roku tv not showing up to cast

If your Roku TV not showing up to cast, it’s most likely due to a software error.

When your Roku TV is not showing up to cast, you won’t be able to stream content by casting to your Roku TV.

Even if you face this problem, don’t worry, as we have you covered. This article will show the top causes for your Roku TV not working and how to fix it.

To fix your Roku TV from not showing up to cast, verify your internet connection and Wi-Fi setup. Disable the mirror setting and then try casting on a different device. Lastly, check if your Roku TV and the casting device are connected to the same network.

Now that you have become familiar with the fixes we will be attempting, let’s review the most common causes first. 

Why Is My Roku TV Not Showing Up To Cast? 

why my roku tv not showing up to cast

If your Roku TV cannot connect to other devices for casting, then your only way to troubleshoot is to check your internet connection and Roku TV settings

You must also check if the device you’re trying to connect to your Roku TV is correctly configured. 

Here you will find the most common causes for your Roku TV not showing up to cast:

1. Connection issues

If your internet connection is slow, unstable or weak, you will have problems pairing your Roku TV with the casting device.

2. Different networks

If your Roku TV and the device you try casting from are on different networks, you will get an error.

3. Improperly set up Wi-Fi

If your Wi-Fi router is not configured correctly or is too far away, you won’t be able to pair your two devices together for casting.

4. Incompatible device

Some devices may be incompatible with the casting or screen mirroring feature.

5. Software error

If your Roku TV or casting device has an internal software error, you might not be able to pair them together.

Note: Depending on your setup, you might see the option to cast to a Roku player instead of your Roku TV. 

How To Fix Roku TV Not Showing Up To Cast? 

how fix the roku tv

Before you continue with the troubleshooting steps below, please ensure that your TV is not paired to a different device for casting. 

Depending on your TV,  you might be unable to connect multiple devices simultaneously for casting.

Also, note that a Roku TV simply means that the TV is running an operating system based on Roku.

Your exact ways to navigate your TV settings might vary depending on the manufacturer.

Here is a list of our top solutions for Roku TV not showing up to cast:

Solution 1: Internet Connection Issues

an internet connection issue

Streaming movies, especially in high definition, will require significant bandwidth

If your internet connection cannot provide sufficient coverage or is too slow, this could cause errors when you try casting to your Roku TV.

Here is how to check your internet speed:

  1. Open any internet browser and type the keywords “online speed test
  2. Click on any of the reputable speed test websites and run the test
  3. If your connection speed is less than 2Mbps, this could cause issues when streaming HD content through casting.

It is recommended to avoid using a mobile hotspot for casting due to its unstable connection and lower range.

Note: Casting is different from mirroring with the Roku TV App. Casting can support third-party apps and their features, such as YouTube, while mirroring only copies your screen picture.

Solution 2: Troubleshoot Your WiFi Setup And Router

troubleshoot the wifi

If there are any issues with your Wi-Fi router or its setup, you won’t be able to cast to your TV device.

You need to verify that your router is correctly set up so that your Roku TV can show up to cast on your device.

Here is a list of general ways to improve your casting WiFi speed and connectivity:

  1. Ensure that your Roku TV and casting devices are closely positioned to your router.
  2. Verify that your casting device supports your router’s current frequency band configuration.
  3. Disconnect any devices connected to your WiFi network except for your Roku TV and cast device.
  4. Disconnect your router’s power cable, wait a minute and connect it again to clear temporary WiFi data.
Note: Always use Wi-Fi over a 4G mobile service provider network to cast to your Roku TV properly. 

Solution 3: Try Casting On A Different Device

try casting on device

When your Roku TV does not show up to cast, it might be due to an incompatible device. 

If there are any issues related to your casting device, then this step will resolve them.

Here is how to cast to your Roku TV from another device:

  1. Get any device that is compatible with Roku TV casting 
  2. Ensure that the casting device is adequately charged 
  3. Disconnect your Roku TV from any other devices it is paired up with over WiFi
  4. Ensure that the new device is connected to the same network as your Roku TV
  5. Check to see if your Roku TV is now showing up to cast on your new device

If the issue persists, you could repeat these steps for an additional third device.

This would eliminate the possibility that your casting device is at fault. 

Alert: Some devices won't be compatible with the Roku TV casting feature if their software is outdated. Always ensure your casting devices have the latest updates available installed.

Solution 4: Factory Reset Your Roku TV 

factory reset the tv

Factory resetting is a great way to fix many device-specific issues. Roku not showing up on cast can be due to accidentally changing some settings on the device.

Performing a factory reset will revert all settings to their original default. Please note that the steps below might vary slightly depending on your TV manufacturer.

Here are the general steps for performing a factory reset.

  1. Locate and press your Home button on the Roku TV remote
  2. From the interface menu, go all the way down until you find the Settings option
  3. Open the Settings, then find and click on the System tab
  4. Choose Advanced settings and then Advanced System settings
  5. Choose the Factory Reset option and confirm the procedure

As a last resort, you can also attempt to factory reset your casting device if resetting your Roku TV didn’t help.

After your Roku TV and cast device reset to their factory settings, relog into your Roku account.

Then check if your Roku TV is now showing to cast correctly.

Note: This step will remove any saved login passwords and other installed add-ons on your TV and revert it to factory settings.

Solution 5: Your Roku TV And Casting Device Use Different Networks

use a different networks

There is a specific requirement for casting content to any device: both devices must be connected to the same network.

If your Roku TV or casting device are connected to separate networks, you can’t pair them for casting or screen mirroring content.

Here are the steps to ensure both devices are on the same network:

  1. Disconnect your Roku TV from any currently connected networks
  2. Force your TV to “forget” any saved networks to prevent automatic connection
  3. Once you have removed the wrong connection, manually select the correct one for both of your devices
  4. On the casting device, play any content you want to cast to your Roku TV
  5. Check if the name of your Roku TV or the Roku player appears
  6. Select either one of those to start casting from your streaming device
using a different network

Some third-party content streaming services, such as Netflix or YouTube, might only have the casting button appear when using them directly through their official app.

Note: Keep in mind that there is a difference between casting and simply mirroring content. You can use more advanced features when casting than just sharing your screen.

Quick Summary

To fix your Roku TV from not casting to another device, please check your internet connection speed. Next, verify your Wi-Fi setup and configuration. Then try casting to a different device, and perform a factory reset on your TV.


We hope that you can now successfully fix your problem “Roku TV not showing up to cast” issue with the help of our solutions.

If you still can’t cast content to your Roku TV, please get in touch with Roku customer service for further instructions. 

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