ecobee running ac when it shouldn't

When Ecobee running AC when it shouldn’t, things can get either too hot or too cold. Typically, it’s all about settings management as to whether your Ecobee ACs will work or not.

Certain settings, features, and functionality modes could defy the schedules of your Ecobee setup and cause the ACs to work excessively or when they don’t have to.

Let’s learn more:

Your Ecobee ACs are running when they shouldn’t due to the “Smart Recovery” being enabled, or an issue with the “Hold” settings.

More causes are improper wiring management, miscalculated temperature with the sensors, or issues with the thermostat.

To uncover everything about this problem, keep reading further!

Why Is Ecobee Running When it Shouldn’t?

why ecobee running colder or hotter

Learning about the nature of this problem is the key to achieving success in troubleshooting.

When the ACs of your Ecobee setup work when they don’t have to, it’s most likely a misunderstanding in the settings of the thermostat or an accidentally enabled feature.

Here’s why your Ecobee is running when it shouldn’t:

  • An incorrect Settings Setup on the AC
  • “Smart Recovery” has been Enabled
  • Badly Configured Scheduled Settings
  • A Problem with the “Hold” Settings
  • Problematic Ecobee Temperature Sensors
  • Existing Wiring Issue in the Thermostat

In the upcoming guide, we’ll do our best to address all of the following problems, in six ultimate solutions, so make sure to keep reading!

Ecobee Running AC When it Shouldn’t – Ultimate Solutions!

After learning more about the problem with your Ecobee and HVAC system, it’s time to get this problem resolved.

We’ll target all possible factors that could be making your ACs run prematurely, excessively, or when they don’t even have to.

Let’s jump in!

Solution #1 Disable Smart Recovery

disable smart recovery

If you have Smart Recovery enabled on the Ecobee thermostat, you’ll have your wired ACs cool/heat prematurely, based on room temperatures.

This energy-efficient setting is meant to pre-cool/heat your house, for the next comfort setting you have already scheduled.

To disable the Smart Recovery setting, follow these instructions:

  1. From the Main Menu of your thermostat, go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Preferences Tab.
  3. Select Heating Smart Recovery or Cooling Smart Recovery.
  4. Touch the middle button to either disable/enable the feature.

Even if you’ve checked in the Cooling Smart Recovery tab first, check the heating one as well.

Based on whether your ACs cool or heat when they shouldn’t, it will give you an idea of which one of the smart recovery settings has been enabled.

Note: If you’re interested in utilizing the smart recovery feature, check its detailed description.

Solution #2 Reboot the Temperature Sensors

reboot temperature sensors

There’s likely an issue with the readings of the temperature sensors you’ve installed throughout your house.

The thing is that based on the room-specific readings of each Ecobee sensor, the estimate will be calculated by the thermostat and the cool/heat setting will be activated.

  • Ecobee temperature sensors are optional!

If you do use Ecobee temperature sensors after all, we suggest rebooting each one of the devices so you could refresh their temperature readings.

Let’s learn how:

  1. Go over to each temperature sensor in your household.
  2. Flip the battery button on the back of the device to the “-” side.
  3. Wait for a couple of seconds while the sensor is turned off.
  4. Push the battery button back to “+” to startup the device.
  5. Test…

When a temperature sensor is added to the Ecobee thermostat, its reading will be visible on the display of the thermostat.

Once disabled, there’ll be no estimated room readings on the Ecobee thermostat for as long as the sensors are disabled.

Note: Based on the readings of the sensors, your thermostat will either start heating/cooling!

Solution #3 Check the “Hold” Setting

disable hold setting

When manually adjusting your thermostat to a different temperature, that does not exist as a scheduled setpoint, your thermostat will go into “Hold”.

This could cause the device to either heat or cool, based on the setting that you’ve manually selected, that isn’t scheduled.

We suggest temporarily disabling the “Hold” setting, so your ACs could automatically start working according to the scheduled setpoints.

Let’s learn how to disable the “Hold” setting on the Ecobee Thermostat:

  1. Tap the Main Menu on theEcobee Thermostat.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. From there, head to Preferences.
  4. Choose the “Hold” action.
  5. Change the setting to your liking or press the “Disable” button.
  6. Test…

Your Ecobee and HVAC system will no longer go on hold, whenever a manual heating/cooling setting was pre-selected.

For instance, if you have a schedule that should begin at 2 PM, your system will automatically start performing the schedule, even if you adjusted it manually.

Tip: The “Hold” setting could be great if you’ve missed scheduling a certain period of time.

Solution #4 Software Refresh the Targeted ACs

refresh the software of targeted ac

Perhaps, this could be a problem with the AC, added to the Ecobee thermostat setup.

A quick way to determine if this is a problem with your HVAC system or AC is to refresh the software of the problematic AC.

As long as the device has a reset button on its own, you should be able to perform the upcoming instructions on how to reset an AC.

Follow these steps to perform a Software Refresh on the Ecobee ACs:

  1. Unplug the AC from the Electrical Source.
  2. Examine the panels of the ACs and look for a side button, labeled with an “R”.
  3. Press and hold the reset button for 3 – 5 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the AC to the Power Source.
  5. Test the device.
Note: Perform the following steps on each AC that is working when it shouldn’t.

Solution #5 Refresh the Ecobee Thermostat

factory reset ecobee

You should implement a Factory Reset on the Ecobee thermostat if it is still causing random ACs in your house to work without a proper reason.

It could be a simple software malfunction of the HVAC system/thermostat, causing the device to work without proper reasoning.

  • Resetting your thermostat will flush all scheduled settings & features!

Let’s learn how to complete a Factory Reset in steps:

  1. Tap the Menu Button on the Ecobee Thermostat.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the settings tab.
  4. Choose the “Reset” option at the bottom.
  5. Press on the “Reset All” feature.
  6. Confirm that you want to reset your Ecobee Thermostat.
  7. Wait…

Be informed to press the “Reset All” feature, since we’re not after the other types of resets, available for your thermostat.

Although you could first try resetting the registration settings and then the schedule and preferences settings, before resetting ALL of your thermostat software.

Note: Once the thermostat is reset, it’ll be back at the setup screen!

Solution #6 Probe for Wiring Issues

check for wiring issue

On the physical side of things, certain wiring problems could cause the fan of your system to run for prolonged periods of time on either the heat or cool setting.

However, It would be very difficult for a user with no technical knowledge to examine the wiring installation of the AC and HVAC system.

That’s why many Ecobee users who’re having the same problem, prefer to ask for the help of a technician, to examine the system’s wiring.

On the other hand, there’s a setting in your Ecobee thermostat that’ll let you know which wire was not detected by the device, thus, has gone faulty.

Let’s learn how to check the wires:

  1. Tap the Menu of your thermostat.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Select “Equipment”.
  4. Choose “Wiring”.
  5. Check the results.

Your thermostat will let you know each and every wire that should be otherwise detected, for stable performance.

Based on the missing wires, contact Ecobee directly (if your thermostat is under warranty) or call a technician for a direct checkup.

Note: Interacting with the wiring with the thermostat connected to the power, could result in a short circuit or shock damage!

Quick Recap:

To fix when Ecobee running AC when it shouldn’t, start by rebooting the thermostat device and checking the “Smart Recovery” and “Hold” settings.

After that, probe for wiring issues with the HVAC system and execute a Factory Reset to solve the issue!

If this post was helpful, follow our technical blog to discover many other solutions that will help you optimize and overcome the hurdles in your smart home!

Nicole B