ecobee alexa not working

If your Ecobee Alexa not working, we have just the best solutions for you!

By the end of this guideline, you will know everything about your Alexa’s issue and the best troubleshooting tips & solutions recommended by the community!

If Ecobee Alexa has stopped working or just isn’t responsive, it means that it has failed to connect with the WiFi. It could also be disconnected from the application, thus your account so you would have to check that as well.

Now let’s take a look at ALL potential causes why your Ecobee Alexa is not working.

Why Is Alexa On Ecobee Not Working?

Users report that several main factors could impact the functionality of your Amazon Alexa. First of all, Ecobee Alexa must be connected to the WiFi at all times.

On top of that, you must make sure the microphone access is allowed as well as the account credentials are correct.

Let’s guess no further and summarize all of the causes in a small list before moving on to the actual troubleshooting guide.

1. Alexa is Not Enabled

After installing the Switch+ app, you must enable your Alexa from there in order for the device to start working.

2. Disabled Ecobee Skill

If the Ecobee skill is disabled from the Switch+ app, Alexa will not work.

3. No microphone Allowance

A disabled microphone will prevent your Alexa from responding to any of the given voice commands.

4. Wireless Connectivity Issues

In case Alexa got disconnected from the WiFi, that is another reason why the device is unresponsive.

5. Account Problem

Lastly, potential account problems or wrong configurations you’ve made will also impact Alexa’s skills.

Now that you know what is happening to your Alexa on Ecobee, let’s proceed with the solutions we have prepared for your device.

How To Fix Alexa Ecobee Not Responding?

ecobee alexa is not working

First of all, try rebooting your Alexa from the power button.

If the issue is happening due to a temporal glitch in the power supply of the device, you should have a pretty good shot at resolving the problem with a simple reboot.

But if that didn’t help and your Alexa is still unresponsive, proceed with the solutions:

Solution #1 Enable Alexa From The Ecobee App

You must have enabled Alexa from your Ecobee thermostat’s app in order for Alexa to respond to any of your voice commands.

Follow the steps down below to enable Alexa on your Ecobee app:

  1. Open the Ecobee app and sign in with your credentials.
  2. Tap on the thermostat and select the microphone icon on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap “Sign In with Amazon” and follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

If Alexa is already signed in to your Amazon account, you will now be able to control your Ecobee thermostat via Alexa.

Solution #2 Turn On Ecobee Skill

Once connecting Alexa with Ecobee, it is now time to enable the Ecobee skill from the Amazon Alexa app.

We assume that you have the Amazon app since it is essential in configuring Alexa and its features.

Here is how to enable the Ecobee skill in your Amazon Alexa app:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app and head to the Skills store.
  2. Use the search field to locate the “Ecobee Plus” skill, or scroll down until you find it.
  3. Tap on the slider next to the extension to enable it.

This will make Alexa compatible with your Ecobee thermostat and add all the voice commands the thermostat offers by itself, manageable by your Alexa.

Solution #3 Power Cycle The Alexa

If you’re certain that Alexa and Ecobee are compatible, perhaps the issue is found with Alexa’s hardware.

For this solution, we suggest power cycling your Alexa, to resolve any temporary power glitches and bugs.

Here is how to power cycle your Alexa:

  1. Unplug Alexa’s power adapter.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes and re-attach the power adapter.
  3. Turn on your Alexa and test.

Once the power cycle is complete, wait for Alexa to reboot and try saying some Ecobee thermostat-related voice commands.

Solution #4 Allow Microphone Access

fix ecobee alexa not working

If you’ve just set up your Alexa, it is possible that you’ve accidentally forbidden the microphone access.

This is crucial to operating with Alexa since except for the very few hardware buttons, there is no other way to communicate with Alexa.

To allow microphone access to your Alexa, you must press the microphone button on its hardware. Hold down the button for 5 seconds until a red light appears on the device.

This means that the microphone has been enabled and Alexa will now listen to your voice commands.

Solution #5 Reconnect Alexa With WiFi

If your Alexa device has lost reception to your WiFi, the device will become unresponsive.

You must manually reconnect your Alexa to the WiFi, in order for the device to start working again.

To reconnect your Alexa to the WiFi, follow the steps down below:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Head to the “Network and Connectivity” tab and initiate a network scan.
  3. Once your network has been detected, tap on it and enter your WiFi password.
  4. Tap on confirm and wait.

It might take a couple of minutes for Alexa to reconnect with the WiFi and afterward, your voice commands should become eligible.

Note: Also don’t forget that if your thermostat is not connected to WiFi, it will not be discovered by the Alexa app, thus you won’t be able to control it.

Solution #6 Fix Alexa Account Issues

If Ecobee Alexa not working, even after connecting after all previous solutions, perhaps the fault is with your Amazon account.

For this solution, we recommend taking a look into your credentials and making sure everything is written down correctly.

Double-check your password as well as the email and if something doesn’t match, don’t hesitate to change your credentials from the button on the Amazon login screen.

In short, to change your password, you will receive a confirmation either on your email or mobile phone number.

Re-login to your application and test if the commands will now work.

Solution #7 Factory Reset Alexa

Lastly, we suggest factory resetting your Alexa device to wrap things up.

If the issue has persisted all the way to this point in the guide, a reset might be your only outcome before reaching out to Amazon.

Here is how to factory reset your Alexa:

  1. In your Amazon app, go to “Device” and tap on your Alexa.
  2. Choose your speaker and scroll down to factory reset.
  3. Tap on the button and confirm the reset.

The reset might take a couple of minutes and afterward, your device will reboot and reconnect with the WiFi.

If the reset was successful in fixing the issue, Alexa will start recognizing Ecobee thermostat-related voice commands.

All Alexa configurations including the connection to WiFi can be managed through the application so you should not have any trouble setting up the device.

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Bottom Line:

Hence, to fix Ecobee on Alexa, first, make sure Alexa is allowed on Ecobee and tap on the Ecobee skill in your Amazon app. Next, reconnect Alexa with WiFi, fix account issues, and perform a factory reset to see if that will help.

Now that you know why Ecobee Alexa not working, you will be able to easily fix the issue with our solutions.

If in the end, Alexa is still not working with Ecobee, perhaps reaching out to external assistance from Amazon will be able to resolve the issue for you.

Nicole B