed Netflix app, which already exists in the menu.

To find out whether your Spectrum TV box does support Netflix as a factory-installed app, you would need to search in the menu!

  1. Using the Spectrum remote, press the Menu button!
  2. Then, navigate, highlight, and select the “Apps” icon.
  3. Next, simply locate the Netflix application to enter.
  4. Alternatively, you can select Search and type “Netflix”.

If you’re unable to locate a pre-installed Netflix app on your Spectrum set-top box, then perhaps the app is not supported.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get Netflix so keep on reading!

2. Access Netflix in the Guide

Another helpful way that many people find more convenient than others is to simply find Netflix in the Spectrum guide and launch from there.

access netflix in the guide

The procedure is simple, you only need to take the remote and go to channel 2001 to select Netflix from the guide or miniguide.

You will then be prompted to sign into your account to continue with the in-app exploration and streaming so make sure to do so.

When you’re done, tap on the “OK” button and you’re done, ready to experience Netflix on your Spectrum cable box.

Info: Even though you’re accessing the Netflix app from your Spectrum TV box, the subscription is a separate feature, and for more help, you need to visit Netflix Support.

3. Bypass Spectrum Equipment

bypass spectrum equipment

There is no other way to get Netflix on the Spectrum cable box, so we’re here to give you a tip!

You don’t necessarily need to use your Spectrum equipment to watch Netflix, instead, you can use your TV, console, computer, or even your smartphone.

Don’t rush to conclusions, we’re still using the big TV screen to watch Netflix, only without your Spectrum set-top box involved.

Here are some pretty good and helpful ideas:

Use a Streaming Device!

You can use any streaming device such as Firestick, Roku player, PlayStation, Xbox, and other Netflix-enabled devices to download and install the Netflix app.

From there you only need to connect the streaming device via HDMI cable to the TV and select the correct source.

This way you can Netflix on your big TV screen, without your Spectrum equipment involved.

Stream Netflix over WiFi
stream netflix over wifi

If you’ve got a Smart TV with a Spectrum service cable, you can still connect to the WiFi, which means that you should be able to screen mirror from an Android phone.

This way by having the Netflix app installed on your mobile, you can share screen and watch on your Spectrum TV.

Connect a Computer/Laptop

Perhaps the easiest way to get Netflix on a Spectrum TV would be by connecting a computer or a laptop that has access to 2 things – an online browser and the internet.

From there, make the Spectrum TV a computer screen via HDMI cable and stream Netflix from –

How to Get Netflix on Spectrum Smart TV?

how to get netflix on spectrum smart tv

If you have a Smart TV with a Spectrum service cable, first check whether the Netflix app is set and installed already.

If not, then you can simply download Netflix from the TV dedicated app store, which is available for almost all smart TVs.

How to Get Netflix on Old TV?

In case you’re unable to download the Netflix app on your Spectrum TV, simply use the TV as a monitor for a streaming device.

This doesn’t require internet on the TV, meaning you can use any television as long as there is an HDMI input on the back.

Netflix on Spectrum TV (No WiFi)?

Another really helpful method to watch Netflix on Spectrum TV would be by using a USB flash drive.

This is the local method of streaming and only requires at least an 8GB flash drive and locally downloaded episodes from Netflix. 

How to Get Netflix on Spectrum Remote?

how to get netflix on spectrum remote

Unfortunately, Spectrum does not allow users to bind specific buttons to specific applications, which many people wonder whether it’s possible.

Well, with a Spectrum remote you can get a Netflix button to access the app with only one press.

  • Fortunately, you can simply go to 2001, which is convenient enough!

Universal Remote with Netflix Button?

Well, another way to access Netflix super quickly on your Spectrum TV would be by pairing a universal remote with an inbuilt Netflix button.

These remotes also include many other dedicated buttons for various apps such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and much more!

Note: You can select and purchase a universal remote with a Netflix button online!

How to Exit Netflix on Spectrum?

how to exit netflix on spectrum

Now that we’ve learned all about getting Netflix on Spectrum, we can easily exit the app by hitting the back button on the Spectrum remote.

This will take us to the home screen from where we can access Netflix again by going into the menu on the left and selecting “Apps”.

  • How to Sign Out from Netflix on Spectrum?

Signing out from the app is important, and to exit from your Netflix account on Spectrum equipment, go to the Gear Icon using the remote.

From there you will be prompted to select the Sign Out button and by tapping on “Yes” you will confirm that you would like to sing out.

Note: You won’t be able to continue streaming Netflix on Spectrum without an active account!
  • Cancel your Netflix Subscription Through Spectrum?

No, you can’t cancel your Netflix monthly billing from your Spectrum equipment nor from your smartphone, TV app, console app, or any other “app”.

The Netflix subscription can only be managed through a computer browser, hence from the official Netflix website.

On your Spectrum equipment, you can only sign in, watch and sing out.

The Netflix Features on Spectrum Equipment

netflix features on spectrum equipment

When you have Netflix on your Spectrum equipment you would be able to interact with the player in many ways and utilize quite a few features.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Navigation – Stop/Pause/Forward/Reverse
  • Subtitles – only for supported languages!
  • Resolution – HD resolution for high quality.
  • Parental Controls – allowances for restrictions.

In addition, on your Spectrum equipment, you would be able to select a Netflix profile to stream through and change at any point.

Everything else remains the same as the Netflix app on any other streaming platform.

Quick Recap:

Here we’ve learned how to get Netflix on Spectrum in all possible ways and how to get the Netflix app even without the Spectrum equipment.

This is why based on your case, find Netflix in the Spectrum guide or use an external streaming device for this purpose.

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