how to get netflix on spectrum

Wondering how to get Netflix on Spectrum? You have come to the right post. Here, you will get familiar with how to access Netflix through your Spectrum and enjoy the variety of movies and TV shows this app offers. The method isn’t hard at all, so keep reading in order to learn how to do it properly and avoid unnecessary complications.

The best way to connect the Netflix app to your Spectrum is quite simple. All you have to do is click the menu button on your remote and select “Apps”. Afterward, find where the Netflix app is and select it.

Finally, enter password and you’re done, the Netflix app should be set up on your Spectrum.

Let us dive into the steps in details!

How to Get Netflix on Spectrum Cable Box?

how to get netflix on spectrum cable box

Getting Netflix on your Spectrum cable box is not a hard task at all. The process doesn’t really differ from logging in via other devices. All you have to do is enter your credentials and hit the log-in button. Although it might not make a difference at first, Netflix on Spectrum could offer some exciting features that would definitely make your Netflix experience more enjoyable.

Here are some methods that are proven to work:

Method #1. Connecting Through the Menu

This simple method will allow you to access Netflix using the provided Spectrum menu and navigate easily throughout the app. Follow the steps below in order to properly connect and set up Netflix on your Spectrum cable box:

  • Grab your remote and press the menu button
  • Select the “App” icon
  • Highlight the Netflix app and press “OK” on your remote
  • Once you have successfully entered the Netflix app, if you still have not logged in, enter your Netflix account credentials and hit “Sign in
  • Finally, the Netflix app should be set up and ready to go

Method #2. Signing in Through the Channels 2001 or 1002

Some users might find this method more efficient and easier to apply, but others might stick to the above-described way. Both methods actually address the inquiry “how to set up Netflix on Spectrum?” and if you did not succeed with the previous method, we got you covered.

Follow the steps below in order to set up your Netflix using channels 2001 and 1002:

  • Grab your Remote and choose channel 2001 or 1002
  • Press the “OK” button on your remote and enter the Netflix app
  • In case you aren’t registered, select the “Sign up” and start your subscription
  • If you are already a member, hit the “Sign-in” button and enter your Netflix account credentials
  • Press “OK” and you are done!

We hope this method worked for you and if you are still not able to connect your Netflix app to Spectrum, we recommend trying both methods again. It is highly likely that you’ve missed an important step.

In contrast, if you managed to get Netflix on your Spectrum, you can now enjoy high-quality movies and TV shows, without worrying the app could crash or stump upon an unexpected error.

Netflix on Spectrum could be quite efficient as for a small monthly subscription, you get an amazing handful of features and other useful options that would make your watching sessions more enjoyable.

What Are the Netflix Features on Spectrum?

Not only that you get access to the most popular online streaming services, but for this approachable monthly subscription price, you get a bunch of useful Netflix features. You will enjoy high-resolution streaming with great navigation and a range of audio and subtitles options.

If you are still wondering how to set up Netflix on Spectrum, make sure to go back in the article and re-read our methods.

On the other hand, if you managed to get the Netflix app on Spectrum, let’s see what are the features you get.

HD Resolution

One of the best features you will enjoy is the great resolution this set-top box will provide you with. As long as you are using stable and high-speed internet, you will be able to unlimitedly stream content in great quality without frustrating interruptions.


On your Spectrum set-top box, Netflix will display movies and TV shows depending on your recent watches and preferences. One of the best things about these features is that you can add movies or TV shows in the “My List” paragraph where you can watch them later.

This way you will never run out of content to enjoy and watch. Although, before benefiting from these features, make sure that you are acknowledged on how to install Netflix on Spectrum and you are familiar with anything bound with the process.

Audio & Subtitles

Many Netflix users can’t enjoy some movies or TV shows because of the disadvantage of their preferred audio and subtitle options. Should we even mention the language barrier? The truth is that a lot of people in foreign countries cannot enjoy Netflix just because there are no subtitles nor audio in their language.

However, on Spectrum you don’t have to worry about that, they got you covered. But keep in mind that in order to do so, you have to access the currently streaming video and change the audio and subtitles to your preferred ones. At least they are there…

Parental Controls

However, if your kids have access to the app, and you do not want them to see any inappropriate or violent content, you can easily forbid their access to that content by enabling parental controls.

In order to do so, you must navigate in the Netflix app’s options and find an option called “Parental Control”. Next, set up a strong password, and keep your kids safe from violent content.

The way it works is that it will require your password each time a show with an age restriction tag is selected.

How to Exit Netflix Via Spectrum?

Okay, you are now logged in and watched some of your favorite TV shows, but how to exit the app? Making a strong password is of great importance and exiting Netflix in the right way is also a key step. If you don’t follow this process carefully, there is a great possibility that your account credentials might get stolen, so keep reading as we are listing two efficient methods for you to follow down below.

Method #1

Once familiar with how to install Netflix on Spectrum, it is now time to exit the app, and the first method represents signing out. We know that it could be really annoying signing out during you’re sleepy or ultimately bored, but following these guides will protect your account information and make sure there isn’t any danger from hacking.

  • Go back to the Netflix “Home Screen
  • Hit the “Back” button on your remote and if apparently there isn’t one or you can’t find it just click the “Last” button
  • Choose the “Gear Icon” from the options and hit the “Sign Out” button
  • Press “Yes” to continue

Method #2

The other method will also protect your information upon exiting without actually signing out. 

The steps include:

  • Go to the “Home” screen on Netflix
  • Hit the “Back” button
  • Click the “Gear Icon
  • Press “Exit
  • Confirm the action by clicking the “OK” on the prompt that appears

Following these steps will definitely keep your account credentials safe from any strangers and will also protect the currently saved data on your account. We know it could be frustrating to bother exiting Netflix like that and not just turning the TV’s power off, but considering the accounts stolen reports, we highly recommend it.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you have a better understanding of how to get Netflix on Spectrum and any questions you had about the cable box are now answered. Enjoying all the Spectrum benefits you will never regret your subscription.

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