lg tv turns on but no picture or sound

It can be such a nuisance when your LG TV turns on but no picture or sound. And as bad as we like to think of it, this is actually a common occurrence for LG Smart TV users.

To help you, we carefully went through the details on how to resolve this!

If your television is on standby mode and you’re not getting any picture or sound, you’ll have to check on a few things on your LG TV to see and confirm where the problem is.

Before we get to fixing it, let’s first try to determine the usual causes of this specific problem.

Common Reasons Why Your TV Turns On Without Picture or Sound

There are quite a few culprits that contribute to this particular concern. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

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Power Problems

This is one of the most common problems and causes of this particular problem. It could be any of the following reasons:

  • The wall outlet it’s plugged into is not supplying enough power or energy
  • There could be problems with the power (power outage)
  • The television is not getting the correct electricity input

Cables and Wires

Faulty wires and cables are also among the few most common causes of why your TV has power but no picture or sound.

It could be from your AC power adapter or the cables that allow you to get the display and the sounds that you need.

Check all cables, wires, and connections and see if there are any ruptured or damaged cables.

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Power Supply Board Problems

Let’s diverge from cables, wires, and even power problems. Another possible cause of this problem would be with the television itself.

Our televisions are powered up through the power supply board and if that component gets busted, then there would really be a problem when it comes to the TV display and sound.

Capacitor Problems 

Capacitors are the electrical parts that are responsible for storing electric charges and use them in filter circuits.

It could also be an issue with your LG television’s capacitor if it’s turned on and it’s neither giving you sound nor display.

Whatever workings your television has, these would most likely be the reasons for the problem of you not seeing or hearing anything even if it’s turned on.

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How Do You Fix When Your LG TV Turns On But No Picture or Sound?

lg tv turns on but no picture or sound fix

Here’s what you can do in case your television’s power light is on but it’s not giving you any sound or display.

Step #1: Check If Your Television is Really Turned On or Activated

A lot of people fail to realize that sometimes, they think that their televisions aren’t turned on when they think it is.

So, check if it’s really turned on by noticing the power light and check what color it is. If it’s color red, it might be on standby mode. If it’s color yellow, it’s turned on and you should be getting sound or display.

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Step #2: Assess the Connections of Wires and Cables

After you double-check your television’s condition, the next thing you want to do is to take a look at the condition of the wires and cables.

Check for signs of damage like cuts, slices, or any ruptured areas.

NOTE: Check all wirings, not just the AC power adapter. If you’re using an Xbox, PlayStation, HDMI, or even other devices, check the cables that connect it to your television, too!

Step #3: Check Your TV’s Input

Are you sure you are on the correct input? Most televisions, especially smart TVs have more than one (1) input.

To know if you are, check which port your device is connected to. It could be HDMI 1, HDMI 2, SAT 1, SAT 2, etc.

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Then, what you have to do is to switch your television up to that particular input.

Step #4: Energy Saving Mode or Standby Mode

If it’s on the correct input all along, have you checked if your television is on standby mode or energy-saving mode?

This mode is for our televisions not to use up or consume too much energy when booting up. They’ll use minimal energy to avoid any power shortage that could occur.

Try pressing buttons on your remote control to see if it will do some changes.

Step #5: Plug Into a Different Wall Outlet

The next step will determine if the problem is with your wall outlet.

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Try finding a different wall outlet and plug your television there. This way, you’ll see if the outlet it’s plugged into is not giving it sufficient power to turn on.

NOTE: Avoid using power extenders or extension cords. As much as possible, use a wall outlet for it. 

Step #6: Power Cycle or Restart Your LG TV

The next step is to perform a restart or a power cycle of your television. We’re not just talking about a simple powering on and off of your device.

Here’s how you can successfully do a power cycle:

  1. Cut out the power from your television by unplugging it.
  2. You can unplug it from the wall or from the port on your TV.
  3. Leave it unplugged for about 30 seconds to a full minute.
  4. Plug it back in again and turn it on.
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Step #7: Reset Your LG TV

Last but most definitely not least is to reset your LG TV. You can do it by simply unplugging the TV from power and by pressing and holding the power button for about 30 seconds to one full minute.

This will force your television to reset.

Once you finish all of these successfully, your LG TV should be working fine already!

That’s how simple and easy it is to troubleshoot and resolve. However, a handful of people reported that it did not work for them.

Does this mean that the problem is with your television already? In this kind of scenario, what do you do?

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It’s Still Not Working, What Should I Do?

Should the above steps be ineffective, the next thing you want to do is to check the internal components of your television.

Some of the things that you need to check would be:

  • Power Supply Board
  • Capacitors
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Ribbon Connectors
If you’re knowledgeable and experienced in checking this, you can do it yourself. If you are not, however, it’ll be best to contact a local professional or expert to check it.

From there, the experts would know what to do. If they deem it to be unfixable, they’ll tell you to contact the manufacturer of your television, which is LG.

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Apart from the fact that it’s dangerous, meddling with it can do more harm than good, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.


A lot of people like you are stuck in the dilemma of their LG TV turning on but with no picture or sound. Don’t itch to contact a professional right away or contact LG for their help.

Try this method out first! The vast majority of people found them to be effective, and you can find yourself greeting success with it, too!