hisense tv not picking up channels

Wondering why is Hisense TV not picking up channels? This problem is often a result of improper antenna positioning, issues with the OVA signal that your TV has to tune, or a potential channel configuration issue.

We will look deep into this problem so stay around!

Whenever a Hisense TV doesn’t pick up any channels, check if the channel settings are correct and initiate a “Channel Rescan”.

If the issue persists, move the indoor antenna to a new location, align the outdoor antenna (if you have one) and factory reset the TV.

Let’s dig deeper into the Hisense TV channel problem!

Why Is Hisense Smart TV Not Picking Up Channels?

why is hisense smart tv not picking up channels

If the Hisense TV isn’t picking up any channels during the “channel scan”, the issue is either related to an antenna fault or an issue with the TV service.

This is why before undertaking any steps, it’s best to acquire a better understanding of the potential causes so here’s a list:

  • There’s a problem with the TV cable connections.
  • A misconfiguration in the Hisense TV OS settings.
  • Power fluctuations with the Hisense television.
  • A general problem with the antenna or equipment.
  • An outdated Hisense TV software firmware version.

In the guide below, we’ll explore all of the potential causes so let’s jump right in!

Hisense TV Not Getting Channels – Top 7 Solutions!

Tip: Follow the solutions in chronological order!

1. Rescan for Antenna Channels

rescan for antenna channels

This method will teach you how to perform a Channel Rescan on a Hisense TV that didn’t acquire all OVA broadcasts.

You will learn how to activate another channel scan process and add any channels that have been missed during the first TV channel scan so keep reading!

Here’s how to run a channel rescan on any Hisense TV device:

  1. Double-check if the antenna is connected properly.
  2. Press the Home button on the TV remote control.
  3. Choose the antenna icon after scrolling down a bit.
  4. Select the “Start Finding Channels” menu button.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions for the rescan.

How to Perform a Successful Rescan?

how to perform a successful rescan

Picking the correct scanning settings is essential to adding as many OVA channels as possible.

Since you can set filters to the scan, which means choosing what type of channels the TV is looking for, setting the scan filter correctly is necessary to add all absolutely all channels.

  • Set the channel type to both “Analog” and “Digital” to add both types of channels!
  • Make sure to wait for about ~10 minutes until the channel scan is fully completed.
Info: In the “Channel Results” tab, you will view how many channels of both types were added.

2. Unplug the Hisense TV From Power

unplug the hisense tv from power

Performing a power cycle is not only beneficial to the TV’s power condition but also to any issues with third-party equipment and the in-built TV tuner.

This method will uncover how to properly conduct a power cycle on your Hisense TV and resolve the channel scan issues!

Here’s how to perform a power cycle on the Hisense TV:

  1. Press the Power button on the TV remote control.
  2. Wait for the Hisense TV to completely power off.
  3. Unplug the power cable of the TV from the outlet.
  4. Wait for  60 seconds while the TV is disconnected.
  5. Then, reconnect the power cable of the Hisense TV.
Tip: Use the time while the TV is unplugged to inspect for any wiring issues!

3. Reconnect the TV Antenna

reconnect the tv antenna

A connection fault could be the culprit whenever Hisense TV not picking up channels.

So, unplugging the antenna cable (coax-type) will refresh the reception of the TV and resolve any issues with acquiring OVA broadcast channels.

Follow these steps to reconnect the cable of the Hisense TV antenna:

  1. Locate the antenna cable going into the “Antennainput on the TV.
  2. Unplug the cable from the antenna port on your Hisense TV device.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds while the antenna cable of the device is unplugged.
  4. Plug the antenna back into the Hisense TV and secure the cable input.
Tip: While the antenna cable is disconnected, inspect the antenna for hardware damage!

4. Relocate the Hisense TV Antenna!

relocate the hisense tv antenna

One of the primary reasons why no channels are showing up on your Hisense TV is probably the antenna’s positioning.

It is much easier to adjust an indoor antenna compared to the outdoor models because when aligning an outdoor antenna, there are plenty of rules to follow.

