hisense tv not turning on

If your Hisense TV not turning on and you’re out of ideas, in this post you’ll discover all the possible causes and their solutions.

By the end of this guide, you won’t only know how to fix your TV, but also how to prevent the issue from appearing in the future.

Your Hisense TV might not turn on if the power supply is disrupted or any component has gone faulty. It is also possible that it’s not your TV that’s faulty, it could be the remote or any sort of interference.

Before you start troubleshooting, it is highly recommended to get familiar with the possible causes, so let’s take a quick look.

Why Is Hisense TV Isn’t Turning On No Red Light?

We’ve gathered the most common causes when a Hisense TV won’t turn on. Luckily many people have been able to solve this issue and here are what causes were identified:

Power Interruption

The most common cause is related to a non-working power delivery component. Some of them include the power supply, power adapter, power outlet, and strip or divider.

Faulty Remote

If your TV has a reliable power supply but it won’t turn on, then your remote could have gone faulty. It is also possible that the batteries are worn out or there is something blocking the signal.

Hardware Issue

While some outer hardware pieces are easily replaceable, others, from the inside are hard even to identify when faulty. In that case, your Hisense TV would require a technician touch.

These are the general reasons for your TV not to turn on, and next, we’ll have a look at each possible approach against them.

How To Fix Hisense TV Isn’t Turning On Issue?

fix hisense tv not turning on

Before you start executing the methods, it is important to determine whether the red light on the front is lit or not.

If you cannot see any light emitting from the front Hisense TV panel, you can confidently skip method #1.

In case there is a light but your TV is not turning on, the issue is most likely from your remote so let’s start with that.

Note: Don’t forget that many Hisense TV models have an inbuilt power button so if you haven’t tried pressing it, go ahead and do that now.

Method #1 Troubleshoot Remote

The very first thing you should do is inspect your remote. Check if the power button is working by providing it with a few pressure presses.

If it does not work, make sure to check if there is an object that compromises the line of sight between your TV receiver and remote.

In addition, you can take any electronic device as far as possible from your TV (temporarily) to exclude the possibility of external interference.

Here are a few things you can do to identify issues with your remote:

  • Discharge remote – Take out batteries, press EACH button twice, and put batteries back in.
  • Replace batteries – The recommendation here is to insert a brand-new pair of batteries.
  • Change remote – You can use an original or universal remote to interact with your TV.

At this point, it will be easy to determine whether the remote has gone faulty or not. If however the issue was not related to the remote, you can confidently proceed with our next method.

Method #2 Discharge TV

If your Hisense TV not turning on with remote and there is no light on the front panel it usually means that there is no power reaching the device. In that case, the best approach would be to discharge the TV and provide it with a fresh power flow.

Here are the steps to discharge your Hisense TV:

  1. Unplug the TV’s power adapter from the power outlet.
  2. Wait for at least 3-5 minutes.
  3. Plug the power adapter back into the power source.
  4. Try to turn on your TV.

At this point, the red light on the front of your Hisense TV should be lit up. If it is not, then there is still no power reaching your TV and you should take a closer look at our next method.

Method #3 Test Power Divider

Since many users plug their TV into a power strip or divider (skip this method if you’re not using a power divider), after a sudden power outage or surge, it is possible for the device to go faulty.

The best way you can determine whether it is working or not would be to plug in another device.

If that 3rd party device is not working as well, try plugging it directly into the wall outlet. If that gets the job done, it means that your power divider/strip is not working.

If the issue is still there, your wall outlet might be faulty, and this is exactly what we’re going to be addressing in the next method.

Method #4 Check Power Source

If you’re not using a divider or strip, it is possible that something is wrong with the wall outlet itself.

Again, after a sudden power outage, if the wall outlet isn’t equipped with a surge protector, there’s a rare chance for it to go faulty.

Our suggestion would be to plug your Hisense TV into a proven to work wall outlet and try to turn the device on.

The main thing to pay attention to is the red light. If it does light up, then the problem is most likely related to the previous wall outlet.

If the light is still off, then it could be your power cable that’s gone faulty. Let’s take a look.,

Method #5 Check Power Adapter

If your Hisense TV is not turning on by now, then there is definitely something wrong. The next fragile part to inspect would be the power adapter of your device.

Since there aren’t any ways you can tell whether your adapter is functional or not, the best way is to use it on another device.

Plug the suspect power cable into another TV (if possible) and test its functionality. If it does not work, the cause is found.

Things get interesting if the power cable works on other devices but not on your TV. If this is the case, it is not necessarily that your TV is broken, it could be the input slot!

Method #6 Troubleshoot Input Slot

Now, focus your attention on the front panel where the red light usually appears and observe while executing the below steps.

  1. Take the power cable and plug it into a proven-to-work wall outlet.
  2. Plug the other side into your Hisense TV. Make sure that the cable is not under pressure.
  1. Start twisting your cable.
  2. Try to plug it even further into the TV’s slot by applying mild pressure.
  3. Plug out and in repeatedly.
  4. While inside the input slot, try twisting the cable applying some pressure.
  5. Use slight back and forth movements.

If the red light does NOT appear even for a brief moment during the execution of the above steps, it could be either your input slot or your TV’s hardware.

To fix a not working Hisense TV, check if the remote is functional and try turning on your TV with the power button. Moreover, you should inspect the power delivery and perform a power cycle to be able to start your Hisense TV.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why is Hisense TV not turning on, you should be able to solve the issue at home and prevent it from appearing in the future.

If you were not able to fix the problem using our guide you can always reach out to Hisense TV customer service for another round of troubleshooting.

If you find this post helpful, you will definitely benefit from visiting our technical blog filled with solutions to any smart home device!

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