hisense tv picture problems

Experiencing Hisense TV picture problems? In most cases, the issue is typically approached by simply restarting their TV.

If the picture problem does not cease after a reboot, keep reading because we’re about to review the most advanced troubleshooting solutions!

Picture problems on Hisense TV usually occur whenever there’s a problem with one of the external devices or some of the cable connections are loose.

It is also possible that corrupted or outdated firmware is causing the distortion in the TV’s picture.

Let’s read further!

What Causes Hisense TV Problems With Picture?

what causes hisense tv problems with picture
  1. Corrupted Hisense TV software/firmware
  2. Issues with the television’s power supply
  3. Incorrect or faulty TV TV HDMI input port
  4. Defective TV hardware or peripherals
  5. Loose TV cables or third-party wires
  6. Malfunctions with third-party devices

The Types of Picture Problems

Based on the symptoms of your Hisense TV, we could rule out the potential possibilities for issues with the picture.

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Unusual behavior with the TV’ screen is observed when:

  • The TV of Hisense TV goes totally blank
  • The image is pixelating or breaking at random spots
  • The color gamma of the display radically changes
  • The image on the TV is out of proportion
Info: Recognizing the picture problem of your Hisense will help greatly in troubleshooting!

8 Easy Ways to Fix Hisense TV Picture Problems!

1. Cycle the TV’s Power!

cycle the tv's power

It’s possible that a temporal fault with the TV’s power supply is causing the screen to flicker, freeze or go out of proportion.

A quick method to refresh the power supply is to perform a power cycle on the TV, by unplugging it from the power for several minutes.

Follow these instructions to power cycle your Hisense TV:

  1. Press the power button on the Hisense remote to shut down the TV.
  2. Unplug the power cord of the Hisense TV from the electrical outlet.
  3. Wait for several minutes, until your TV feels cold to the touch.
  4. Reconnect the power cable of the Hisense TV into the outlet.
Note: The power cycle also helps with overheating issues during the hot seasons of the year, as it greatly drops the temperature of your TV!

2. Renew the TV Software

renew the tv software

The software of your Hisense TV may be one of the major causes of issues with the picture or display.

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If the firmware version is outdated or some of the software files got corrupted, you must perform a System Update to resolve the problem with the display of the TV!

Here’s how to “System Update” your Hisense TV:

  1. Using your TV’s remote, navigate into Settings.
  2. Head into the “Device Preferences” section.
  3. Press “About” to access the firmware tab.
  4. Choose “System Update” from the options.
  5. Wait for your Hisense TV to start the update.
Info: Your Hisense TV’s firmware update may last up to 5 minutes, based on performance!

3. Adjust the TV’s Picture Settings

adjust the tv's picture settings

There is a section within the Hisense settings that allows for advanced adjustment of the TV’s picture settings.

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Optimizations such as the Picture Mode, Brightness, Backlight, Contrast, and Sharpness can be adjusted from your TV’s picture settings menu!

How To Access Hisense TV Picture Settings:

  • Quick Menu > Settings > Picture! 

How To Adjust Hisense TV Picture Settings?

Here are the recommended picture settings for stable display performance on your TV:

  • Picture Mode: Cinema/Movie
  • Brightness – Set at 50%
  • Contrast – Set at 100%
  • Sharpness – Set at 0%
  • Hue/Tint – Set at 0%
  • Backlight – Use a low setting
  • Color Temperature/Tone: Set to “Warm”
Info: Keep in mind that most of these settings are usually adjusted to the user’s personal preferences and style of viewing!

4. Use a Different TV Input

use a different tv input

Using an external device on your Hisense TV connected via HDMI could cause interference with the display.

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If the input (or the HDMI cable) is having fluctuations, you may see the display of your Hisense TV flashing, freezing, or distorting with the sound also going out.