  • Best Place for an Indoor Antenna?

If the cable is long enough, consider placing the indoor antenna near a window, on an attic floor, or as high in the room as possible.

The primary rule when choosing the perfect spot for an indoor antenna is placing the device as highest in the room as possible.

  • How to Align an Outdoor Antenna?

Whilst it was enough to simply relocate the indoor antenna, we must get into some complex aligning with the outdoor models.

how to align an outdoor antenna

Outdoor antennas have a polar diagram that is based on the location of the closest radio tower that transmits broadcasts over the air.

  • Visual alignment is the simplest method to figure out the best position for the antenna.

To align an outdoor antenna, download a mobile app that provides you with the correct data and then use a signal strength meter to track the results.

The antenna shouldn’t be obstructed by any large buildings, trees, or other covers and be able to have a clear line of sight with the sky!

Tip: For aligning a satellite dish, use dishpointer.com to know the Azimuth and Elevation!

5. Update the Hisense TV Firmware

update the hisense tv firmware

An outdated TV software version is what could potentially cause problems with the channel rescan process or result in compatibility issues with the antenna.

This method will teach you how to perform an update on an Android Hisense TV, a Hisense Roku TV, and VIDAA U TVs.

  • Your TV must be connected to the internet in order to perform a software update!

How to Update Hisense Android TV?

  1. Go to the settings page from the home menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Device Preferences” page.
  3. Head to “About” > “System Update”.
  4. Wait for the TV to look for updates.
  5. (Optional) Press the “Update Now” button.

How to Update Hisense Roku TV?

  1. Go to Settings > “System” on the Hisense Roku.
  2. Scroll down and press on the “System Update” tab.
  3. Press “Check Now” on the “System Update” page.
  4. Wait for the update checker to come up with the results.
  5. (Optional) Start the update by pressing “Update”.

How to Update Hisense VIDAA U TV?

  1. Press the cog (settings) button on the remote.
  2. Go to “Support” > “System Update” next.
  3. Press “Check Firmware Update” and wait.
  4. Select “Upgrade” to start the process.
  5. Tip: Activate “Auto Firmware Upgrade”.
Note: The “Auto Firmware Upgrade” feature is only available to VIDAA U TVs for now!

6. Replace the Cable or the Antenna!

replace the cable or the antenna

The channel malfunction could also originate as a result of a faulty antenna cable connection or a fault with the antenna itself.

The solution is simple, replace the antenna’s cable or replace the entire antenna if you’re still facing an issue while scanning for OVA channels.

  • If the antenna has a detachable cable, connect a new coaxial cable!

Once you have connected and secured a new cable with the antenna, plug it into the same input on the Hisense TV and check if you’re able to receive channels now.

If the issue persists, consider upgrading the antenna or using another one for testing purposes. 

Tip: There are indoor antennas that plug into the 3.5mm jack and allow analog channels to pass through. 

They are cheap to purchase and easy to install for a channel scan test.

7. Reset the Software Data of the TV

reset the software data of the tv

The factory data reset is another great way to approach broadcasting and channel issues with the Hisense TV.

It’s a process that will erase all software data stored on the TV, including all of the settings, applications, and files in your television so don’t forget to backup important data!

Follow these steps to securely conduct a factory reset on the Hisense TV:

  1. Go to the Settings icon on the home page of the TV.
  2. Press the “OK” button on the remote to access the settings.
  3. Scroll down and highlight “Device Preferences” in the settings.
  4. Go to the bottom of the page and enter the “Reset” tab.
  5. Press “OK” on the Hisense TV remote control again.
  6. Highlight and select the “Erase Everything” option.
  7. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete.
Info: Once the factory reset begins, the Hisense TV may reboot multiple times over the course of 60 seconds so prepare with patience.

Quick Recap:

Hence, if the Hisense TV not picking up channels, the best solution is to relocate your antenna, regardless of whether it’s an indoor or outdoor model.

If that doesn’t help it’s likely that the antenna’s cable is faulty or simply the Hisense TV needs a factory reset.

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