hisense tv turns off by itself

Sometimes the Hisense TV turns off by itself, and you want to fix it. We will help you out!

Hisense TVs are great due to the wide array of smart features and sometimes the inclusion of the Roku system. When it keeps turning off by itself, something in the hardware or software is wrong.

If your Hisense TV turns off by itself, the issue could be related to power problems or incorrect settings. To fix it, check system configurations, change the power cable, or manage the firmware as needed.

Below we will talk about all the solutions in detail!

Hisense TV Turns Off By Itself – All The Solutions

solutions to hisense tv that turns off

1. Disable The Power Saving Mode

Along with many modern devices, some Hisense TVs have a power-saving option within the energy settings.

That allows you to watch for many hours without spending much on electricity bills. But it might become a nuisance in some situations. 

Check And Turn The Mode Off

You need to check if your TV does have power saving mode. It might be active without you knowing.

Do the following:

  1. Open the TV’s Settings;
  2. Look for the power/energy options;
  3. Find “Energy saving”;
  4. If it is on, toggle it off.

It is also possible that your TV doesn’t present that option or is inactive. In that case, ignore it and proceed to the next solution.

2. Adjust The Auto-Off Option

adjust the auto off option

Another feature on your TV that could be badly adjusted and cause problems is the auto-off option.

Hisense TVs have a lot of timers that allow you to adjust if an app should stop automatically after a while. It serves to turn the TV off too.

How To Disable Auto-Off

Here is how you can navigate the system and fix the situation:

  1. Press the “Quick Menu” button on the remote;
  2. Find the “Settings”;
  3. Enter into “System”;
  4. Select  the “Timer Settings”;
  5. Locate the power timer;
  6. Disable it.

You will note that there are many timers you can adjust. Remember not to set a configuration that will keep bringing you to the home screen.

3. Clear The TV’s Cache

clear your tv cache

Another possibility is that your TV’s cache is full. What is the cache? It is simply data your TV system collects when you open apps and use them for a while.

The TV creates data that makes it easier to navigate the apps. But a lot of cache data will be too much info to handle.

How To Erase The Cache

Erasing the TV’s cache is very simple:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote;
  2. Navigate to the Settings;
  3. Choose “System”;
  4. Open the “Application Settings”;
  5. Find the “Clear Cache” option and select it.

4. Check The Connected Devices

check your connected device

Perhaps your Hisense TV turns off by itself after a few seconds. Such a situation could be explained by one of the connected devices having a defective cable.

Or else the TV doesn’t have enough power to transmit data via the outputs. If you suspect that, check Solution #1. 

How To Investigate The Devices

First, it is necessary to ensure that the devices are causing the TV to malfunction and power off on its own.


  1. Disconnect the external devices;
  2. Turn the TV’s power on;
  3. Check if the issue persists.

How To Connect Devices Safely

how connect the device safely

If the issue is gone, then your external devices were causing it.

Here is what you need to connect them again without a problem:

  • Check if the TV’s ports are rusty, dusty, or damaged. If so, clean them and remove the rust.
  • Test your external device on another TV if possible. It will help you determine if the cable must be replaced.
  • If you can’t test on another TV, simply test with a different cable on the same TV.
Note: Only buy cables from trustworthy sellers. If you use a gaming console, the HDMI cable must have enough capacity for fast transmission.

5. Examine The Power Cable

The worst thing is when your Hisense TV turns off by itself and won’t turn back on. In such a situation, we are warranted to suspect an issue with the TV’s power cable. 

How To Test The Cable

how test your cable

Let’s test the power cable to determine if you need to replace it:

  1. Grab a multimeter;
  2. Unplug the TV from the power;
  3. Touch the multimeter’s probes to the power cable’s end;
  4. Set to continuity;
  5. Check the results.

Replace The Cable

If the multimeter’s results show you that the power cable is bad, you will need to replace it.

When buying a replacement, pay attention to the electrical specs of your TV.

Then do the following:

  1. Locate where the damaged power cable connects to the TV;
  2. Disassemble it, taking care not to damage the TV’s interior;
  3. Connect the new power cable;
  4. Reassemble the TV;
  5. Test the new cable.

6. Soft Reset/Power Cycle Your TV

soft reset or power cycle tv

We could also assume that your TV keeps turning off without command because of a minor electrical issue.

Many times that can be solved by power cycling or restarting the system. 

How To Power Cycle

A power cycle is the most effective method to get rid of residual static/electricity:

  1. Disconnect the TV from the wall;
  2. Disconnect any other devices from it too;
  3. Press the power button for 15 seconds;
  4. Wait at least one minute;
  5. Plug the TV back in;
  6. Turn it on.

After that, leave the TV on and check if it turns off.

How To Restart The System

Restarting the system can also be called a soft reset. It will shut the TV off momentarily and turn it back again. It can help get rid of some issues.

  1. Press the “Home” button on the remote;
  2. Select “System”;
  3. Go to “System Restart”;
  4. Choose “Restart” and confirm.

7. Update The Firmware

update your tv firmware

Sometimes your TV is turning by itself all the time because it lacks a proper firmware update.

It might have skipped it (which tells us of a glitch), or you skipped it manually. In either case, it is necessary to check and install a new update.

On Roku Hisense TVs

If the Roku system powers your Hisense, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Locate “Support”;
  3. Choose “System update”;
  4. Select “Firmware update.”

On Android Hisense TVs

There are also many Android Hisense TVs out there, and updating them goes like this:

  1. Click on the main menu’s “Gear icon”;
  2. Enter into “Device Preferences”;
  3. Select “About”;
  4. Go to “System update”;
  5. If “Update Now” shows up, select it.
Tip: Remember to keep your TV updated whenever an update notification pops up. That prevents many errors.

8. Reset The TV

Finally, it might be that not one of the solutions above has worked for you. In that case, the TV might turn off because of a deeper internal error.

The best approach is resetting the TV and starting over from scratch.

How To Reset The Hisense TV

how reset hisense tv

Here are the steps to reset your Hisense TV:

  1. Hold “Exit” on the remote for 15 seconds;
  2. A prompt will show up on the screen;
  3. Confirm that you want to reset the TV;
  4. Turn the TV off;
  5. Turn it back on after 20 seconds.

How To Reset The Hisense Roku TV

If you are the owner of a Roku model, the steps are these:

  1. Go to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Find the Device’s Preferences;
  3. Locate the “Reset” option;
  4. You must choose “Erase Everything”;
  5. Confirm by clicking on “Ok.”
Note: If your Roku Hisense TV has a backup option on the profile settings, remember to activate it. That way, setting the TV up again will be very quick.

Quick Recap

You have seen that the Hisense TV turns off by itself when there is an issue with the power supply or some options are forcing the TV to shut down.

You must also check if some external devices connected are short-circuiting the TV through a defective port or cable.

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