how to turn off store mode on hisense tv

Have you just bought a new TV set and wondered how to turn off store mode on Hisense TV?

Most TVs are usually in this state when they are still in the stores. If the dealers do not remove this mode, you will have it displaying what you do not wish to watch in your cabinet.

So, how do you power off store mode from your TV? Kindly read below to understand the steps.

To turn store mode off on Hisense TV, click the Home button, then navigate to settings using your Hisense TV remote. Select device preferences followed retail mode, then deselect it, and you will have turned off the demo or store mode.

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Why is Demo Mode Important?

The essence of the demo mode is to showcase how the TV has good and high-quality pictures to the buyer.

Also, you will note the quality of its sound as it passes through the TV’s speakers.

So, when you buy a new television and begin setting it, you will see the options to set it on demo mode or home mode. Always choose the home mode.

What if you chose the demo mode by mistake and want to go to the home mode? Please read below to see how you can go about it.

How to Turn Off Demo Mode on Hisense Smart TV

turn off store mode on hisense tv

With a remote or your TV buttons you can disable the demo mode or store mode on the Hisense TV.

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Let us explore both methods.

Method #1: Use the Remote

The remote is the most convenient way to change any settings on your TV.

Use the steps below to turn off the demo mode on your Hisense television.

  1. Turn on your Hisense TV.
  2. Click the Home key on your remote.
  3. Tap Settings icon on your remote.               
  4. Scroll through to find Device Preferences and select it.
  5. You will then see the option Retail mode.
  6. Deselect it to disable it.

This is how easy it is to use your remote to power off the store mode.

Method #2: How To Turn Off Store Mode On Hisense TV Using TV Buttons

What if you do not have your Hisense remote? Maybe it is lost, or it is dysfunctional.

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Can you still turn off the demo/store mode? Yes. Let us see how you can do it using the TV buttons.

Step #1: Locate your Hisense TV power button and press it to power on your TV. 

Step #2: Press the Menu button on the TV.

Step #3: Navigate to settings using the down and up volume and channel buttons.

Step #4: Use the channel button to go to the Device Preferences option.

Step #5: Select retail mode, then click the OK key on your device.

Step #6: Disable store mode by deselecting it using the channel button.

Method #3: Power Cycle The Hisense TV

What if you successfully remove the demo mode, but it keeps reverting?

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I know it can be quite frustrating. Hence, you will need to power cycle your TV to see if you will go past the problem.

Unplug your TV from the power source. Ensure you disconnect any other device connected to your TV. Allow the TV to rest for around five minutes, then plug it back to the mains.

Power on the TV, then see if the demo mode is still there. It should have disappeared since your TV is reset.

Method #4:  Factory Reset Your Hisense TV

At times, your TV may fail to go past the demo or store mode even after power cycling it.

The solution would be to factory reset it. This method would bring the TV to its default settings. Hence, it will restore to the Home mode, and that is what we want.

  1. Go to your TV’s settings using the remote or TV button.
  2. Go to the support menu.
  3. Select the option, Restore to factory settings.
  4. Press OK.     
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After you are through with factory resetting, your TV will be restored to default settings.

However, the intention is to remove it from the demo mode. So, check the initial screen to confirm if the mode is gone.

If you cannot see the demo mode, then it is resolved. Now, reset your TV again. Ensure that you do not choose ‘store mode’ but ‘home mode’ when you see the two options.

Method #5: Contact Hisense Support

The process of removing your Hisense TV from demo mode should take you minutes.

However, if the TV proves troublesome and refuses to leave the mode or keeps reverting, it has an issue. The solution would be to contact Hisense for support.

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If it is a new television, it would be better to return it and exchange it for a better one if you want the best watching experience.

You can use the TV’s buttons to remove your Hisense TV from the demo or store mode. Press the home menu, then choose settings. Scroll down using the channel or volume buttons to go to Device preferences. Select retail mode, then press the “OK” button on your TV. Deselect the retail mode to disable store mode.

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After going through this piece, I hope you now know how to turn off store mode on Hisense TV.

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The process is so straightforward and clear. And whether you are using a remote or TV buttons, you can still turn off the setting.


Why Is the TVs Store Mode Better Than the Home Mode?

Retailers or dealers tune some settings on the TV to adjust the brightness and contrast.

They also turn the picture mode to vivid. Hence, the television will look brighter, attract you, and you will definitely buy it.

Can I Chang the Home Mode Picture to Look Like Those on Store Mode?

Yes. Go to your TV settings and change picture mode to vivid. Also, have the highest brightness.

However, you should not fail to consider the lighting in your room.

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