  • Some external devices could also connect via coax, component cables, or RCA

Available TV Inputs On Hisense TV:

Note: Keep in mind that the number of ports varies on TV model and type!
Input typeHDMIRCAVGAEthernet
Number of ports1-2 input ports1 input port1 input port1 input port

How to Use Different Input Port On Hisense TV:

  1. Identify what type of cable the external device uses.
  2. Disconnect the cable of the third-party video device.
  3. Locate an alternative available port, of the same type.
  4. Connect the video cable of the device to the other port.
Alert: To view the broadcast of the external device in the new port, you must switch to the corresponding source from the TV source menu!

5. Unplug All Third-Party Devices

unplug all third party devices

If the problem doesn’t cease with switching to an alternative video input, it’s possible that there’s a problem with the third-party device.

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To verify if your Hisense TV’s picture problems are caused externally (by another device), disconnect all external appliances and then test!

  • Unplug all devices associated with HDMI, VGA, or Component cables
Info: Keep all of the external devices unplugged as long as you’re testing!

6. Fix Issues with the Power

It is possible that your Hisense TV is having power problems causing picture problems with the display.

fix issues with the power

There are multiple clever methods to approach power issues with your TV by checking the cables, power equipment, and the third-party electricity source!

How to Fix Issues with Power On Hisense TV:

Tighten the power cord

Make sure that the power adapter of your Hisense TV is securely plugged into the power source.

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Remove power adapter obstacles

Clean any debris or remove obstructions from the power port on your Hisense TV

Use a different power source

Connect the Hisense TV to an alternative electrical outlet, available in your household

Tip: Test the current power source of your Hisense TV by connecting a phone charger and then plugging your phone!

7. Revert Settings On Hisense to Factory Defaults!

revert settings on hisense to factory default

Perhaps, the picture problems with your Hisense TV are occurring due to issues with the software.

Damaged or corrupted software is highly likely to cause distortions in the picture, blur the display in some spots, and even make the screen black!

Follow these steps to factory reset your Hisense TV:

  1. Open the Settings of your Hisense TV.
  2. Navigate into the “About TV” section.
  3. Choose “Restore to Factory Default”.
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to reset the device!
Info: Your Hisense TV should be reset for about 1-2 minutes, after which, it will reboot and be ready to go!

Ways to Fix Hisense Roku TV Picture Problems?

Fortunately, the picture problems a regular Hisense TV could have and the Hisense Roku model are similar.

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Before we proceed with the extra solutions, make sure you have tried the 7 methods from the guide above to check if they will work on your Hisense Roku TV!

1. Clear the Roku TV Cache

clear the roku tv cache

Here’s how to clear the cache on Hisense Roku:

  1. Press “Home” on the remote 5 times.
  2. Press “Up Arrow” once.
  3. Press “Rewind” twice.
  4. Press “Fast Forward” twice.
Note: Clearing the cache of your Hisense Roku TV regularly will boost the performance!

2. Examine the TV Backlight

If the backlight is defective, an onset of issues may occur with the display/picture of the device. To examine the backlight, it’s necessary that the screen of your TV is pitch black!

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examine the tv backlight
Tip: Use your phone’s flashlight to test the backlight of the Hisense Roku TV!

Here’s how to inspect the backlight of your TV:

  1. Ensure your Hisense Roku TV is plugged into an outlet.
  2. Enable the flashlight on your mobile smartphone.
  3. Point the flashlight towards the screen of the TV.
  4. Check if you could perfectly see the reflection of the light.
Note: Not being able to see any reflection at all or seeing dull images while pointing with the flashlight means your TV is due for a replacement of the backlight.

3. Erase the Software of your Hisense Roku

erase the software of your hisense roku

The factory reset on your Hisense Roku is as follows:

  1. Press “Home” on your Hisense Roku remote.
  2. Navigate into the Settings tab.
  3. Press “System” > “Advanced System Settings”.
  4. Choose “Factory Reset” from the on-screen options.
Alert: Stop interacting with your Hisense Roku TV while the device is still resetting!

Quick Recap:

The best way to fix Hisense TV picture problems is to power cycle the TV and inspect the power supply of the device.

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The next step is to update the firmware version of the TV, unplug all third-party devices temporarily, and in case nothing helps, do a factory reset. Follow our blog for more technical solutions!

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